Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope

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Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope

The Vaonis Stellina is one of the leading automated camera telescopes. It extends the utility and scope of ground-based astronomy with advanced engineering, enabling astrophysicists to track and capture exceptional digital space images. 

As a smart telescope, the Stellina uses artificial intelligence for perfect alignment with the night sky and superior detection and delineation of deep-sky objects. The Stellina also features an innovative and award-winning design that makes it portable and easy to install and use.

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Facts about Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope

  • The Stellina smart telescope is one of three smart telescopes manufactured by the French company Vanois.
  • Stellina means ‘little star’ in Italian.
  • Unlike regular telescopes, the Vaonis Stellina has no eyepiece. It focuses wholly on capturing the most advanced space images you can view on your computer or smartphone.
  • This smart telescope uses artificial intelligence for perfect alignment with the night sky.
  • Stellina uses Sony CMOS camera sensor technology rather than the light detectors routinely used in telescopes.
  • Stellina is a fully portable exploration station, and you can position it for amazing night sky views

Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope Specs

ModelVanois Stellina
Form FactorPortable unit with tripod
Image resolution 6.4 megapixels
Panorama546MP panorama
SensorSony IMX178 CMOS Sensor
Optical designED doublet imaging refractor
Aperture80mm/3.15 inches
MagnificationUp to x160
FilterCLS filter 
Focal length400mm/15.75 inches
Field of view60 x 42 arcminutes
Battery10,000mAh (external)
Battery life5 hours
PortsUSB-A and USB-C ports 
Weight13kg/29 lbs
Dimensions 35.4 in x 22.8 in x 12.2 (90 cm × 58 cm × 31 cm)
Motorized mountComputerized and motorized alt-az 
TripodGitzo GT3520S-VS1
File formats for image exportJPEG, TIFF, and FITS
Software appStellinapp
ConnectivityWi-Fi GPS
Number of devices connectedUp to 20
AccessoriesDust cover, backpack, flycase 
Warranty2-year manufacturer’s warranty 

Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope: Where to buy

A few online retailers carry this product. Besides Amazon and the manufacturer, the telescope is also available at SlashGear.com. You can also get Stellina from specialist telescope retailers worldwide. On Amazon, the Vanois Stellina Smart Telescope retails for over $3,800. The package includes a Gitzo tripod and other accessories.

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The History of Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope: What to know

Cyril Dupuy is the founder and CEO of Vaonis, which started in Montpellier, France, in 2016. His background in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronomical Engineering at Montpellier University and industry experience in optics have served him well in developing a company that creates astronomical instruments. 

Stellina takes a different approach to optics than the light detectors routinely used for telescopes. The Sony CMOS camera sensor technology that Stellina uses is a feature of next-generation astronomy technology, enabling the telescope to rival the photon detectors used by professional ground-based optical telescopes. 

The Stellina and other smart telescopes in Vaonis’ range have been developed in partnership with Automated Planet Finder (APF) and Ova designs. The attractive designs of the telescopes have earned the company many industries and design awards, including The Red Dot Design Award (2018) and the CES Innovation Award for Digital Imaging (2021). The company is supported by ESA (European Spatial Agency) funding.

Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope Versions

Galaxy cosmos stars
Vaonis Stellian captures panoramic views of the night sky.


One of three smart telescopes designed by Vaonis, Stellina is in the middle of their price range. The other smart telescopes are:

The Vespera

It’s a smaller and more portable smart telescope featuring starfield recognition technology. Vespara can connect up to 5 devices for viewing. 

The Hyperia

This later model is the most advanced of Vaonis’ range. The Hyperia achieves a staggering 61-million-pixel resolution and is completely motorized. Vaonis have designed this telescope for long-term outdoor installation with a hard-wearing zicral chassis that can withstand the harshest conditions. The Hyperia costs over $40,000 and is aimed at the wealthiest amateur astronomers. 

The public response

Vaonis first unveiled its Stellina smart telescope at the tech industry’s 2017 CES Convention in Eureka Park, Las Vegas where it won awards for its unique design and function. It went on pre-order in the North American market in Q4 of 2018.

After its unveiling, Vaonis made further refinements to the Stellina with a reduction in size and portability improvements. Vaonis released the latest telescope version on Kickstarter on the 1st of October 2020.

The Vaonis Stellina has been lauded for its range of future-forward features allowing amateur astronomers to enjoy exceptional night sky panoramas. Its $4000 price tag is seen as a special purchase for an authentic enthusiast who doesn’t have access to advanced instrumentation. 

Users and reviews appreciate the portability of the Stellina telescope. You can take it to remote locations or set it up on a roof terrace somewhere in the city. The Stellina has many features of a computerised telescope, but the absence of an eyepiece is novel to many astronomers. Users have noted that this telescope is completely dependent on its smartphone app. 

Stellina’s catalog of hundreds of heavenly bodies, including clusters, galaxies, and nebulae, provides a massive head start in finding something interesting in the night sky. However, for many users, this AI-driven automation takes all the fun out of finding something interesting to view for themselves. 

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Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is a smart telescope?

Smart telescopes combine the function of a telescope and a high-resolution digital camera for exceptional imaging of the night sky. These devices make astronomy easy and accessible so even a beginner can find objects in the night sky. 

Smart telescopes are fully automatic and motorized telescopes that use a combination of AI and sensors to align themselves with the night sky perfectly. Their integration of existing astronomical data on programmable ‘apps’ that enable the smart telescope to zoom in on specific objects and acquire amazing images, could not be achieved manually. 

Can you take photos with a regular telescope?

Absolutely! And you can even use a smartphone to get reasonable space images by simply placing it on the eyepiece of a manual telescope. If you want to try this, it is best not to aim high, try locating and capturing an eye-piece image of large and bright subjects like the moon, Jupiter or Saturn. 

What’s the difference between the Stellina and a computerized telescope?

The Stellina is at the same end of the market as computerized telescopes, but it is a much more automated and intuitive instrument. Computerized telescopes also use AI and specialist computer software to quickly position the telescope to find stars in the night sky. 

Unlike the fully automated Stellina, you’ll still have to use the eye-piece to locate and focus on the celestial object you want to view with the computerized telescope. Alternatively, you can secure a camera to take the images you want. Stellina doesn’t require handling and will display your images beautifully on a smartphone or tablet.

What is a tripod bubble level?

A tripod bubble is a type of leveling device that shows you how level your tripod is by the position of a bubble within marked boundaries. When the bubble in the level is centered, the tripod head is at a 90-degree angle to the ground. If the horizons are not straight, the telescope cannot track the night sky accurately, and a smart telescope won’t be able to orient itself. 

What is the starfield in astronomy?

The starfield refers to the set of stars that you can see in the field of view of a telescope. The starfield is usually related to a specific constellation or area of interest in the night sky. Computerized or smart telescopes can use starfield to orient themselves as they track the heavens.

What is the Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope?

The Vanois Stellina smart telescope is an exploration station that merges the functions of a telescope and a high-resolution camera. With this smart telescope, you can take pictures of distant galaxies and star clusters and share them with colleagues and friends.

Who invented the Vaonis Stellina Smart Telescope?

The Stellina telescope was invented by Cyril Dupuy, the founder of Vaonis, a French manufacturer of telescopes and optics for aerospace applications.

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