Asus: Complete Guide – History, Products, Founding, and More

Asus is a fascinating electronics company to explore with such a unique and storied past. In today’s article, we’ll dive deep into this company’s rich history and see how it became so prosperous.

The Founding of Asus: How It Happened

Asus was officially founded in 1989 in the city of Tapei, Taiwan. The founders pooled their skills and resources to create a motherboard prototype using an Intel 486 processor. This motherboard was the first hardware Asus created as a company, but it had no reputation and very few financial resources to continue.

Asus Early Years

In 1989, Asus launched the Cache383/33 and 486/25 motherboards. These motherboards proved to be a massive success for the company and were used in industry-leading products by IBM and ALR.

The Most Important Inventions From Asus

2006: First Asus Gaming Laptops 2007: Eee PC – an Ultra-Portable Laptop 2012: Google Nexus – an Asus Tablet 2014: Zenfone Series – Asus Smartphone 2022: Zenfold Fold OLED – a Foldable Laptop

How Does Asus Make Money?

Most of Asus’ revenue comes from personal computers, including laptops and, to a lesser extent, desktops. As of 2020, the sale of PCs accounted for 67% of the company’s revenue.

Asus Partnerships

– Intel (1992) – Lamborghini (2006) – Garmin (2009) – Bang and Olufsen (2010)

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