Watch This Guy Create Perfect McNuggets, Out of LEGO

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Watch This Guy Create Perfect McNuggets, Out of LEGO

Key Points

  • The Lego Cooking YouTube channel has created a video featuring LEGO McNuggets, complete with dipping sauce.
  • The stop animation in the video is both fascinating and humorous, with funny moments throughout.
  • The video also showcases other interesting creations, such as flying bananas and perfectly cooked pancakes.

The internet can be a weird and wonderful place. Sometimes our favorite things end up being combined in ways that we’d never expect. And this is definitely the case with this oddly satisfying and amusing video from the Lego Cooking YouTube channel. As if LEGO wasn’t already great enough on its own, get ready for some delicious McNuggets… but not as you know them! That’s right, it’s time to see the weird creation that is LEGO McNuggets, complete with dipping sauce. They almost look good enough to eat, but we don’t recommend trying this at home. And we thought we’d already seen some strange and crazy LEGO builds.

Super Crispy, Super Amazing LEGO McNuggets

There’s a lot to love in this absurdly fascinating yet relaxing clip. Stop animation is at its finest here, and humorous moments are everywhere to be found. The way the chicken gets instantly slapped into a pinkish patty at 0:23 is utterly hilarious if a little dark.

Some cool transitions are going on too, like the way a frying pan appears out of humble black bricks at the 0:35 mark. The fun doesn’t end there, though. The flouring of the cute little nuggets at 0:52 is a brilliant touch, as is the cooking oil that sizzles and pops at 1:12.

We love the touch of realism shortly after, as the cooked nuggets turn a tasty golden brown at 1:26. And of course, what nugget would be complete without a dipping sauce? None of them, that’s what. Luckily, the video doesn’t disappoint on this front, as we get a variety of delectable sauces to choose from.

Other Highlights – Check Out the Video for McNuggets and More

Unfortunately, the McNugget saga ends at the 1:40 mark, but there’s a lot more fun to be had in this 30-minute video. We’ve got real-life bananas seemingly flying out of a phone screen at 2:04, some pancakes cooked to perfection at 3:14, and a chicken that meets a rather unpleasant end at 10:31. We won’t spoil it all for you, so it’s best to see for yourself by following the link below:


Summary Table

LEGO McNuggets Creation Highlights
Chicken gets instantly slapped into a pinkish patty
Frying pan appears out of humble black bricks
Flouring of the cute little nuggets
Sizzling and popping of the cooking oil
Cooked nuggets turn a tasty golden brown
Delectable sauces for dipping

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LEGO McNuggets?

The name may give you a clue, but LEGO McNuggets aren’t edible, in fact. While we would probably love some LEGO made out of McNuggets, these are actually McNuggets made out of LEGO bricks. They’re equal parts endearing and absurd.

Are LEGO McNuggets edible?

Unfortunately, these tasty-looking treats are made out of LEGO bricks, so can’t be described as edible in any sense of the term. If you’re intending to make your own as part of a creative project, be sure to supervise any kids involved to prevent any hazards.

Who invented LEGO McNuggets?

This is a tough one to call since both LEGO and McNuggets are immensely popular. It’s likely that the first person to think up this idea may not have recorded their efforts, but it’s safe to say that whoever has tried their hand at this is both a fan of LEGO and a crispy nugget.

Is there an official connection between LEGO and McNuggets?

No, there has been no official acknowledgement from LEGO or McDonald’s concerning LEGO McNuggets. The trend seems to have solely come from the minds of the internet, but we would love to see an official collaboration someday.

What are some safe alternatives to LEGO McNuggets?

As an alternative, you could try creating LEGO-like food items using food-safe materials, such as fondant icing, chocolate, sugar or gum paste, marzipan, rice paper, and edible food coloring.

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