How to Watch Sling on a Vizio Smart TV

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How to Watch Sling on a Vizio Smart TV

Key Points

  • Sling TV is now available on Vizio smart TVs, offering a variety of live channels at a lower cost and with more convenience.
  • Older Vizio smart TVs may require a set-top box like Roku or Chromecast to stream Sling TV.
  • To sign up for Sling TV, choose a viewing option, select add-ons, enter billing info, or start watching for free.
  • To watch Sling TV on a Vizio smart TV, navigate to the SmartCast interface, find the Sling TV app, open it, and choose how to watch.
  • Sling TV offers affordable plans with flexible bundles, but prices have been increasing over time.

Cutting out a cable or satellite subscription from your monthly expenses doesn’t mean you have to stop watching live television altogether. This is especially true for Sling users with a Vizio smart TV. When you watch Sling on a Vizio smart TV, you can enjoy a variety of live channels like any cable or satellite plan would offer — all at a fraction of the price and a ton more convenience. Here’s how it’s done, complete with a step-by-step guide to get signed up and start watching today.

Can You Stream Sling on a Vizio Smart TV?

remote for Vizio smart TV featuring quick access buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, Crackle, and more
Vizio smart TVs have lots of streaming apps built right in. But is Sling TV included?

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For the longest time, you couldn’t watch Sling TV on your Vizio smart TV. Vizio’s smart interface SmartCast offered support for a whole slew of other streaming services, but Sling was never a part of the mix. That is until Vizio finally added support for Sling TV on its smart interface in January of 2022. After so many years of having to use a Roku or other set-top device to stream Sling on a Vizio, this new development felt like a true miracle.

Now, Sling TV is quickly and easily accessible from the Vizio SmartCast interface. It can be found right alongside rival streamers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other popular apps that have been a part of Vizio’s offerings for far longer than this new kid on the block. However, it should be said that only Vizio smart TVs from 2016 or later can support Sling TV streaming. If your Vizio is older than that, you may not be able to find the Sling app on your TV.

Luckily for those with older Vizios, not all is lost in this scenario. You can still stream Sling on a Vizio smart TV with the help of one of those set-top boxes mentioned above. Whether it be a Roku, a Chromecast, or an Apple TV device, any one of these streaming devices can help you watch Sling on your Vizio. (Albeit in a more roundabout way than those who get to simply switch to SmartCast’s home screen and select the app from there.)

Signing Up for Sling TV

Pricing for Sling plans.
Choose a Sling base plan based on your streaming preferences.


Even with so many IPTV options out there to choose from, Sling remains unique for the sheer number of viewing options it offers. It has multiple subscription options as well as a completely free version, all available through the Sling app on your Vizio smart TV. Here’s how to subscribe and start watching.

To sign up, head to Sling’s website or follow the prompts on the screen upon opening the app. From there, you’ll choose a viewing option. Sling offers a Blue plan, which comes with more news and sports networks, and an Orange plan, which offers more family and entertainment channels. You can also combine the two for Sling Orange & Blue for an additional cost.

Then, choose any add-ons you might want included in your plan. This could be additional movie channels, an added number of sports networks, or another premium add-on on top of your Sling base plan. After that, head to the next screen to check out. Enter your billing info and start watching right away.

To skip the subscription process and start watching for free, bypass the sign-in screen on your Vizio smart TV and select “Stream Free” instead. This will take you past the previous steps and deliver you straight to the Sling Freestream interface. From here, you can start watching dozens of free streaming networks without any monthly fees.

How to Watch Sling on a Vizio Smart TV

Now that you have a better understanding of Sling TV and its relationship with SmartCast, let’s talk about how to watch Sling on a Vizio smart TV. Follow along with the instructions listed below, complete with helpful photos at each step of the way. We’ll show you how to enjoy both the paid and free versions of the app through the glory of SmartCast.

Step One: Hit Input

Vizio SmartCast interface seen behind input selection menu.
Tap “Input” on your Vizio smart TV remote.


Power on your TV and hit the INPUT button on your remote. Hit the button repeatedly to cycle through your input options until you find the one that reads “SMARTCAST.” Once you’ve found it, settle on the menu option until the input screen disappears and the interface opens automatically.

Step Two: Find Sling

Vizio SmartCast screen on smart TV.
Choose SmartCast from the list of input options.


Once inside the SmartCast interface, navigate through the app until you see a heading that reads “Apps & Inputs.” Then, scroll over until you find the Sling TV app.

Step Three: Open App

Sling app loading screen on Vizio smart TV.
Select the Sling app and wait for it to load.


Hit the SELECT button on your remote to open the Sling TV app. Then, wait for it to load. It may take a minute or two, depending on your Internet connection speed.

Step Four: Choose How to Watch

Sling login screen on Vizio smart TV.
Log into Sling, start a free trial, or select Freestream.


After the screen loads, you’ll be given a few different options. You can sign up for a free trial, sign into an existing account, or start streaming for free with Sling Freestream. Choose how you want to watch, then hit the SELECT button to confirm your choice. (Follow the sign-up instructions included above for additional guidance here.)

Step Five: Start Watching

Family Feud playing on Sling app on Vizio smart TV.
Enjoy watching your Sling app.


At last, you have officially learned how to watch Sling on a Vizio smart TV. Navigate through the guide until you find something you’d like to watch. (In the above photo, it’s the endless stream of Family Feud episodes available on Freeview.) Enjoy!

Pros and Cons of Sling TV

Pros of Sling TVCons of Sling TV
Sling is one of the most affordable IPTV providers around.Not all subscriber zip codes get basic broadcast channels like FOX, NBC, ABC, etc.
You can now watch Sling on a Vizio smart TV, making it much more accessible than before.Prices continue to increase semi-annually, gradually making Sling less affordable.
Sling has flexible plans with bundles geared toward sports fans and families alike.Add-ons and bundles drive up the price of a Sling subscription.
Up to four simultaneous streams are available for Sling Orange & Blue subscribers.Sling offers limited DVR space and reduced channels compared to other IPTV plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch Sling on a Vizio smart TV?

For years, the answer would have been no. You could not watch Sling on Vizio’s SmartCast for quite some time. However, in 2022, Vizio added a Sling TV app to its SmartCast interface. Now, you can enjoy Sling on a Vizio smart TV just as you would any other popular streaming app like Netflix, Max, Hulu, and so on.

Is it free to watch Sling on a Vizio?

You can watch Sling for free on a Vizio smart TV through the use of Sling Freestream. Alternatively, you can pay for a Sling Orange, Sling Blue, or Sling Orange & Blue subscription on your Vizio. Sling is unique for its sheer number of different streaming options at various price points.

What's the difference between Sling Orange and Sling Blue?

Sling has two different channel packages with only a small amount of overlap between the two. Sling Orange offers more family and entertainment channels, while Sling Blue is tailored more toward sports and cable news enjoyers. If your household is a mix of both viewership types, then you can bundle the two for an additional cost through Sling Orange & Blue plans.

Do you need an Internet connection to stream Sling on a Vizio?

Yes, you need to be connected to the Internet to stream Sling on your Vizio smart TV. Sling is an IPTV service, meaning it relies on a web connection to play its 24/7 television streams. It’s not like traditional cable or satellite providers which would still work even without your TV being connected to the Internet.

Is Sling the only streaming app on Vizio SmartCast?

No, Sling is far from the only streaming app available on Vizio’s smart TV interface. SmartCast also offers apps for Netflix, Crackle, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, Max, and beyond. Simply choose SmartCast from the input menu and start streaming from there.

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