Best Linux Distros for Server: Reviewed and Ranked

To get the best Linux distro for the server, we've put together a list according to different categories and considerations for you to see how they stack up. Here are the best Linux distro for servers in 2022, reviewed and ranked!

Best Linux Distro for Servers in 2022

Best Overall: UBUNTU – Best Lightweight: Puppy Linux – Best for Travel: LINUX MINT – Best for Performance: DEBIAN – Most Durable: FEDORA

How to Pick the Best Linux Distro for Server

– Usage – Hardware requirements – Software support – Stability – Documentation and community support – Previous encounters with Linux

What to Know Before Buying a Linux Distro

– Linux is free, safe, and secure and does not require a license. – There are options provided that can help customize your desktop accordingly.

Using Linux Distros: What’s It Like

1. Update system: Linux distros are made from thousands of software packages, and these packages are frequently upgraded so they can provide bug fixes, security patches, enhanced features, and more. 2. Customization: Linux is a platform that provides complete freedom regarding customization.

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