Dacia Spring: Full Review of Europe’s Budget EV

Today, we’ll look at the Dacia Spring in-depth to see if it’s the best EV for your budget. We’ll also discover what features and exciting new tech come with this nifty electric crossover. Keep reading to  learn more!

Must-Know Facts About the Dacia Spring

The Dacia Spring is Europe’s most affordable EV, starting at around 17,000 Euros.


The range on a Dacia Spring is around 140 miles (230km) on a single charge.


The Dacia Spring can fast-charge to 80% in under 40 minutes.



Starting MSRP: €17,980 ($20,200) Max Range: 140 Miles / 225 Kilometers Battery: 26.8 kWh (kilowatt hours) Engine: 33 kw (kilowatt) Electric Motor (44 Horsepower) Transmission: Automatic, Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)

Where to Buy

Released in the Spring of 2021, the Dacia Spring is available only in the European market. However, it is slated to become available in the United Kingdom as soon as 2024. The first Dacia Spring models were available in Romania, followed by Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Different Pricing Options

The starting price is €17,980 ($20,200). However, by spring of 2023, Dacia will release the Spring EXTREME EV, which provides more horsepower in the electric motor and brings about a new color (slate blue) and inside trim options.

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