Computers in Space! How Microchips and Code Unlocked the Stars

Computers are now vital for every kind of spacecraft. From manned to unmanned missions, computers play an integral role in handling system management, data formatting, and altitude control. Let’s explore how we went from earth-bound computers like the UNIVAC, to the computers in space we have today.

Must Know Facts About Computers in Space:

1. Computers in space are designed with error correction and fallbacks as a priority. 2. The Gemini Project was the first spacecraft to have a digital computer onboard.

The Challenges of Computers in Space

While computers on earth can get by with the user sitting in front of them, controlling everything, and telling the software what to do, computers in space are different. The challenge with computers in space is that users can’t always be there to type in commands or operate the software.

How do Computers in Space Work?

– Redundancy – Distributed Processing – Proven Equipment

Gemini: The First Computer in Space

The Gemini was the first mission to have a digital computer onboard. Designed by none other than IBM, the Gemini computer was entirely custom-fabricated for NASA’s specifications

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