How to Watch the Roku Channel on a Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch the Roku Channel on a Samsung Smart TV

Key Points

  • The Roku Channel on Samsung smart TVs offers a wide range of titles for streaming, including news, family shows, and sports.
  • To download the Roku Channel on a Samsung smart TV, click the Smart Hub button on the remote, scroll to the Apps section, search for “Roku,” and select the app to download.
  • If your Samsung smart TV is older than 2017, you may not have access to the Roku Channel, but you can still watch Roku by connecting a Roku box to your TV.

We have so much media within the palm of our hands. And sometimes, that power makes it difficult to choose what to watch. Fortunately, with the Roku Channel on Samsung smart TVs, you can deliberate over a wide range of titles. From news to family to sports and everything in between, you can find it on the app. This article breaks down how to use it properly.

What Is the Roku Channel?

Not sure what to watch? You could bounce around from Netflix to Hulu to Disney+ looking for a show, or you could just use the Roku channel on your Samsung smart TV. It’s like your one-stop shop for streaming; a wide range of content, with a free library and the option to expand through premium subscriptions.

It works similarly to a traditional Roku streaming box, but without the hardware. It’s totally integrated—just download the app and update it regularly for current titles.

Of course, the Roku Channel isn’t perfect. The free channels come with advertisements, so you’ll have to sit through a few commercials if you don’t want to pay extra. It also isn’t as comprehensive or streamlined as a Roku box. In fact, if your Samsung smart TV is older than 2017, you might not have access to the app from the get-go. 

Still, for a reliable app with a free library and no starting costs, the Roku Channel is worth downloading. Here’s how to get started.

How to Download the Roku Channel On a Samsung Smart TV

Fox Nation on Samsung Smart TV
Use the search function to find the Roku Channel app.

Samsung smart TVs don’t come with the Roku Channel pre-installed. So if you’ve gone this far just watching Netflix, downloading an app on your TV might feel unfamiliar. If that’s the case, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Smart Hub button on your remote (the home icon)
  2. Scroll down the options to the Apps section
  3. In the search bar, type “Roku” using the on-screen keyboard (or voice-to-text if available)
  4. Navigate to the Roku Channel icon when it appears
  5. Select the app and choose Download.

The Roku Channel should start downloading. When the progress is completed, it will appear at the end of your Apps list.

How to Watch the Roku Channel

HBO Max on Samsung, app menu
Scroll through the apps until you find the Roku Channel in the list.

Now that you have the Roku Channel downloaded on your Samsung smart TV, you can watch a wide range of free shows. To access them:

  1. Click the Smart Hub button on your remote (the home icon)
  2. Scroll down to the Apps section
  3. Find the Roku Channel in the list (if you just downloaded the app, it’ll be at the end)
  4. Select the app
  5. Sign in to your Roku Channel account (or create one here)
  6. Scroll through the options to your favorite show

You can now watch any of the free shows in the Roku library. If you want to sign up for a premium service, you can do so in the app by clicking on the preferred subscription and filling in your payment information.

What if My Samsung Smart TV Is Too Old for the Roku Channel?

Samsung smart TV models support the Roku Channel up until 2016. Simply put, these televisions find themselves outdated; the hardware doesn’t support the operating system required to run the app.

If you are one of these individuals still using a 2016 Samsung smart TV, kudos to you. This doesn’t inhibit you from watching Roku, although the native app won’t be available.

To access the free library, you’ll need to own a Roku box. Simply connect the device to your television, switch to the proper input, and begin watching shows. You’ll have to log in as before, but it’s the same process.

Roku Express 4K+
The Roku 4K+ is an affordable streaming device that is well worth the money.

What Networks Can You Watch on the Roku Channel?

As mentioned, the Roku Channel allows you to watch a wide range of shows. You’ll have access to live news networks, family shows, and even Roku original content. Here are a few of the available channels:

  • Peacock
  • Pluto TV
  • Tubi
  • Newsy
  • PBS Kids
  • TED talks
  • Warner Bros. TV Watchlist
  • Locast
  • NewsOn
  • The Bob Ross Channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Roku Channel worth it on Samsung smart TVs?

The Roku Channel gives you free access to a wide range of shows and movies. However, you’ll have to sit through commercials, and many networks require a premium subscription. Furthermore, the app may not have as comprehensive a library as a traditional Roku box.

How do I get the Roku Channel?

To get The Roku Channel on your Samsung Smart TV, download and install the Roku app from the Samsung TV app store.

Will Roku work on older Samsung TVs

You can access the Roku channel on Samsung smart TV models from 2017 and up. For older models, you can still use a Roku box to watch your favorit shows.

Is the Roku channel free?

The Roku channel is a free, ad-supported service.

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