2023 Audi e-tron vs. 2023 Tesla Model X: 

How They Compare and What You Must Know


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The Audi e-tron and Tesla Model X are both great EV choices, but there are some distinctions that you should know about. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features, interior and exterior appearance, and performance of these two SUV EVs to get the full picture.


Price: $71,995 Range: 222 miles Wheelbase: 115.3″ Horsepower: 402hp Torque: 490 ft/lbs Weight: 5,765 lbs

Model X

Price: $120,990 Range: 348 miles Wheelbase: 116.7″ Horsepower: 503hp Torque: 469 ft/lbs Weight: 5,185 lbs


The Model X is well known for its gull-wing rear doors, and it still looks very futuristic compared to the e-tron, which has seemingly aged poorly. With that said, the e-tron doesn’t look bad, but it does resemble a larger car rather than an SUV.

2023 Audi E Tron vs. 2023 Tesla Model X: Must-Know Facts

The Model X holds seven passengers with 2nd-row captain’s chairs.


Both vehicles come standard with all-wheel drive.


The e-tron performs better at low speeds and offers smoother take-off from a complete stop.


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