Best Free Oculus Quest-2 Games 

1. Echo VR

Virtual reality is an excellent way to experiment with zero-gravity games, and Echo VR will allow you to soar in an alien cosmos produced by your Oculus Quest. This game requires a lot of endurance, but it is fun which makes it appealing to first-time VR gamers.

2. Bait

Bait appears to be a simple game, yet it is enjoyable and amusing. Your mission is to assist a struggling aquarium where you work, and there are four separate lakes where you can find different sorts of fish.

3. Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places is a relaxing game you can play while standing or sitting because, unlike other VR games, there is no need to run or chase.

4. Gorilla Tag

Many players claim that the game’s rushing and hopping about gives them the feeling of real gorillas. Additionally, it includes a lot of armplay, which is something that real gorillas always do.


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