5 Reasons Your Roku isn’t Connecting To WiFi, And How To Fix It

One of the common issues with Roku is its failure to connect to WiFi. This may happen when you launch the app or try to watch any content on Netflix and more. It may also happen when you update the firmware. Today, let’s look at why Roku isn’t connecting to WiFi and how to fix the problem.

Why is Roku not Connecting To WiFi?

– A Power or Router Outage – Poor WiFi Signal – Additional Network Devices – Unplugged Ethernet Cable for Wired Devices – A Malfunctioning Roku Device

Step 1: Check the Internet Connection

Roku requires a good internet connection. Check whether or not your internet is working. Open the home screen. Your Roku remote has an arrow on the left side; press it. To access the Settings, scroll down.

Step 2: Restart your Roku

The second simple fix is to restart your Roku. Ensure that your router, modem and Roku are all connected and that they’re at the right location. Your Roku remote has an arrow on the left side of the home screen; press it. Scroll down to access the Settings.

Step 3: Reset your WiFi Router and Modem

Check the WiFi network that connects to your Roku player. Make sure everything is working properly. To do this, unplug the power cable for 10 seconds. Plug it back in and wait for approximately 2 minutes then try to connect your Roku again.

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