How to Watch XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox

How to Watch XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox

How do you watch XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox? XFINITY’s Instant TV app is one of the easiest ways to watch live cable broadcasts in the comfort of your home online. You’ve got access to all sorts of regional sports, local networks, and current events in addition to your favorite nationally available programming.

However, it might not seem readily apparent how you can watch Instant TV on your Xbox game console. Today’s guide goes over what is and isn’t possible when looking at streaming apps for your Xbox One or Series X. Alongside Instant TV, there will also be a few alternatives that might fit the bill for users who don’t subscribe to XFINITY’s service.

Can You Watch XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox?

xfinity instant tv on xbox
Xbox doesn’t have a native XFINITY app you can use.

To cut right through the fat, there isn’t a way to watch XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox. XFINITY offers multiple ways to use the app, but Microsoft’s flagship gaming console isn’t supported. The service itself is one of the most flexible ways to get local news, sports, and other programming you don’t typically find from most streaming providers. With that said, it is one of the more expensive packages for streaming.

If you bundle things up with your internet bill and phone service, you could see net savings. However, going with one of the listed alternatives might be a better way of getting the programming you want on an Xbox game console. Alternatively, you can pick up one of the supported devices and watch your XFINITY Instant TV subscription that way.

Where Can You Watch XFINITY Instant TV?

XFINITY Instant TV is slim pickings when it comes to ways to watch the service. You won’t find support for many dedicated streaming devices like Apple TV or the Fire Stick. It also isn’t supported on a wide variety of smart TVs. Honestly, listing the devices that aren’t supported would take more space than simply listing where you can view the service.

According to XFINITY, these are the preferred devices for watching Instant TV:

  • Google Chromecast
  • Roku streaming device or smart TV
  • iPhone or iPad
  • Mac web browser
  • Windows web browser
  • LG Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Vizio Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV

As you can see, there aren’t a ton of options. This smaller pool of options leaves out users with TCL or Hisense TVs with the Google TV operating system for example. As such, if you need a surefire recommendation to watch XFINITY Instant TV, a Roku Express 4K+ will do the trick. If you prefer using your Xbox or another device like an Apple TV, you’ll have to use a different service.

Suitable Alternatives to XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox

Here are four of my favorite alternatives when it comes to watching live TV on your Xbox game console. These might not be an exact replacement for XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox, but they come close to replicating the experience as a whole.

Hulu + Live TV

xfinity instant tv on xbox
Hulu + Live TV is one way to get live and regional channels streaming on your Xbox.

If you’re more into nationally available programming, then Hulu + Live TV has you covered. You get access to a wide catalog of shows from the likes of FX, ABC, CBS, and other classic network programming. When it comes down to local or live channel support, Hulu’s offerings are a little slimmer as a whole. You don’t get access to a wide variety of sports.

It just comes down to how much you might enjoy NFL, motorsports, golf, and whatever is available on your local networks. Users looking for MLB or NBA sports coverage are going to be rather disappointed. That said, it does offer a great variety of programming from the likes of ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu’s original catalog.

It might not be a complete replacement for XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox, but it does a fair job of getting most of the cable TV experience. It is a pricier service, with plans starting at $75.99 a month for live TV by itself. You’ll want to opt for the Hulu + Live TV plan, which gives access to the whole library for $76.99 a month.


Sling login screen on Vizio smart TV.
Sling Orange + Blue offers even more channels than you would get with XFINITY Instant TV.

Sling is one of the most affordable live TV packages you’ll find on the web today. If you’re looking for a close alternative to XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox, it can come close to replicating most of the functionality. You’ve got three main plans to consider when looking at Sling’s service. You’ve got Sling Orange and Blue, which both start at $40 a month. These offer up a fair smattering of news and entertainment channels.

The better overall value is Sling Orange + Blue, which gives you all of the channels from both plans. You’ll have 46 channels in total, which is more than you’ll have with the likes of XFINITY Instant TV. Where Sling falters is the availability of regional sports.

You’ll have access to networks like FOX Sports and ESPN, but that doesn’t account for local sports like college games. You can add the likes of the MLB Network, NBA TV, and NHL Network with the Sports Extra plan for an additional $11 a month. However, that still isn’t going to give you complete coverage of every game for a given professional league.


xfinity instant tv on xbox
Fubo is one of the easiest ways to get a wide breadth of streaming channels on your Xbox.

Fubo is another great alternative to streaming live television on your Xbox gaming console. It might not be the best replacement for XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox, but it comes close in some regards. The basic Pro plan starts at $79.99 a month and grants access to 185 channels of live television. Pro also allows you to view your Fubo TV plan across 10 separate devices while having access to 1000 hours of DVR space.

All said, this is a fairly affordable plan provided you have certain expectations about what you’re getting. Regional support is somewhat slim. I noticed a handful of local networks for my area when viewing the service, with my local FOX and NBC affiliates being the most prominent. Now, if you view sports on your local network channels you’ll be in luck.

That said, the sports coverage from Fubo is arguably better as a whole than the offerings from both Sling and Hulu. Pro grants access to ESPN, FS1, NFL Network, and B1G Network among others. Fubo claims this grants access to over 100 sporting events with their basic service. Whether those are events you’d like to see is all going to come down to personal preference.

Closing Thoughts

While you might not be able to watch XFINITY Instant TV on Xbox, you aren’t without alternatives thankfully. If you are a current XFINITY subscriber, I would suggest picking up an inexpensive Roku streaming device to get access to your service. Users who prefer using their Xbox to stream would be best suited to use Fubo or Sling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does XFINITY support Xbox consoles?

Not at the time of writing.

Can I watch Instant TV on my smartphone?

Yes, it has apps for Android and iPhone users.

Are any of the alternative services cheaper than Instant TV?

Honestly, not really. The NOW package from XFINITY starts at $20 a month and gives access to Peacock, among other streaming services.

Does XFINITY have its own streaming devices?

Yes, it has the Xumo and X1.

Can you watch Hulu + Live TV on Xbox?

Yes, all the listed alternatives have Xbox apps you can use.

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