How to Watch the Bally Sports App on a Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch the Bally Sports App on a Samsung Smart TV

How to Watch the Bally Sports App on a Samsung Smart TV

Key Points

  • The Bally Sports App was launched in December 2022 and is now available for Samsung Smart TV users.
  • To watch Bally Sports on a Samsung Smart TV, users need to download the Bally Sports app from the Samsung TV app store and authenticate via their paid TV service or log in to the Bally Sports+ service.
  • Owners of Samsung Smart TVs from 2019 and newer model years can download the Bally Sports App and enjoy all the sports content available.
  • Older Samsung TV owners can cast Bally Sports programming from their favorite devices. 

You may have heard that the Diamond Sports Group launched the Bally Sports App in December 2022 and made it available to Samsung Smart TV users. How can you watch Bally Sports on your Samsung Smart TV?

According to a Bally Sports news release, “This new distribution platform provides sports fans with access to their favorite Bally Sports content directly from their Samsung Smart TV.” Fans just need to download the Bally Sports app from the Samsung TV app store to access the Bally Sports content that is available in their region. The release also notes that app users can authenticate via their paid TV service or log in to the Bally Sports+ service and stream directly from their Samsung TV. 

Owners of Samsung Smart TVs from 2019 and newer model years can download the Bally Sports App to their library and enjoy all the sports they can handle. 

How to Watch Bally Sports on Your Samsung Smart TV

If you own a Samsung Smart TV, installing the Bally Sports App is as easy as 1,2,3! You’ll enjoy your favorite sports events, up-to-date sports news, stats, highlights, and more in no time. 

Step 1: Download the Bally Sports App on Your Samsung Smart TV

how to activate ballysports.com on any device
Search for the Bally Sports App and download it to your Samsung Smart TV’s app library.

Samsung Smart TV users enjoy an intuitive home menu interface that allows them to access all its features quickly. The Bally Sports App is not natively included in your App Menu. Navigate to the apps section with your remote, search for the Bally Sports App, and then download and install the app. This should only take a few minutes. 

Step 2: Open and Activate the App

Open the Bally Sports App on your Samsung Smart TV. Note the code now displayed on your screen. Use your smartphone to navigate to the Bally Sports activation website. Enter the code and sign in with your cable provider credentials, or subscribe to the service on the Bally Sports website. Subscriptions start affordably at $19.99 per month, and they offer a 7-day free trial. Entering the code should instantly make the app’s icon available on your TV. If not, navigate out of the app library and then back again. 

Step 3: Re-open the App and Enjoy Your Favorite Sports 

Now, re-open the Bally Sports App on your TV and stream your favorite sports games, news, events, and more. There are different subscription levels that allow more access and higher functionality than the basic app. 

If you have problems, watch this easy-to-follow video for step-by-step instructions. 

Stream Bally Sports on Your Older Samsung Smart TV

Download the Bally Sports App to your favorite device.

You can still enjoy Bally Sports on older Samsung TVs by downloading the app to your favorite device and mirroring your screen onto your TV. Here are the simple steps to use: 

  1. Connect your Samsung TV to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Connect your favorite mobile device to your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Download and install the app from the Google Play Store on your device.
  4. Launch the app and log in with your premium Bally Sports account.
  5. Play the content you want to view on your Samsung TV.
  6. Open your device’s Notification Panel and click the Cast icon.
  7. Select your Samsung TV device from the list of available targets.
  8. Grant permission on your TV to stream Bally Sports content from your device.

Watch the Bally Sports App on Other Devices

You can watch Bally through Amazon and other content delivery services.

Newer Samsung Smart TVs allow you to download the app directly, and you can stream content to older Samsung TVs with your favorite digital device. But many users now enjoy streaming media to their TVs with popular external devices. 

Apple TV is hugely popular, and the app is available on their media streamer. Amazon Fire TV and Kindle also support the Bally Sports App for those using Fire OS 5 or higher. The same is true for Roku users with the OS 12.0 or higher update. You can even find the app for Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox Series X/S. However, some users have reported issues when using the app with these platforms. 

What Subscriptions Are Available?

There are two basic packages currently available. The Bally Sports Southeast package features NBA and WNBA teams, and the Bally Sports South package has WNBA and NHL matches. Both offer a 7-day free trial and begin at $19.99 per month (paid monthly or yearly). Users can save money by bundling both packages for $25.99 per month or by purchasing a season pass for $79.99 for the entire season.

Pros and Cons of Watching Bally Sports on Samsung Smart TVs 

Streaming services like Bally Sports are all the rage for those who want to cut the cord to expensive, limited cable providers. Keep these pros and cons in mind as you consider if the Bally Sports App is for you. 

Pros of the Bally Sports App

  • Users can access their favorite regional sports networks (RSNs) without cable or streaming services. 
  • The app allows enthusiasts in many markets to watch their local teams affordably. 
  • The app allows two simultaneous streams for multiple users. 
  • Replays air on-demand for up to 72 hours after games air live.
    Users can enjoy replays out of their home market for up to 30 days. 
  • Closed captioning is supported.
  • The streaming quality is very reliable. 
  • Bally Sports offers a seven-day free trial. 

Cons of the Bally Sports App

  • There is no cloud storage for recording your own shows. 
  • There are no parental controls. 
  • The app displays ads. 
  • Some users may find the number of supported sports teams limited. 
  • The app does not offer NFL games. 


The Bally Sports App is a reasonable choice for catching your favorite area sports teams and saving money over expensive cable providers and sports channel packages. It is still relatively new, and upgrades and more enhanced offerings will likely be forthcoming. Follow the relevant instructions above to watch Bally Sports content on your Samsung Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports can I watch on Bally Sports?

The app currently has regional NBA and WNBA basketball along with NHL hockey, depending on your subscription plan. 

Can I watch the NFL on the Bally Sports App?

No, there are no NFL games available through the Bally Sports app.

Is Bally Sports available everywhere?

Yes, Bally Sports offers global access. Enjoy international live games and stats from anywhere in the world. 

Can I get Bally sports on YouTube TV?

No, the Bally Sports channel is not available on YouTube TV. 

Do any streaming services carry Bally Sports?

Yes. You can access the Bally Sports channel on fubTV and DirecTV Stream.

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