Astrolabe is the scientific instrument used to calculate time and determine latitude. The Astrolabe was an important tool for making astronomical observations.

Facts About Astrolabe

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– An Astrolabe is an invention that generates results with the universe’s help.  – Until the 1650s, when more precise devices were invented, the Astrolabe was considered the most common astrological tool.

Astrolabe: History

The Astrolabe was first invented in Portugal between 220 and 150 BC and dates back to Hellenistic civilization. The inventor of Astrolabe is Applonius.

How It Worked

An Astrolabe makes astronomical measurements by altitudes of the celestial bodies of the universeAn astrolabe comprises a deep disc called the mater that holds one or more flat plates called tympan.

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Historical Significance: Mariner’s Astrolabe

The traditional Astrolabe could not determine the latitude of the ship. Inventors later solved this problem through the development of the mariner’s Astrolabe.

Historical Significance: Astronomical clocks

The Astrolabe also influenced mechanical astronomical clocks. They are the definition of a clockwork astrolabe designed to display the present position of the universe (sun, stars, and planets) in a continuous display.

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