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History, Origin, and More

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COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) is a high-level computer programming language developed in 1959. The English-style syntax and procedural model made programs readable to users outside the computer science field.

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Quick Facts

Creator (person): Grace Hooper Original Price: $800,000 Operating System: modern maiframes Developed By (company): CODASYL, ANSI, ISO

COBOL three main traits

Readability: It had to have a readable syntax so that non-programmers might understand it.


Portability: It needed to let programs travel from computer to computer.


Flexibility: The language needed to be adaptable to changing needs improved technology.


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COBOL Release History

– TCOBOL 60 – COBOL 61 – COBOL 65 – COBOL 68 – COBOL 74 – COBOL 85 – COBOL 2002 – COBOL 2014

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