Comptometer Explained – Everything You Need To Know

The Comptometer is known to be the first key-driven adding and calculating machine. Comptometers were in use until the 1990s when developments in computer technology rendered them obsolete.

Comptometer: History

Dorr Felt created a wooden model out of rubber bands, meat skewers, twine, staples, and a macaroni box, which he completed in early 1885. This variant was eventually labeled the “macaroni box” model.

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Comptometer: How It Worked

Comptometers were mostly used for addition, although they could also be used for subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Comptometer’s keyboard is divided into columns, each displaying one place or power of ten in the input number.

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Comptometer: Historical Significance

The Comptometer was a huge hit with businesses, particularly those with accounting departments, and it was extensively distributed.

Is the comptometer still used?

In the early 1990s, comptometers were still used in a limited number, but electronic calculators and computers have now completely replaced them.

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