How to Watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio Smart TV

How to Watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio Smart TV

Key Points

  • Vizio Smart TVs offer easy access to Paramount Plus and other OTT platforms.
  • Paramount Plus can be accessed through SmartCast on Vizio smart TVs and other devices like Roku and Chromecast.
  • To watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio smart TV, ensure a steady internet connection and have a Paramount Plus subscription.
  • Access the Paramount Plus app on Vizio smart TVs through SmartCast and sign in to start streaming.
  • You can also watch Paramount Plus on Vizio smart TVs using a smartphone or tablet by downloading the app and casting the content to your TV.

If you want to watch Paramount Plus, there are plenty of devices to choose from, including Vizio Smart TVs. You can find the official app through the company’s smart TV platform, and we’ll show you how to access it. In case you prefer to steer clear of Vizio’s OS, we will also touch on a few different ways to watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio Smart TV.                                                        

How to Watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio Smart TV

Vizio makes it relatively easy for consumers to watch Paramount Plus and similar OTT platforms on their TVs. You can access the service through SmartCast, but it’s also available through other devices. That includes media streamers from Roku and the Chromecast, along with Amazon’s family of streaming devices.

If you have a component hooked up to your TV with the Paramount Plus app, how you access it varies by the device. Things are much more straightforward with the Paramount Plus app on Vizio smart TVs and mobile devices, however.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio Smart TV with the App

To access Paramount Plus on any Vizio smart TV, you must ensure a steady connection to the net. You’ll also need a Paramount Plus subscription to dig into the service’s selection of originals and syndicated content.

1. Turn on Your TV

Fire up your Vizio smart TV and make sure it’s connected to the internet. Unless you’re using an Ethernet cable, you can check your signal strength from the Settings menu by going to Network>Test Connection.

You can check your connection strength from the settings menu.


2. Access SmartCast

Some streaming channels with Vizio have dedicated remote buttons, but Paramount Plus isn’t one of them. To access the app, you’ll need to go through SmartCast, which you can find by using the Vizio button on your remote control. If you’re using a universal remote, you can get to the channel by going through the Inputs until you see SmartCast.

Access SmartCast with the Vizio button on your remote.


3. Open Paramount Plus

When SmartCast starts, you’ll see a section towards the middle of the screen labeled Apps and Inputs. Go through the list until you see Paramount Plus, and click on it to proceed. You can search for the app using the search feature on the home screen if it doesn’t appear in your list.

Open Paramount Plus from the app screen.


4. Sign In and Stream

Once you start the Paramount Plus app, wait for it to load and enter your login credentials. Choose something you want to watch, and enjoy it on your Vizio Smart TV!

Enjoy content on Paramount Plus after logging in.


How to Watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio TV Using Mobile Devices

Most smart TVs have built-in streaming capabilities through Google Cast or Apple’s AirPlay. By following these steps, you can watch Paramount Plus on a Vizio Smart TV using a smartphone or tablet.

1. Get the Paramount Plus App

Download and open the Paramount Plus app on your smartphone or tablet. You can pick it up for Android on Google Play or the App Store if you have a device from Apple and haven’t already downloaded it. 

Download the Paramount Plus app.


2. Sign In

Tap the app to open it, and then sign in on Paramount Plus with your account credentials.

Log in with Paramount Plus.


3. Cast Your Content

On the right side of the screen, towards the top, you’ll see a “cast” button. Press it to open a window with available options, and choose your Vizio smart TV from that list. The process is similar on Apple devices, but you can use AirPlay instead of casting, depending on your preferences.

Choose a title and cast it to your Vizio smart TV.


Features Available With Paramount Plus on Vizio Smart TVs 

The Paramount Plus app on Vizio smart TVs and the mobile app have the same basic features. You can set or access a playlist featuring things you want to watch or see what’s airing live on CBS in your local area. You can watch your local news, The Bold and the Beautiful, or Showtime if you purchased that add-on.

The app has three hubs, including Sports, News, and Showtime. While the latter is only available as an add-on, there’s plenty of content to dig into through the main app. Paramount Plus has current shows airing on CBS, like NCIS and Bluebloods, along with older shows. Frasier and CSI are options, and there is no shortage of content for Trekkies to enjoy.

Whether you love classic Star Trek or the newer titles, Paramount Plus brings a lot to the table. That includes original series like Picard and Yellowstone, along with spin-offs from the incredibly popular series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Paramount Plus for free?

Paramount Plus is a subscription-based service; there is no way to watch the platform for free.

Is the Paramount Plus app available on all Vizio smart TVs?

Yes, the Paramount Plus app is available on all Vizio smart TVs.

Does Showtime come with Paramount Plus?

You can add Showtime to your Paramount Plus subscription or package, but it’s not included with the base plan.

How much is Paramount Plus a month?

Paramount Plus is currently priced at $5.99 to $11.99, depending on the plan.

Does Paramount Plus offer a free trial?

Yes, the service often provides free timed trials for new users.

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