Boeing: The Complete History

This storied company watched its contribution to the Saturn V send astronauts to the lunar surface for the first time. With a century of experience in the industry, aerospace owes a considerable amount of gratitude to Boeing for its contributions. Continue reading for the complete history of this prominent government contractor.

The History of Boeing: What to Know

Boeing is an international aerospace and defense contractor with its headquarters located in Chicago, IL. The company manages the design and manufacturing of airplanes, rockets, satellites, and other aeronautic equipment.

The Founding of Boeing: How It Happened

Before William E Boeing made his start in aviation, he was a lumber entrepreneur in Seattle, OR. Boeing began production out of an old Boatworks in Seattle. With his experience in lumber, he was able to convert the Boatworks into wooden parts manufacturing for planes.

What Are the Most Important Inventions from Boeing?

– Boeing 737 – Saturn V – B-2 Stealth Bomber – Space Launch System

How Does Boeing Make Money?

As one of the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers, Boeing makes most of its money through commercial and military contracts. The company builds and sells aeronautic, spaceflight, and weapons system technology for the US Department of Defense and international buyers.

Boeing Acquisitions

– McDonnell Douglas – Hughes Space and Communications Company – North American Aviation

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