How to Watch Philo on a Samsung Smart TV

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How to Watch Philo on a Samsung Smart TV

Key Points

  • Philo is an IPTV service that combines the look and feel of streaming services with live programming.
  • Samsung smart TVs running Tizen OS allow you to easily download the Philo app from the app store.
  • To watch Philo on a Samsung smart TV, you need to sign up for the service and pay a monthly fee of $25.
  • Philo offers over 70 live channels, unlimited DVR space, and access to over 70,000 shows and movies on demand.
  • To watch Philo on a Samsung smart TV, open the smart TV hub, search for Philo, download and open the app.

The price of a cable or satellite television subscription continues to rise. So, it’s not surprising to see how many people are abandoning traditional TV packages in favor of IPTV. Short for Internet Protocol TV, these services combine the look and feel of steaming services with the live programming of a cable or satellite company. Philo is one example of this. Of course, it helps to know if you can enjoy such a service from the convenience of your smart TV. Is it possible to watch Philo on a Samsung smart TV? Here’s how to tune in.

Can You Watch Philo on Samsung Tizen OS?

Philo website streaming options.
Philo supports streaming on most popular smart TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

Every smart TV has its own smart operating system powering the whole device. For a Samsung smart TV, this smart OS is called Tizen, an open-source operating system that Samsung itself developed. It implements Tizen across its catalog of products and services, particularly in its smartwatches and smart TVs.

Samsung smart TVs running Tizen OS come equipped with a library of apps pre-installed on the television. Philo is not always included in this roster of pre-installed apps. With that said newer Samsung smart TVs allow you to easily download the Philo app from the smart TV’s app store. (We’ll show you how it’s done below.)

Do You Have to Sign Up to Watch Philo?

Sign-up options for Philo subscribers.
IPTV providers like Philo offer some great savings over cable and satellite plans.

If you want to watch Philo on a Samsung smart TV, then you’re going to have to sign up for this IPTV service. This is true even on a Samsung smart TV. While not all Internet Protocol TV providers make you sign up (much less pay a subscription fee), Philo does mandate an account and a monthly payment. Thankfully, it’s just $25 a month after the one-week free trial.

It helps to know that $25 goes a long way with Philo. Subscriptions get you more than 70 live channels (including A&E, AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery, TLC, Paramount Network, and more). Plus, there’s unlimited DVR space to record as many shows as you’d like. You even have access to over 70,000 shows and movies on demand.

How to Watch Philo on a Samsung Smart TV

Philo download screen on Samsung smart TV.
Download the Philo app from the app store on your Samsung smart TV.

Are you intrigued by the sound of Philo TV but not sure how to start watching on your Samsung smart TV? Allow us to walk you through the steps to make it happen. Don’t be intimidated: It’s a lot easier than you might fear. (Not to mention a whole heck of a lot easier than setting up a cable or satellite subscription.) Follow along with the instructions below to watch Philo on your Samsung smart TV.

Step One: Open the Samsung Smart TV Hub

First, hit the Home button on your Samsung TV remote. (Sometimes, you may also see this button called something else like “Smart Hub.”) This will take you to the Samsung smart TV hub powered by Tizen OS. Here, you’ll see an assortment of pre-installed apps as well as suggested shows and movies to enjoy. We’ll want to look past these in pursuit of the search bar.

Step Two: Search for Philo

Next, look for the search bar in the top corner of the screen. Use the navigational keys on your remote to maneuver your way to the search tool, then hit the Select button. Enter “Philo,” then wait for the results to load. We’re looking for an app with an icon with a blue background and white lettering.

Step Three: Download and Open

Once the search results load, use the remote to navigate to the top result. Hit Select, then look for the Download button. Use the remote to start the download, then open the app once it completes. Here, you’ll enter your existing login information or create a new account and start a new subscription. Happy streaming!

Pros and Cons of Philo

Pros of PhiloCons of Philo
Philo is a lot cheaper than other IPTV services on the market.Philo doesn’t have very many sports and news channels.
You get a wide range of channels plus on-demand content with Philo.Without an antenna, you don’t get any local channels on Philo.
Unlike other IPTV providers, Philo gives you unlimited DVR space.Some ads cannot be skipped or fast-forwarded on Philo.
Philo offers a one-week free trial so you can try before you buy.Philo only has one package for subscribers to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Philo pre-installed on Samsung Smart TVs?

No, Philo isn’t pre-installed on Samsung smart TVs. You have to download Philo to stream it on your Samsung television.

How do I download Philo on my Samsung smart TV?

To download Philo to your Samsung smart TV library, go to the home screen and find the search bar in the app store. Search “Philo,” then hit download.

Do you need a subscription to watch Philo?

Yes, you do need to subscribe in order to watch television on the Philo app. Philo offers a one-week free trial for you to try before you subscribe, then charges $25 a month.

How many channels does Philo offer?

As of this writing, Philo offers subscribers more than 70 channels in its lineup. This doesn’t include very many sports or news channels (not to mention local offerings), but it’s still a great option for fans of entertainment and lifestyle channels.

Does Philo have a DVR?

Yes, Philo does offer subscribers a DVR. This DVR has an unlimited amount of space, but it automatically deletes recordings older than 12 months.

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