How to Watch ESPN Plus on an LG Smart TV

ESPN plus on LG smart TV

How to Watch ESPN Plus on an LG Smart TV

Key Points

  • LG TVs have one of the worst operating systems, leaving many streaming services without an app for the platform.
  • To watch ESPN Plus on an LG Smart TV, you need to connect a streaming device like a game console.
  • You can add the ESPN Plus app to the streaming device and sign in to start watching.
  • ESPN Plus offers a wide range of live and on-demand sports content, including games not available on conventional ESPN channels.
  • ESPN remains unavailable on LG smart TVs, so users will need to use an additional streaming device.

LG makes some great TVs, and we’ve praised many for their excellent picture quality. However, they have one of the worst operating systems, which leaves many streaming services without an app for the LG platform. If you have tried to watch ESPN Plus on your LG Smart TV, then you’ve likely discovered that there is no ESPN app.

ESPN is just one of several streaming services unavailable on LG TVs, so you will have to get creative. The easiest way to start watching your favorite game is to connect another streaming device to your TV. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a Roku or Fire TV Stick, as you can use a device such as a game console that is already connected to your TV.

Step 1: Get a Streaming Device

You must get a streaming device since you cannot watch ESPN Plus directly from an LG Smart TV. Older streaming boxes or even a game console will work perfectly for this. Look at ESPN’s full list of supported devices, and then check to see which ones you already have.

Next Generation game console and controller in close view
You can watch ESPN Plus using your PlayStation or Xbox console.

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Step 2: Connect the Streaming Device to Your LG TV

Now that you have a compatible streaming device, you must connect it to your TV. Most streaming devices connect to a TV using just an HDMI cable. Additionally, you must plug in the power connector to an electrical outlet. Do not connect the power cable to the USB port on the back of the TV, as it will not supply enough electricity.

types of cables.
Most streaming devices connect to your TV using an HDMI cable.

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Step 3: Add the ESPN Plus App

Once you’ve hooked up the streaming device, you need to set it up. Most of the time, this includes creating an account and entering some basic location information. From there, you will be able to add apps or channels. Search for the ESPN Plus app and add it to your streaming device.

ESPN+ login screen.
Find the ESPN Plus app and add it to your streaming device.


Step 4: Sign In to ESPN Plus

Lastly, launch the ESPN app once it is finished installing. Enter your account login information for ESPN Plus when prompted. If you subscribe to the Disney Bundle, this will be the same email address and password that you used to sign up. Additionally, you can sign in with your cable or satellite provider to access even more content. Finally, pick a game and start watching ESPN Plus on your LG Smart TV.

ESPN+ login screen.
Launch the ESPN Plus account and log in using your credentials.


What Is ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is a streaming service offered by the popular sports entertainment company ESPN. What confuses many potential subscribers is that ESPN Plus is not a replacement for linear TV channels such as ESPN, ESPN 2, SEC, and ESPN U. Instead, ESPN Plus complements the traditional ESPN channels by providing access to additional content.

This leads to much confusion, but adding to that is the fact that ESPN Plus is not a standalone app. You log in to ESPN Plus through the ESPN app, which is also where you can watch live games with your cable or satellite subscription. The great thing about ESPN Plus is that you can subscribe to watch your favorite games and cancel when the season is over.

What Can You Watch on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus has a wide range of content, from live games to documentaries. Most streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney Plus, do not have live programming, but live content is integral for sports. Remember that the games broadcast live on ESPN Plus are typically not the same games that come on conventional ESPN cable channels.

Instead, ESPN Plus provides access to various games unavailable on their linear networks. For instance, you may find sporting events such as college hockey from lesser-known teams and Major League Soccer games that are not considered popular enough to air on broadcast TV. Additionally, several sports commentary shows and sports documentaries are available to stream.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to its mix of live and on-demand content, ESPN Plus is the go-to service for sports enthusiasts. Although ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company, which has apps on LG smart TVs, ESPN remains unavailable. Hopefully, they eventually bring the ESPN app and ESPN Plus to the LG operating system, but in the meantime, you will have to continue using an additional streaming device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch ESPN+ with a cable subscription?

No, ESPN+ is a separate subscription service that offers different content than what you get on cable or satellite. An ESPN+ subscription gets you access to special sporting events and TV shows, including both live and on-demand.

Are there any discounts on ESPN+?

ESPN+ does not offer any discounts or even free trials. However, they do have an option to bundle the service with Disney+ and Hulu for just a couple of dollars more. Additionally, you can save 15% by subscribing to an annual plan for $99.99 per year.

Why isn't ESPN+ on LG Smart TVs?

With so many different smart devices, streaming services often have to choose which ones to focus on. Since the majority of streamers don’t have an LG TV, ESPN does not support the operating system. In fact, the only TV operating systems supported are Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, and Samsung Tizen lineup.

Is Monday Night Football on ESPN+?

In years past, Monday Night Football was only available on the ESPN app for cable and satellite subscribers. However, on Monday nights there are two games, and the one that airs on ABC is available to stream on ESPN+, but the game that airs on ESPN is not.

What is PPV on ESPN+?

After subscribing to ESPN+, you may notice that some events, such as fights, show a PPV logo. ESPN has select pay-per-view events that are exclusive to ESPN+, but they still require you to pay a separate fee.

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