Amazon’s Kuiper vs. Cable: 

How Do They Compare and Which is Better?

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What exactly is Amazon Kuiper, and how does it compare to cable internet? Today let’s jump into the great debate over Amazon’s Kuiper and how it compares to standard cable. Let’s see where the facts — not the marketing hype — lead us. Jump in with us!

Amazon Kuiper

Amazon Kuiper uses thousands of LEO satellites that connect to Earth-side internet connection points. Amazon’s goal is to provide reliable broadband internet access to geographic locations that lack reliable high-speed internet access.

Cable Internet

Cable Internet uses the preexisting cable television infrastructure to provide high-speed internet access

NETGEAR Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router C6250 300 Mbps

– COMPATIBLE WITH Cox, Xfinity by Comcast, and Spectrum – NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AT&T, Verizon, DISH, CenturyLink, DirecTV, DSL providers, and any service bundled with voice

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Amazon’s Kuiper vs. Cable: Must-Know Facts

The Amazon Kuiper models have yet to be made available.


Amazon will manufacture three satellites every week in 2023/2024.


Cable internet tends to have faster latency (13 to 27 milliseconds) than Low Earth Orbit satellites (25 to 50 milliseconds).


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