Visible vs. Tracfone: Which One Wins?

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Visible vs. Tracfone: Which One Wins?

To compare Visible vs. TracFone is to compare limited plans vs. unlimited plans. TracFone only offers limited plans. Visible only offers unlimited plans. Plus Verizon actually owns both Visible and TracFone, so they are essentially two sides of the same coin. 

Although Verizon owns TracFone, the service still uses all three major mobile networks — Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile — until November 2024, when all TracFones will have to be compatible with the Verizon network. Visible only uses Verizon’s network. 

Which is best? Here’s a look at what Visible and TracFone offer. 

What it isMobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)
Owned byVerizonVerizon
Talk and textUnlimitedUnlimited
Limited plansN/AMultiple plans ranging from $15-$40 depending on data needs
Unlimited plansVisible, Visible+N/A
CostLowest plan: $25/monthLowest plan: $15/month
Compatible phonesiPhone 14 series, Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold4, Pixel 7 devicesiPhone SE series, Samsung Galaxy A54 series, Pixel 6
Wireless networkVerizonVerizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile (All phones will switch over to Verizon by November 2024)

Visible vs. TracFone: What’s the Difference?


Prepaid plans are really where the difference between Visible and TracFone is most noticeable. Visible doesn’t have limited data plans. TracFone doesn’t have unlimited data plans. 

As we mentioned, Visible has no limited plans, but they have two options for unlimited plans — Visible and Visible+. Visible gives you unlimited talk, text, and data for both 5G Nationwide & 4G LTE. For Visible+, you get the same thing, plus access to 5G Ultra Wideband, as well as up to 50GB of data before Visible slows down your service.

For TracFone, there are a multitude of plans to choose from depending on your data needs. The most popular plans all have unlimited talk and text, but you have a set amount of high-speed data. You can also get plans that restrict talk and text for a lower price. Plans range in data allowances from zero data to 8GB of data. 

Visible Wireless Carrier logo
Visible Wireless is owned by Verizon so it uses Verizon’s network.


TracFone also offers different term periods that can help you save on fees. A year-long plan costs $199 but comes with unlimited talk and text and 24GB of data. There are 30-day plans, 60-day plans, 90-day plans, and 365-day plans.  


Both TracFone and Visible offer good deals. TracFone’s lowest plan is $15/month for unlimited talk and text but doesn’t include data. Here’s a breakdown of their most popular plans:

  • $15/month — unlimited talk and text
  • $20/month — unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data
  • $25/month — unlimited talk and text, 3GB of data
  • $30/month — unlimited talk and text, 4GB of data
  • $40/month — unlimited talk and text, 8GB of data

All of these plans are 30-day plans. You can save money by signing up for a 60-day, 90-day, or 365-day plan instead. 

For Visible, there are only two plans, which keeps it simple. The Visible Plan is $25/month and the Visible+ Plan is $45/month. 


Visible offers more options for new and popular phones, including the iPhone 14 series, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, the Galaxy Z Fold4, and Pixel 7 devices. It’s easy to transfer your phone to Visible or select a new phone when you sign up. 

TracFone has popular phones, but they may not be the most up-to-date models. It offers the iPhone SE series, as well as the Samsung Galaxy A54 series and the Pixel 6 series. TracFone also offers a good variety of basic phones if you are looking to save some money. 


Both Visible and TracFone are owned by Verizon, so both carriers are also on the Verizon network. Verizon has the most coverage area of any carrier, but it has lagged behind when it comes to upgrading its towers to 5G, putting it behind both AT&T and T-Mobile, which has the largest 5G network at this point. 

If you live in a rural area where service can be spotty, Verizon’s network is your best bet, but always check with the carrier’s network map to make sure your area is covered. 

Multiple Lines

Neither Visible nor TracFone has a family plan discount. You can add multiple lines to your account, but they will all be the same price. 


TracFone only offers essential services to keep its prices low. However, Visible does have a few perks for its basic plan and even more for the Visible+ plan. For the Visible plan, you get spam protection, as well as calls to Mexico and Canada. For the Visible+ plan, you get the same perks, as well as calls to 30+ other countries, plus texts to over 200 countries. Visible+ also offers a discount of $10/month on Verizon Home Internet.

Visible: Where Did It Start?

Verizon created Visible in 2018 to be its go-to prepaid mobile option. It started as an invitation-only service before it rolled out to the general public. 

In 2020, Visible was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies. In June 2022, Visible was renamed Visible by Verizon to highlight the relationship between the two companies.

TracFone: A History

TracFone started in 1996 in Miami as Topp Telecom Inc., making it one of the first prepaid mobile companies that still exists today. In 1999, TelMex invested enough money in Topp Telecom to acquire a 55% stake in the company. In 2000, Topp Telecom changed its name to TracFone Wireless Inc.

Cheapest Prepaid Phone Plans
TracFone has been an affordable prepaid option since 1996.

©Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com

During the 2010s, TracFone evolved with other prepaid mobile companies, expanding to LTE and allowing unlocked phones on the network with a TracFone SIM card. 

In 2020, Verizon bought TracFone and has begun shifting all TracFone customers to the Verizon network. Verizon has also been shutting down smaller brands that TracFone had acquired over the years. 

Visible vs. TracFone: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • Visible and TracFone are both owned by Verizon. 
  • TracFone only has limited plans. Visible only has unlimited plans. 
  • Visible runs on the Verizon network. TracFone will be switching all its phones to the Verizon network by November 2024. 
  • If you currently have a TracFone that runs on AT&T or T-Mobile, you will be forced to switch to a Verizon-compatible phone by November 2024. TracFone is sending out free phones for those who need to switch. 
  • Visible has the better phone selection with the most up-to-date phones, including the iPhone 14 series, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, the Galaxy Z Fold4, and Pixel 7 devices.

Visible vs. TracFone: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

TracFone and Visible offer completely different packages, making the choice easy. If you are looking for limited data to save you money, then TracFone is the best choice. If you are looking for a low-cost unlimited plan, then Visible is the best choice. Since both run on the Verizon network, you get the same general coverage. It really comes down to the kind of data plan you are looking for. 

Visible vs. Tracfone: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Verizon shutting down TracFone?

According to Verizon, there is no plan to close down TracFone.

What happens to TracFone after November 2024?

Verizon bought TracFone and all new phones bought through TracFone will run on the Verizon network. What happens to TracFones that run on AT&T or T-Mobile? By November 2024, TracFone will send free phones to anyone using any network besides Verizon in order to get all TracFone’s on the Verizon network.

Does Visible slow data?

The big three carriers — Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile — will always prioritize customers who have plans with the main carriers. Prepaid services, like Visible, that run on carrier’s networks are often served slower speeds during peak times, since Verizon’s main customers get priority.

Are there hidden fees with Visible Wireless?

No. All fees and taxes are included in the advertised prices on Visible’s website. This includes both the Visible unlimited plan and the Visible+ unlimited plan. 

Is TracFone a burner phone?

Technically, all prepaid mobile phones are burner phones. A burner phone is just a phone that you plan on having for a short period of time that doesn’t require a long-term contract. 

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