Watch an AOKZOE with a Ryzen 7 6800 Play Elden Ring Without Any Issues

Elden Ring System Requirements

Watch an AOKZOE with a Ryzen 7 6800 Play Elden Ring Without Any Issues

Coming off the immense success of handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck is a number of other devices. These are primarily made by much smaller companies that want a piece of the handheld gaming market. The AOKZOE is just one of the newest portable devices on the market, but recent videos show it has some impressive capabilities.

The AOKZOE has some pretty decent specs, using standard laptop components such as the Ryzen 7 6800. This processor is what makes playing games like Elden Ring possible. AOKZOE’s creators have a YouTube channel where they provide regular updates on the system’s current state, and one of the more recent updates showed the console running the Elden Rings game.


The AOKZOE appears to be an impressive handheld console that is part of a Kickstarter campaign. But the idea really gained traction back in 2020 at CES, when the team working on the AOKZOE unveiled a concept handheld console they dubbed “UFO.” Unfortunately, a lot has changed in the world since that first product reveal, and there is now a lot more competition in the handheld market.

The console is designed to be a very high-end product that can deliver exceptional performance for a wide range of games. More specifically, it is designed to play games from the Steam Store rather than games specifically made for it. Therefore, it shares more in common with a computer or a Steam Deck than a traditional console such as a Nintendo Switch.

However, the AOKZOE does have some important features that you’d expect from a modern handheld, such as gyroscopic sensors that can pick up motion. Similarly, it has two joysticks, a D-pad, and standard face buttons. There are also trigger buttons on the top of the console, much like the Nintendo Switch.

Back to the games, the AOKZOE runs on the Windows 11 operating system, which allows it to run practically any game you can think of. Older games can be easily installed through emulators. The touchscreen also makes it possible to play point-and-click type games that are otherwise challenging and cumbersome with controllers.

Tech Specs

The AOKZOE is powered by a Ryzen 7 processor with Radeon Graphics. It is a standard mobile processor that has eight cores. Its base speed is 2.7GHz, but it can be overclocked to 4.7GHz. This is one of AMD’s newest mobile processors, coming out in April of 2022. The 6800U also takes advantage of DDR5 memory and an integrated Radeon 680M GPU, which has twelve cores.

Processors and memory are important, but there are also some other components that are critical to flawless gameplay. One of those is a fan, and the AOKZOE has a built-in fan, and the back of the console is vented. The console also has a 17,100mAh battery and an 8-inch IPS screen. It has a number of connections, including 2-USB-C and 1-USB-A. The USB-C ports can also be used to output video to a TV.

Elden Ring on the AOKZOE

AOKZOE’s YouTube channel recently featured a video of the console playing Elden Ring. This is a pretty good testament to how powerful this little handheld console really is. Unfortunately, the first thing you notice is that the game is only running at a resolution of 1,280 x 800p. While that is a bit depressing, it is actually the same quality as the screen.

At low settings, the console can easily run Elden Ring at 60 FPS. But, going up to a resolution of 1920 x 1200p, you will see some lower frame rates, which are closer to 40 FPS. While these resolutions may seem low compared to your Xbox or PlayStation that outputs 4K, this is actually more than you need for the AOKZOE’s 8-inch screen.

Furthermore, there is quite a bit of room in these numbers for some slight dips. Meaning that if the game does have some slight drops in performance during gameplay, it shouldn’t be noticeable. One factor that will matter, though, is the console’s power. We don’t really think about power consumption for most consoles because they have built-in controls, but the AOKZOE lets you modify this setting which has a direct impact on graphics and performance.

Watch how the AOKZOE handles Elden Ring!

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an action RPG game that was released back in February 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The game received widespread praise at launch for its immersive world and excellent gameplay. Elden Ring is set in a mythical world that has plenty of lore. This land of fantasy was crafted with the help of George R. R. Martin, who is known for writing the story Game of Thrones is based on.

Although Elden Ring is not based on the world of Game of Thrones, much of the themes and mythology are present. Most notable is the presence of dragons in a very medieval-style world. The world is packed full of enemies to battle with and characters to interact with. Much of the gameplay also involves a lot of dungeon crawling, which has some really good puzzles.

The gameplay is very important in any game, and Elden Ring is no exception. But the game’s biggest asset is its beautiful graphics. The power of newer consoles and graphics cards allows games like Elden Ring to show more detail than ever. However, the most significant detail you may notice is the objects far in the distance. Being able to see far-off places really pulls you in and makes you want to explore further.

elden ring
Elden Ring has gained extreme popularity over the years!

AOKZOE vs. Steam Deck

A very popular console right now is the Steam Deck. It is very similar in concept to the AOKZOE, but it was created by Valve, which is the company behind the popular Steam Store. Although the Steam Deck is designed to use in conjunction with the Steam Store, you are not limited to only playing games from the store.

Instead, it is similar to the AOKZOE in that you can install emulators and play practically anything on it. The difference from the AOKZOE is that the Steam Deck runs on a modified version of Linux rather than on Windows 11. This actually provides a little more flexibility in some ways and uses a custom mobile AMD processor that is made by AMD.

Final Thoughts

The AOKZOE certainly looks promising, and if it works as well as some videos show, then it may be a very good option to play PC games on the go. However, individuals have not gotten their hands on retail units yet, and that will provide much of the information that we still need to know. It is easy to show quick video clips of the console playing a game, but having it in a player’s hands for hours on end is a bit different.

With that in mind, this console will not be for everyone. Based on AOKZOE’s Kickstarter campaign, it looks like the device will cost about $1,000. There are some different options that can further drive up the price. Obviously, the team has said it is a high-end console. It will have to feel substantial and of very high-quality to win over consumers at this high price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy an AOKZOE?

The AOKZOE is not available at stores right now and is only available through the AOKOE Kickstarter page, where you can back the device in exchange for one upon release.

How much is the AOKZOE?

The current price of the AOKZOE through Kickstarter is $899, but it will go up to $1,099 when its retail sales begin.

When will the AOKZOE be available?

You can buy the AOKZOE now through Kickstarter and it is shipping in waves. There is no set date for its retail release right now.

What can the AOKZOE play?

The AOKZOE can play nearly anything that runs on a PC. This includes games from the Steam Store as well as emulators.

Does the AOKZOE require a subscription to play?

The AOKZOE does not require any kind of subscription to use or to play online with. However, you can subscribe to PC gaming services such as Gamepass to access game libraries if you wish.

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