Watch This LEGO Hero Do the Impossible With Curved Tram Tracks

train toy made with plastic bricks

Watch This LEGO Hero Do the Impossible With Curved Tram Tracks

Key Points

  • A YouTube video from Brickcrafts showcases a giant LEGO City with curved tram tracks, demonstrating incredible ingenuity and effort.
  • The curved tracks are meticulously placed and require layering and offsetting of baseplates to cover up the studs underneath.
  • The use of sideways turned slopes and tiny LEGO plants helps to fill gaps and add creativity to the build.
  • The modified plumber’s truck with conflicting pizza and ice cream themes adds a unique touch to the city.
  • Strategic plant pots are used to expand the restaurant and hide imperfections.
  • The first test run had alignment issues, but they were expertly diagnosed and solved by Brickcrafts.

Most of the time, it’s challenging enough to pull off your own customized LEGO build, even when you’re using bricks that line up perpendicularly. However, sometimes LEGO hobbyists get a little tired of the same old squarish designs and try their hand at something a little different. Such an example is found in a YouTube video from Brickcrafts, which gives the concept of a giant LEGO City a whole new meaning. Truth be told, the time and effort this channel has put into LEGO building is really next-level. We’re going to showcase a video with some brilliant ingenuity here – tram tracks, but curved! Continue to see how this insane feat was pulled off. Check out his ridiculously costly brick haul here, too.

Curved LEGO Tracks – Watch This Tram Go Round the Bend

We start things off with a brief overview of the build. Brickcrafts shows how the curved tram tracks are placed onto the baseplates. 0:30 onwards describes how the plates must be layered and offset with each other to make space for the curved LEGO tracks. This also helps to cover up the studs underneath.

0:55 shows nicely how the curved bricks must be placed meticulously onto the tracks so that they all fit together. Due to its curved nature, it’s essentially impossible to fill all the spaces. This is sure to get under the skin of the LEGO perfectionists out there, but needs must.

At 1:30, the way the slopes have been turned sideways to fill up the gaps next to the tracks is both inspired and satisfying.

We’ve got a few tiny LEGO plants gently inserted at 1:57 to help mask the chaotic placement below. After all, nobody said LEGO couldn’t be creative and cute at the same time.

Is it a pizza truck or an ice cream truck at the 2:35 mark? The flag says pizza, but the ice cream cones say… well, ice cream. In reality, this is actually a modified plumber’s truck, which is pretty neat.

The restaurant gets a much-needed expansion at the 3:11 mark. Because who doesn’t love to enjoy a delicious, relaxing meal right next to public transport? Luckily, some strategic plant pots come to save the day at 3:30. If only vegetation could hide all of our sins.

The first test run comes in at 4:20, and it’s a bit questionable, unfortunately. In the real world, this would definitely be responsible for a lawsuit. Luckily, Brickcrafts expertly diagnosed and solved the issue by changing the alignment of the inner track pieces.

Last Words

To finish off the video, we’ve got some nice commentary about the strategy behind the rest of the build, as well as future plans for this humongous city. Be sure to check out the video below and be amazed. We can safely say that we were.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LEGO City?

LEGO City can have many meanings, as it’s a very popular concept within the LEGO community. There are official LEGO City-themed sets available, complete with all the urban elements you’d expect. However, many hobbyists take to building their very own custom LEGO cities, where, realistically, the limits are their own skill and imagination.

How long have LEGO cities been around?

As far as official releases go, the first LEGO city set hit the shelves in 2005. Concerning custom builds, there’s a good chance builders have been constructing their own LEGO cities pretty much for as long as LEGO has been available. As time goes on, we’ll surely see some even more insane creations courtesy of the master builders out there.

Who is Brickcrafts?

Brickcrafts is an extremely popular YouTube creator, known for their speedbuilds and gigantic custom builds, mostly based on LEGO cities and the Wild West, with all the bells and whistles you could possibly think of. They’ve been uploading videos for just over a year, and have quickly amassed a loyal following.

Are LEGO City sets suitable for kids?

Yes, LEGO City sets are designed for kids and are generally aimed at those aged 5 to 12. However, people of all ages can get enjoyment out of creating their own cities. If young children are playing with LEGO, always provide supervision, as small pieces can present a choking hazard.

Can you combine LEGO City sets with other sets?

Yes, LEGO City provides a lot of opportunities for creativity and customization, as so many elements and accessories can be included. You can add anything from fire stations, airports, trains, cars, and police stations to your set, or even any of your favorite pieces or minifigures from other sets so that your city comes to life.

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