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Three Facts about DDR5 RAM

The speed (frequency) of DDR5 RAM is 3200-8400Mbps.


The capacity of DDR5 RAM is 8Gb, 16Gb, 24Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb.


DDR5 offers a rise in data rates, high capacity per module and reduced power usage.


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DDR5 RAM: Where to Buy

– Walmart – Best Buy – New Egg – Game Stop – B&H – Amazon – And lastly, Adorama

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The History of DDR5 RAM: What to Know

DDR5 is the newest memory module standard for consumer PCs, launching alongside Intel’s 12th Generation Core processors (led by the Core i9-12900K) and Z690-chipset motherboards.

The Public Response

While the claimed efficiency effect may appear minor in the consumer market, noticeable improvements are likely to occur in systems that use many modules, such as servers and data center rack systems.

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