How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox

Xbox consoles aren’t just for playing video games. We can also use them to stream our favorite TV shows and movies. Paramount Plus is easily one of the best streaming services available today, and if you want to watch it on your Xbox, you can!

Paramount Plus has a host of movies and TV shows that you can’t watch anywhere else. Whether you want to watch past seasons of Yellowstone, Top Gun Maverick, or reruns of Paw Patrol all day (if you know, you know), Paramount Plus on an Xbox can deliver.

What to Know About Watching Paramount Plus on Xbox

If you’re ready to start watching your show now and don’t need further information, feel free to scroll to our tutorial below. However, a little expert insight may be helpful to some of our readers. Watching Paramount Plus on an Xbox is an everyday event for your dear author, and sharing some insider tips may make the process easier for you.

Before you can watch Paramount Plus on your Xbox, you must install the app. Also, you’ll need a Paramount Plus subscription, your login information, and a good Wi-Fi network. The details regarding all of that are included in the following sections.

Can You Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox?

Not every Xbox is compatible with Paramount Plus. Fortunately, however, if you’re using one of the following consoles, you’re all set in this department:

  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One

Unfortunately, if you have an Xbox 360 or the original Xbox, the following instructions won’t work. Although you may be able to use the internet browser on the 360, you can’t install the app. As long as the internet browser is still working, you can go to the Paramount Plus website and log into your account.

How to Install the Paramount Plus App on Xbox

You can install the Paramount Plus app on your Xbox if you have the space and a compatible Xbox. It’s easy.

Go to the App Store on your Xbox and search for Paramount Plus. Then, click Get. The app will install on your Xbox.

Get a Paramount Plus Subscription

Finally, you’ll need a Paramount Plus subscription before you can start watching content. It’s easier to sign up on a phone or computer (unless you like the arrow left>right>A process). Go to the Paramount Plus website and click Sign Up. Create an account and input a payment method for the subscription when prompted.

After doing this, you can easily follow the steps in the next section. Of course, don’t forget your username and password. You’ll need to input that again on your Xbox.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox

Now that you’re fully prepared to watch Paramount Plus on your Xbox, it’s time to make it happen. Grab your Xbox controller and ensure the console is connected to the internet. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the App

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox
The Install button changes to “Launch” after you install the app.


Start the process by installing the Paramount Plus app on your Xbox as we described above.

Note: This app is profile-dependent, so make sure you’re on the correct Xbox profile before installing.

Step 2: Select Sign In

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox
The Sign In button takes you to the sign-in options.


Use the right stick and highlight the Sign In option. Then, click the A button to keep moving forward.

Note: If you have not signed up for Paramount Plus, you can easily do so by visiting the Paramount Plus website.

Step 3: Choose Your Sign In Option

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox
The website allows you to input a code on your TV.


You can input your email and password to sign in to Paramount Plus or use a computer. We’ve found that using a computer or browser on a smartphone is much easier and faster.

Go to the Paramount Plus activation website.

Note: You can select the Sign in on TV option and input your username and password on your Xbox. Or, you can use the Sign in on Web option and use a computer or smartphone. We’re using the latter.

Step 4: Log In to Paramount Plus

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox
The website allows you to input a code on your TV.


Finally, log in to Paramount Plus. Then, input the activation code displayed on your TV.

Paramount Plus will log you in on your Xbox automatically.

Step 5: Select a Profile

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox
Click on the Paramount Plus profile you want to use.


The first thing you’ll see when you log into your account is the profile screen. Use the left toggle switch on your Xbox controller to select a profile.

Helpful hint: You can also edit profiles by clicking Edit Profile at the bottom.

Step 6: Select Your Movie or Show

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox
Scroll through the shows and movies and highlight one to watch.


Now, you can use the left toggle switch on your Xbox to hover over shows and movies. Use the A button to click it.

Helpful hint: Use the left toggle switch to explore the menu on the left. You can search for shows and movies or filter them on this menu.

Step 7: Click Watch Now

Watch Paramount Plus Xbox
The Watch Now button will start the stream.


When you find something you want to watch, click the Watch Now option using the A button on your Xbox controller.

Why Should You Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox?

Some of our readers may wonder if Paramount Plus is worth it. Others may wonder if they should opt for a streaming device instead. Fortunately, we’re experts on both devices and are happy to give you all the details regarding Paramount Plus and Xbox.

Why Paramount Plus on an Xbox

There are a few benefits and drawbacks to watching Paramount Plus on your Xbox. If you have an Xbox and nothing else, it’s a great way to save time and money by using what you have available. The interface and features are the same on any device, so you aren’t losing anything by going this route.

However, an issue does arise with the remote. Those of us who play Xbox frequently won’t mind this, but our readers who aren’t familiar with the buttons and functions on an Xbox controller may have some difficulty. Whereas a standard TV, Roku, or Firestick remote is pretty simple, the Xbox controller complicates things. Furthermore, Xbox controllers need batteries and charging far more often than standard remotes.

Why Paramount Plus Is Worth It

Paramount Plus is an excellent streaming service. It’s cheaper than other options like Netflix and Hulu, but it still has a lot of great content. You can watch new movies, old movies, reality TV, documentaries, and kids’ shows.

Moreover, Paramount has a lot of exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else. There are even bundle options with exciting services like Showtime and ESPN. Ultimately, Paramount Plus is one of our most-watched streaming services because it has something to offer everyone with a small price tag.

Wrapping Up

Assuming all you have is an Xbox and you want to see some of the best content on television, we’ll rate this option ten out of ten. It’s easy to install and log in. Once you’re in, you can stream all sorts of excellent movies, shows, and documentaries. However, not everyone will love the clunkiness of using an Xbox controller to navigate the platform. Of course, it’s the best route if it’s all you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch Paramount Plus on an Xbox 360?

Xbox 360s do have a web browser. As long as it’s still working, simply go to the Paramount Plus website and log into your account.

Why do I have to sign into Paramount Plus again?

You’ll notice that you may have to sign into Paramount Plus on your Xbox more than once. Unfortunately, you’ll need to sign into the app on each profile. Similar to Xbox games, the app logins follow the profile.

How do I sign out of Paramount Plus on Xbox?

You can use the menu to the left to access the Paramount Plus Settings option. Then, use the left toggle switch to highlight the Sign out button. Click A to sign out of your account and confirm.

Why do Xbox profiles matter when watching Paramount Plus?

Each Xbox profile has its own app logins. Therefore, you’ll need to log into Paramount Plus for every profile that wants to watch content on it.

Can I create new Paramount Plus profiles on Xbox?

Absolutely! Simply click the + icon to the right of the existing profiles. Then, create a new one.

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