EVGA Cuts Ties With Nvidia: The GPU Maker Cites “Bad Behavior”

Today, let’s discuss what led up to this fateful split and what the future looks like now that Nvidia and EVGA are no longer working together.

The End of EVGA Graphics Cards

EVGA makes power supplies, pre-built gaming computers, liquid coolers, and gaming mice and is a leading name in PC hardware. It is believed that EVGA and Nvidia have been partners since 1999, but bad business practices by Nvidia have caused them to sever their ties.

EVGA and Nvidia: How Long Have They Worked Together?

EVGA has been in the graphics card industry since 1999 when they made the RIVA TNT2, an early ancestor to modern GPUs. The company also offers motherboards, power supplies, and accessories.

EVGA and Nvidia: What led to the split?

EVGA used Nvidia’s GPUs exclusively. After a twenty-year partnership, Geforce sales represented roughly 80 percent of their revenue. However, a few crucial shortcomings on Nvidia’s part led to EVGA making the ultimate decision to part ways.

What is the future of graphics cards?

Since EVGA still has a sizable portion of their 3000 series graphics cards in stock, they will continue to sell until the supply runs out.

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