Unlock Gaming on a Grand Scale with this ViewSonic X2-4K Holiday Deal

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Unlock Gaming on a Grand Scale with this ViewSonic X2-4K Holiday Deal

When you game with your friends, the size of your screen matters. However, when televisions run $4,000 or more, it’s hard to make it happen. The ViewSonic’s X2-4K offers an alternative: up to 100 inches of screen for less than half the price. Right now, you can save over $250 on top of that. Let’s take a look at what makes this such an incredible deal. [Related: 7 Reasons to Buy a Portable Projector Today]

On Sale $250 Off!
ViewSonic X2-4K UHD Short Throw Projector
  • Designed for Xbox Certification
  • 4K/60Hz to 1080p/240Hz
  • Up to 100-inch Display
  • Front and Rear Projection; Ceiling and Tabletop Installation
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03/11/2024 02:51 am GMT

Why Should You Buy the ViewSonic X2-4K?

  • Designed for Xbox: The quality team at Xbox conducted over 60 tests on the X2-4K to meet their rigorous standards. Featuring low latency, high resolution, and wide versatility, ViewSonic’s premier gaming projector boasts a prestigious Designed for Xbox certification. This way, you know with certainty that your equipment is built for quality.
  • Versatility for Any Setting: While ViewSonic designed its projector under precise criteria, it can handle everything from the most intense games to casual movie screenings. The X2-4K features multiple resolution configurations ranging from 4K/60Hz to 1080p/240Hz. So regardless of what you’re viewing, you’ll be viewing it in the highest quality.
  • Quality Projection Wherever You Game: The X2-4K packs a boatload of features into a compact, portable design. The projector measures only 14×10 inches and weighs just under eight pounds. And with four installation setups, including front and rear projection, you’ll have no issues playing on this display anywhere you go.

Is the ViewSonic X2-4K Worth It?

If you buy the ViewSonic X2-4K right now, you could save over $250 on the original price. However, even with this incredible deal, a $1,600 investment takes some consideration. So before you jump on these savings, consider if this projector is right for you.

For example, gamers who frequently host or set up group sessions will love how easy it is to set up the X2-4K, and their friends will love the brightness, clarity, and refresh rate that you won’t find with another projector. And if you’re struggling to commit to a television, you may save money with this alternative.

However, those who just want to screen movie parties may not have much reason to invest in this much quality. While it can project video in 4K, the other resolution configurations are just wasted money. At that rate, you can find a movie projector with similar capabilities for under $200.

Now, if gaming is your style and you don’t compromise on quality, don’t wait for this deal to run out. Add the ViewSonic X2-4K to your Amazon cart.

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