Alleged Google Pixel 7 Pro Appears in Unboxing Video Ahead of Launch

The Pixel 7 Pro is the newest edition to the Pixel line-up slated for release this year. Despite their best efforts, the Pixel 7 Pro seems to have been accidentally leaked in a brand-new video. Historically, top-of-the-line smartphones are kept under maximum security, but it seems like the newest slip-up from Google may leave nothing to the imagination!

Google Conferences

Google has historically held two conferences each year: Google I/O and Made By Google. Google I/O is usually more software-focused, but the company has begun releasing sneak peeks of its upcoming products during the software-centric gathering.

Pixel 7 Pro: Design

First, the design of the phone is extremely similar to the animated video that was released by Google themselves. Notably, the rear camera bar on the leaked phone is made of shiny metal and has two camera holes, one double hole and one single one.

Pixel 7 Pro: Software

In the video, the man holding the phone boots it up and films the loading screen. From what we can see, the loading screen and device set-up screen are identical to how Android runs on Pixel devices.

Pixel 7 Pro: The Legitimacy of the Leak

The video has since been taken down. Still, photos of the leak exist, and people have been quick to assume that the leak was legit. Google doesn’t have a great history of keeping things under wraps, so it makes sense that leaks will continue to crop up as we move closer to October 6th.

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