How to Watch DirecTV Stream on Roku

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How to Watch DirecTV Stream on Roku

Key Points

  • DirecTV Stream is a streaming television alternative to traditional satellite or cable subscriptions.
  • AT&T TV went through several changes and rebrandings before becoming DirecTV Stream.
  • To watch DirecTV Stream on Roku, you need to visit the Streaming Store, search for DirecTV Stream, download the app, enter your login information, and start watching.
  • DirecTV Stream offers a slight discount over traditional cable and satellite subscriptions, includes live sports channels, provides access to local broadcast networks, and offers unlimited DVR space.

With more and more of us cutting the cord on our satellite or cable subscriptions, it helps to know what your alternatives are. One of the greatest offerings out there comes in the form of streaming television. This alternative to a traditional television subscription functions more like a streaming service than a satellite or cable provider. DirecTV Stream is one such offering. Of course, this begs the question: How do you watch DirecTV Stream on Roku devices? We’ll walk you through the process, step by step, with photos.

Can You Stream AT&T TV on Roku?

AT&T logo on building.
DirecTV Stream is owned and operated by AT&T and TPG Inc.

Not interested in DirecTV Stream and trying to find out how to watch AT&T TV on Roku instead? As it turns out, AT&T TV no longer exists. This service has gone through several changes over the years. Originally, the service was launched as DirecTV Now — a cable TV alternative that allowed users to stream live TV channels over the Internet. DirecTV Now then increased its prices and reduced its number of channels in 2019. This led to over 10% of its former subscriber base leaving. AT&T knew they’d need to act fast if they wanted to save their streaming service. 

Later that year, AT&T introduced AT&T TV. This new service shifted its focus to a two-year contract model, bundling it with the provider’s Internet services and mandating a set-top device (similar to a cable box). This change had the opposite effect from what AT&T hoped. Customers grew even more frustrated by these changes, not to mention the addition of activation fees. The company kept DirecTV Now, but rebranded it to AT&T TV Now. Needless to say, these two similarly named services caused extreme confusion. 

In 2021, AT&T announced more changes as they tried to undo the damage done. Effective later that summer, the company wound up spinning off its entertainment divisions DirecTV, U-Verse, and AT&T TV into a separate arm. It rebranded once again, this time to DirecTV Stream. This is the name it still carries today. It consists of three main bundles: Entertainment, Choice, and Ultimate. You can enjoy anywhere from 75 to more than 150 channels depending on your streaming package.

How to Sign Up for DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream pricing guide.
There are currently three DirecTV Stream tiers to choose from.

To sign up for DirecTV Stream, head to the service’s website and pick from one of the three available plans. After scheduled price increases take place in November, the Entertainment tier costs $79.99 a month, Choice costs $108.99 a month, and Ultimate costs $199.99 a month. Choose your package and continue with the sign-up process on the screen.

DirecTV Stream often provides a free five-day trial before charging you for the service. Additionally, you can usually enjoy a discounted rate for the first few months before having to pay full price. Click “Try it free” underneath one of the three subscription options listed above, then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the sign-up process.

How to Watch DirecTV Stream on Roku

Now, let’s discuss how to watch DirecTV Stream on Roku devices. You’ll need your Roku remote as well as a Roku device or Roku-enabled smart TV. You’ll also need your device to be connected to the Internet. If you don’t have an existing DirecTV Stream account, you should definitely get signed up before beginning this step-by-step process. It’s much easier to subscribe from a smartphone or desktop browser than from the app’s TV interface. With this, you’re ready to start watching DirecTV Stream on Roku.

Step One: Visit the Streaming Store

Streaming Store page on Roku interface.
Navigate to the Streaming Store on your Roku menu.

First, power on your Roku device or Roku-enabled smart TV. From the home screen, navigate to the side menu and pinpoint the Streaming Store. Once you’ve found it, hit OK on your remote.

Step Two: Search DirecTV Stream

Search results in Roku Streaming Store.
Search for DirecTV in the appropriate field.

Once inside the Roku Streaming Store, navigate down to the search box. Hit OK on the remote to open the keyboard. Type in “DirecTV” and wait for the search results to load.

Step Three: Download App

DirecTV app on Roku device.
Download the new DirecTV app from the Roku Streaming Store.

Find the DirecTV app from the search results and hit OK. Then, navigate your remote to the download button and hit OK again. Don’t be thrown by the lack of the word “Stream” in the app’s name. AT&T recently simplified the name of their Roku app to make it a hub for both DirecTV and DirecTV Stream subscribers.

Step Four: Open DirecTV Stream

App downloading on Roku.
Wait for the app to finish downloading, then open it.

After the download has finished, open the DirecTV app. You can do this right from the Streaming Store in place of the download button, or by returning to your Roku home screen and opening the app from there.

Step Five: Enter Your Login

Login page on DirecTV Roku app.
Sign in using the appropriate field on the DirecTV app.

When prompted, enter your DirecTV Stream login information. Most apps give you the option to use the Roku app to enter your information more easily instead of using the remote to key in each letter one by one. Depending on the app version, you may also see the option to scan a QR code and log in from your mobile browser.

Step Six: Start Watching

DirecTV Stream vs Hulu + Live TV
Enjoy your DirecTV Stream app.

Once you’ve logged in, you’re good to start watching DirecTV Stream on Roku! Enjoy your streaming television service from the folks at AT&T.

Pros and Cons of DirecTV Stream

Pros of DirecTV StreamCons of DirecTV Stream
Offers a slight discount over traditional cable and satellite subscription costs.Frequent price increases are slowly making DirecTV Stream less affordable.
Includes dozens of live sports channels, which not all Internet television plans offer.Every price hike seems to come with fewer channels.
Comes with access to local broadcast networks like FOX, NBC, CBS, and PBS.There are a dwindling number of subscription tiers to choose from.
Unlimited DVR space with support for simultaneous recordings.AT&T seems uncertain about what to do with the service, often changing its name with no explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch DirecTV Stream on Roku?

Yes, DirecTV Stream is available from the Channel Store on Roku devices and smart TVs. But, to access DirecTV Stream on Roku, you must have an active DirecTV Stream subscription. The app is merely a shortcut to the DirecTV Stream interface.

How do I add the DirecTV Stream app to Roku?

To add the DirecTV Stream app to your Roku home screen, first visit the Roku Channel Store and search for “DirecTV Stream.” Once you’ve found it, hit the Download button and wait for it to load on your Roku device. After it’s complete, open the app and start streaming.

Is there an extra cost for the DirecTV Stream app on Roku?

While the DirecTV Stream app itself is free to download from the Roku Channel Store, you’ll need to pay for a DirecTV Stream subscription to start streaming content through the app.

Do I need a cable or satellite dish for DirecTV Stream on Roku?

No, DirecTV Stream is a streaming service, so you don’t need a cable or satellite dish. It’s streamed over the Internet to your Roku device. There are no additional wires or devices needed to start watching — just a Roku device, an Internet connection, and a subscription.

Is DirecTV Stream available outside the United States?

Currently, DirecTV Stream is only available exclusively to customers within the United States. Different countries have different streaming television services to offer. It will not work the same internationally due to content licensing restrictions that limit viewing to the U.S.

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