How to Watch the Roku Channel on Xbox

The Roku channel on Xbox

How to Watch the Roku Channel on Xbox

Key Points

  • You can’t watch the Roku Channel on Xbox, as it requires a Roku streaming device or Roku TV.
  • Some suitable alternatives to Roku Channel on Xbox include FilmRise TV and Movies, Pluto TV, Tubi, and Amazon FreeVee.
  • These alternative streaming services offer a wide selection of free shows and movies, with options for on-demand viewing and live channels.

How do you watch the Roku Channel on Xbox? Roku’s streaming service is home to many movies and shows. It is a great place to start if you’re looking for a constantly rotating selection. With no subscription fees for most content, you get a comparable experience to the new ad-based tiers for streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix.

That said, how do you get the service on your Xbox gaming console? The answer isn’t quite as straightforward as you’d imagine. However, that’s alright at any rate, we’ll go a little further into the particulars of how Roku’s service works. As a matter of course, we’ll also look at some other suitable alternatives that can get you streaming free shows and movies on your Xbox gaming console in no time.

Can You Watch the Roku Channel on Xbox?

roku channel on xbox
You’ll need a Roku streaming device to watch the Roku Channel.

To put it simply, you can’t watch Roku Channel on Xbox. To access the Roku Channel you’ll need either a Roku streaming device or a Roku TV from the likes of TCL, Hisense, and other manufacturers. At this time, there is no design or plans to port over the Roku Channel on Xbox gaming consoles. Now, this isn’t a dealbreaker necessarily. If you’re doing a lot of streaming, a Roku device is a great choice.

However, for some gamers and households, the latest Xbox console is a one-stop shop for streaming and other functionality. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to stick with some of the alternatives found for free streaming services if you’re looking to watch free shows and movies. Roku’s streaming channel is found natively on devices running RokuOS.

What Devices Can Watch the Roku Channel?

As we mentioned, you’ll need a Roku device to watch Roku’s channel. As such, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but a fairly decent overview of the various ways to watch the channel itself.

  • Roku Express 4K+
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Hisense Roku TVs
  • Onn Roku TVs
  • TCL Roku TVs

You’ll find other manufacturers have implemented Roku OS as the main smart TV interface over another alternative like Google TV. In this scenario, if you have a brand not listed above, you can likely watch the Roku Channel. Unfortunately, this functionality doesn’t directly extend to areas like the Roku app for smartphones and tablets.

You’ll be stuck with whatever your main streaming offerings are on any other interface other than Roku’s operating system. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are a slew of options for watching free streaming content natively on your chosen device, thankfully.

Suitable Alternatives to the Roku Channel for Xbox

roku channel on xbox
You’ve got plenty of options when it comes to free streaming services on your Xbox gaming console.

Here are four of my favorite alternatives to the Roku Channel on Xbox. All apps are currently available through the Microsoft Store for watching on your Xbox or Windows computer. As such, you can snag any or all of these apps for watching some new streaming material right away.

FilmRise TV and Movies

If you’re a fan of British comedies, FilmRise is a great alternative to Roku Channel on Xbox. You’ve got access to a few different functions when using this app. The movie selection has four main categories and a constantly cycling selection of movies. You’ll find award-winning films and documentaries alike. These might not be the latest films, but for the low cost of nothing, I certainly won’t complain.

TV is much the same, at least when accessing FilmRise’s section for it. You’ve got reality and scripted shows, along with a smattering of classic TV shows. I love older TV shows, so having the option to watch stuff from the 70s and 80s is a massive benefit for my viewing patterns.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV
Pluto’s streaming app functions a lot like watching a cable subscription.

Pluto TV is one of those streaming apps that most users should have installed on their streaming devices. It gives you access to quite a bit of streaming media, like classic TV shows, newer movies, newer shows, and so much more. You’ve got the option of using it as an on-demand service or as a live channel view. Considering most streaming services are moving to ads for paid subscriptions, you’ll feel right at home.

It might not be a direct replacement for the Roku Channel on Xbox, but Pluto gives you quite a bit in exchange for watching a few ads. The entire service is free, and you’ve got constantly updating selections of content to watch at your leisure.


Tubi is another free streaming service that could easily work as a replacement for the Roku Channel on Xbox. You’ve got access to a pretty wide selection of shows and movies alike, with a fairly robust children’s section to boot. It might not have the same sort of streaming originals that you would expect with the likes of the Roku Channel, but there’s plenty to watch.

My household watches Tubi fairly regularly, as you can find classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo on the app. You’ve got a fair selection of shows and movies that are constantly rotating. So you’ll never have a shortage of new things to watch when it comes time to binge a show or movie.

Amazon FreeVee

Amazon’s FreeVee is one of the best streaming services you’ll find these days. It has a constantly rotating selection of free content, along with some originals funded by Amazon. You won’t find hit shows like The Boys or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on FreeVee, but classics like Columbo are readily available for viewing.

FreeVee is ad-supported, like many of the other alternatives listed in this guide. The quality of the content on offer is quite high as a whole, however. So you’re getting some great options when choosing to use FreeVee as an alternative to the Roku Channel on Xbox. The app is available for Windows and Xbox consoles, and you can download it right now.

Closing Thoughts

While you might not have the option of watching the Roku Channel on Xbox, you’ve got plenty of alternatives. Thankfully, you don’t have to resort to subscriptions if you’re just looking to watch some free shows and movies. It is a bit of a bummer that you don’t get all of the free options in one place like you’ll find with the Roku Channel.

That said, if you don’t mind doing a little extra leg work, you can retain most of the functionality you’ll find on the Roku Channel. You’ve got plentiful options when it comes to watching free streaming content on your Xbox gaming console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roku Channel on Xbox?

No, unfortunately, the Roku Channel is only available for Roku devices.

Are there ways to get free streaming on Xbox?

Yes, you can get services like Tubi, Pluto, and FreeVee.

Is the Roku Channel the best free streaming app?

That’s hard to say, but it is one of the strongest streaming apps you’ll find on the market.

Is Xbox a good way to stream media?

Sure, it offers up many of the streaming apps you’ll find on the Microsoft store for PCs.

Do you need to pay anything to watch Tubi?

Not at all, you just need to download the app and launch it on your Xbox.

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