How to Watch Peacock on Xbox

Peacock logo on flatscreen TV.

How to Watch Peacock on Xbox

Key Points

  • Peacock is growing in popularity as the new home of the TV show, The Office.
  • You can watch Peacock on an Xbox console, eliminating the need for a standalone streaming device.
  • To install the Peacock app on an Xbox, go to the Xbox Store, search for Peacock, install the app, and launch it.
  • Peacock offers three subscription options: free, Premium with ads for $5.99/month, and Premium Plus mostly ad-free for $11.99/month.
  • Peacock can be streamed on Xbox Series S, Series X, and all Xbox One variations, but not on original Xbox or Xbox 360 models.

Peacock may not be as popular as Netflix or Hulu, but it is growing in popularity, thanks in part to being the new home of the popular TV show, The Office. In contrast, Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console is extremely popular as it offers two options to fit everyone’s budget. This leaves many people wondering how they can watch Peacock on their Xbox console.

Watching Peacock on an Xbox is the perfect solution if you already use the console for streaming. The device delivers an awesome picture, so there is no need for a standalone device such as a Roku. Best of all, you can quickly go from playing a game to watching your favorite TV show or movie. Now, let’s install the Peacock app on an Xbox One, Series S, or Series X.

How to Watch Peacock on an Xbox Console

Step 1: Go to the Xbox Store

First, turn on your Xbox console and go to the Xbox Store. To get there, scroll down on the home screen until you reach the “Browse the Store” tile. Alternatively, you can click the Xbox button on your controller and select the store logo at the bottom center of the menu. Another option is to visit the Xbox Store on a computer or tablet, as adding the app from there will also download it to your console.

Watch peacock on Xbox
Go to the Xbox store and click on the “Browse the store” tile.


Step 2: Search for Peacock

Now that you are at the store, click on the search function. You will find this tile on the main page of the store. Type “Peacock” into the search bar and wait for the results to pop up. Then, click on the official Peacock app to go to its page.

Watch Peacock on Xbox
Type “Peacock” into the search bar on the left-hand side.


Step 3: Install the App

Once on the Peacock app in the store, click on the “Get” button. After this, there may be a window thanking you for downloading the app. If it pops up, just click “Got It.” Additionally, another page may show that your download is complete but not installed. If this happens, choose the “Install” option to finish adding the app to your Xbox.

Watch Peacock on Xbox
When you find the Peacock app in the store, click on the “Get” button.


Step 4: Launch Peacock

After installing the Peacock app on your Xbox, it is time to launch it. You can go back to your home menu and find it there, but if it doesn’t show up, look for it in the applications folder. You can get there by tapping the Xbox button, and then clicking on “My Games & Apps.” Next, select “See All” at the top of the menu. Finally, go to your apps by scrolling down to “Apps” on the menu.

Watch Peacock Xbox
Go back to your home menu to find and launch the Peacock app.


Step 5: Sign In to Start Watching

You are almost ready to start watching. Just enter the username and password for your Peacock account and hit “Continue.” If you don’t want to type in your username and password with the Xbox controller, you do have the option to log in with your phone by selecting “Activate on Your Phone.”

Watch Peacock Xbox
Enter the credentials for your Peacock account, then click “Continue.”


Pros and Cons of Watching Peacock on an Xbox

The benefit of watching Peacock on an Xbox is that you likely already have it connected to your TV. This alleviates the need for an extra streaming box. However, it also puts unnecessary wear on your expensive video game console. This is why many people choose to use a cheap streaming device. Finally, an Xbox is a good option to watch Peacock if your primary streaming device does not have the Peacock app.

Peacock Subscription Options

Peacock has three options for watching your favorite TV shows and movies. The first is a free tier, which offers a limited number of shows and movies without having to enter a credit card number. Next up is Premium, which provides access to all of the shows and movies with ads, and it costs $5.99 per month. Finally, there is Premium Plus, which is mostly ad-free for a cost of $11.99 per month.

Which Xbox Consoles Stream Peacock?

You can stream Peacock on all of the recent Xbox consoles, including the Series S, Series X, and all the Xbox One variations. With that in mind, you may be unable to watch 4K content if your console does not support the higher resolution. Additionally, gamers with an original Xbox or any of the Xbox 360 models cannot access the Peacock app from their consoles.

Wrapping Up

As you’ve seen, getting the Peacock app up and running on an Xbox console is pretty easy. While it is not the most popular service, Peacock is still very affordable, with many hit shows. Additionally, people often forget all of the things that an Xbox can do. For instance, it now has its own video game streaming service called Game Pass that lets you play from an enormous library of hit titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Peacock have ads?

There are two categories of paid Peacock subscriptions in addition to a free category that offers limited content. The free version of Peacock and the paid Premium tier both have ads, and Peacock warns that some content in the Peacock Premium Plus tier may also have ads.

Is Peacock content available in 4K?

Some content on Peacock is available in 4K if you subscribe to the Premium or Premium Plus tiers. The TV shows and movies in 4K are limited to newer shows and big-name blockbusters like Fast and Furious.

How many devices can stream Peacock at once?

Regardless of which tier you subscribe to, Peacock allows for three devices to stream at the same time. This means you can watch three shows on different devices regardless of whether your have Peacock Premium or Premium Plus.

Does Peacock have a free trial?

Peacock does not offer a free trial like many of its competitors. Instead, Peacock offers a free tier where you can watch select TV shows and movies with ads, as well as browse the service’s entire content collection.

Is it worth upgrading to Peacock Premium?

The free version of Peacock certainly offers some decent shows, but you should consider upgrading to Peacock Premium if there is a certain TV show or movie that you want to watch. If you do decide to upgrade, the cost is $5.99 per month for Peacock Premium and $11.99 for Premium Plus.

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