5 Steps to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

If you want to see who is unfollowing you on Instagram, check out this quick guide that works for both iOS and Android phones alike. Do with this information what you will!

What Does it Mean to be “Unfollowed” on Instagram?

– They aren’t involved with your life anymore – They don’t like seeing you happy – They don’t like your content – They have some sort of issue with you

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How Do Unfollow Apps Work?

An unfollow app essentially places all of your current followers on a list, and when you run a check sometime in the future, it will check your current followers against your old list.

5 Steps To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

1. Download the FollowMeter or Followers & Unfollowers App 2. Login/Set Up Your Account 3. Check for Unfollowers 4. Wait 5. Check Again for Unfollowers

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Can you see if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram?

Yes, you can see if someone has unfollowed you on Instagram, provided you already have an unfollower app checker.

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