Watch This Brilliant History Lesson in LEGO

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Watch This Brilliant History Lesson in LEGO

Key Points

  • YouTuber TD Bricks creates a Lego video showcasing the history of the Earth, from dinosaurs to modern technology.
  • The video features Lego representations of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, China, Mayan, and ancient Rome.
  • TD Bricks also builds Lego castles, Viking longboats, and explores the Renaissance and the time of pirates.
  • The video covers the Wild West, the industrial revolution, the World Wars, and the modern era, including future concepts like flying cars and cloning.

Imagine if you could witness the entire history of the Earth, from the Dinosaurs all the way up to modern technology. Well, one YouTuber decided to make it possible for us to do just that.

But we’re tackling history with a slightly different approach: LEGO!

YouTuber TD Bricks is back at it again with another awesome LEGO video. And this time, he’s showing us his take on history. Let’s get into it!

History Lesson in LEGO: Ancient Times

It starts with building the LEGO dinosaur. TD Bricks shows us a few different types of Dinosaurs, from the herbivore Triceratops to the ferocious T-Rex. He even builds a habitat with a lake, trees, and rocks.

Things take a turn when the Dinos go extinct. But then we’re back in business with LEGO cavemen. Here is where things really start to get interesting.

Around the time of the Egyptians, we get to see amazing structures like Pyramids and temples constructed out of LEGO pieces. Things like Hyrogliphs and a golden throne show us how the royals lived in ancient Egypt.

LEGO Ramses Pyramid Set
  • Pharoah included
  • Mummy King
  • Crown and treasure
  • 13 minifigures
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11/26/2023 05:51 am GMT

Next up, it’s on to ancient China, where TD Bricks shows us some fascinating aspects, such as Kung Fu, by building a LEGO Dojo.

As the video goes on, we keep getting a healthy dose of historical facts, all while seeing some of the most famed structures portrayed in LEGO form — things like Mayan pyramids, Indian temples, and ancient Roman architecture.

History Lesson in LEGO: Castles and Vikings

As we move out of the ancient time period, the Middle Ages have something really fun in store for us: Castles!

If you’ve ever played around with LEGO, you can imagine how fun it is to build a castle. And TD Bricks takes our expectations and smashes right through them. We get to see some truly impressive LEGO castle builds, all while witnessing history unfold.

Between knights, kings, and jesters, there are dozens of different people that populate castles, and LEGO has no shortage of interesting figures to let your imagination soar.

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Medieval Castle
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11/26/2023 10:21 am GMT

Around the same time period lived the Vikings. We get to see TD Bricks build Viking longboats and sail them across a LEGO sea.

Before too long, though, we’re whisked away to the Renaissance. We get to see some really interesting characters here, such as Christopher Columbus and Leonardi DaVinci.

Next up, it is on to the time of the Pirates. TD Bricks has gone above and beyond to find a vintage LEGO Pirate Ship set, to the tune of $300. We get to see it in all its glory and even watch a few pirates walk the plank.

The Wild West to the Modern Age History Lesson in LEGO

Before too long, we reach the times of the old west, full of cowboys and Indians. TD Bricks shows off some of the most desert-like LEGO environments, complete with an old bank, jailhouse, and saloon, and littered with cactuses.

The industrial revolution is up next, and we get to witness the birth of modern technology, factories, and automobiles. Everything from trains, typewriters, and lightbulbs is shown in full LEGO glory.

The World Wars are next, and LEGO has all the tools for the job: soldiers, airplanes, and even LEGO tanks. TD Bricks wastes no time in setting up a battle to show us just how intricate you can get. After building everything in immense detail, he blows everything up in a Lego inferno.

Finally, we reach the modern era. From cell phones to the internet, we get to see everything in LEGO form. But we’re not done yet. TD Bricks shows us some ideas for the future, like flying cars, teleportation, and even cloning.

Check out the full video below, and you might even be inspired to recreate your own history lesson in LEGO!

Summary Table

Historical PeriodLego Representation
Ancient TimesDinosaurs, Cavemen, Egyptian Pyramids, Chinese Dojo
Middle AgesCastles, Knights, Kings, Jesters, Viking Longboats
RenaissanceChristopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci
Pirate EraPirate Ship
Wild WestDesert Environment, Bank, Jailhouse, Saloon
Industrial RevolutionFactories, Automobiles, Trains, Typewriters, Lightbulbs
World WarsSoldiers, Airplanes, Tanks
Modern EraCell Phones, Internet
FutureFlying Cars, Teleportation, Cloning

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LEGOs?

LEGOs are massively popular toys that have been around since the early part of the 20th century. They are very simple, consisting of plastic bricks with notches that fit into each other. However, despite their simple design, many creators have built incredibly intricate custom builds using LEGO blocks.

When was LEGO first invented?

The first LEGO was invented in 1932 when Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the company in his carpentry shop, although he had been crafting toys for many years prior to that.

What does LEGO stand for?

LEGO comes from the words Leg Godt, which is Danish for “play well.”

What is the minimum age for LEGO?

You shouldn’t get a conventional LEGO set for children under 4 years old. Unfortunately, the small pieces present a choking hazard. If you want to get LEGO for children younger than 4, you should opt for the large-sized LEGO bricks.

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