UGREEN vs. Anker: Which Is Better?

UGREEN vs. Anker

UGREEN vs. Anker: Which Is Better?

In the tech accessories market, two names stand out among the rest — UGREEN vs. Anker. Both brands have garnered immense popularity and loyalty, often leading consumers into the age-old debate about which is truly better.

While some swear by UGREEN’s affordable yet reliable offerings, others are staunch advocates of Anker’s innovative and premium products. As with most things tech-related, the devil is in the details.

As you dive into this comprehensive comparison, you’ll uncover each brand’s unique strengths, philosophies, and offerings. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a budget-conscious shopper, or someone in between, this deep dive aims to clarify your quest for the best tech accessories.

UGREEN vs. Anker: Side-by-Side Comparison

SummaryKnown for affordability and functionalityKnown for innovation and premium quality
ProductsThe range addresses common tech needs with utility-driven designsThe diverse suite includes everything from charging solutions to smart home devices
Quality & DurabilityProducts are sturdy, prioritizing function over formEmphasizes both form and function, ensuring products last and perform exceptionally
Innovation & TechTailors existing tech for broad compatibilityConsistently introduces cutting-edge tech advancements
PricingValue-driven; caters to varied budgetsPremium branding; commands slightly higher pricing
RecommendationFor cost-effective, practical solutions, go UGREENFor the finest in tech innovation and quality, go Anker

UGREEN vs. Anker: What’s the Difference?

In today’s tech-savvy world, accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of our cherished devices. Two front runners, UGREEN and Anker, have continually risen to the challenge, presenting consumers with high-quality, innovative products.

However, when you place them side-by-side, subtle differences begin to emerge, revealing their unique paths in addressing the demands of a competitive marketplace. As we go deeper into the UGREEN vs. Anker debate, we must grasp the nuances that set these giants apart.

Overview of UGREEN

UGREEN vs. Anker
Both UGREEN and Anker are competitors in the portable charger market.

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Founded in 2012, UGREEN emerged with a vision to simplify everyday life through innovative tech solutions. Over the years, it has firmly established itself as a brand that addresses unique tech requirements with precision and attention to detail.

This precision is evident in the company’s extensive range of products, each of which is tailor-made for specific needs. UGREEN’s product spectrum is vast, yet every offering stems from a deep understanding of modern tech demands.

They are renowned for their diverse range of cables, from HDMI to USB-C, ensuring that old and new devices always have the right connection. The company’s foray into hubs and docking stations resonates with the present-day need for multitasking.

UGREEN also offers a myriad of charging solutions. Their wall chargers, car chargers, and portable power banks cater to an on-the-go generation that always requires their devices to be powered up.

Overview of Anker

Anker’s journey began in 2011, founded by a group of friends working at Google. The brand has since exploded onto the tech scene with a clear mission — simplifying smart life. Anker’s success is rooted in its relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep commitment to quality.

Originally, Anker gained a reputation as a go-to brand for battery technology. Their power banks, lauded for their durability and quick charging capacities, set industry standards.

Not content with just ruling the portable charging world, they branched out. This led Anker to introduce wall chargers and car chargers that employ state-of-the-art fast charging tech. However, Anker’s vision was broader. The SoundCore range, for instance, showcases their capability in the audio domain.

SoundCore products have become synonymous with rich sound quality and durable design, whether headphones, earbuds, or Bluetooth speakers. Eufy, Anker’s smart home brand, further cements its place in the tech ecosystem, offering everything from robotic vacuum cleaners to security cameras.

Anker’s continuous diversification displays a company in tune with technological advancements and shifts. Each product’s sleek design and top-tier performance is a testament to Anker’s dedication to enhancing the modern tech landscape.

Product Portfolio


Leading Hub by UGREEN
UGREEN Revodok 7-in-1 USB C Hub
  • 7-in-1 hub includes features like 4K@60Hz HDMI, ethernet, PD 100W charging, and SD/TF card reading
  • Delivers sharp 4K@60Hz video output supporting both mirror and extended modes for an immersive visual experience
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones; requires no drivers
  • Equipped with PD 100W charging, it can fully charge a Macbook Pro 15'' in just 1.5 hours
  • Offers a gigabit ethernet port for fast, stable wired network connections up to 1000 Mbps
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To begin, UGREEN has continuously adapted to the evolving digital ecosystem, positioning itself as a veritable problem-solver. Their extensive range of products designed to simplify tech interactions is a testament to this adaptability.

While UGREEN offers many products, they truly excel in the charging domain. Their charging cables are known for durability, supporting various devices from smartphones to gaming consoles. Furthermore, their wall chargers are renowned for their efficiency, and some even come with intelligent chipsets that detect and deliver optimal charging speeds to connected devices. Another standout in their lineup is their power banks.

Compact in design yet powerful, these devices are lifesavers for users on the move, ensuring that their gadgets are always powered up. UGREEN has recently delved into more advanced charging solutions, including multi-device charging docks and wireless chargers that promise quicker, more efficient power-ups with reduced cable clutter.


Anker has journeyed far from its roots, transitioning from a brand primarily for charging solutions to a multifaceted tech giant. Yet, at the heart of this brand lies its innovative approach to charging. Anker’s power banks, especially those under the PowerCore series, are industry benchmarks. With features like PowerIQ technology, these power banks intelligently recognize connected devices and optimize charging speeds.

Their wall chargers, often equipped with GaN (gallium nitride) technology, promise swift charging and a reduced ecological footprint. Additionally, Anker’s wireless charging solutions, such as the PowerWave series, push the boundaries of what’s possible. They offer fast wireless charging for multiple devices, ensuring users enjoy a cord-free charging experience without sacrificing speed.

Both brands also prioritize safety in their charging solutions. With multi-layered protection systems in place, they ensure that devices are shielded from issues like overcharging, overheating, or short-circuiting.

Quality and Durability


In the realm of tech, quality, and durability serve as brand touchstones. UGREEN’s approach to these metrics is both strategic and consumer-centric. While the brand ensures its products are of high quality, it astutely balances between the realms of affordability and longevity.

For charging solutions, UGREEN’s cables are reinforced with robust materials. This protects them and helps to prevent fraying or wear even with heavy use. Their connectors, often gold-plated, ensure efficient transmission and resistance to corrosion. The interior components of their charging devices, whether power banks or wall chargers, are meticulously crafted to prevent issues like overheating, enhancing the product’s lifespan.

Moreover, UGREEN’s quality control is evident in its products’ resilience against common mishaps. Whether it’s an accidental drop or exposure to the elements, their charging solutions are designed to withstand typical adversities and continue functioning optimally.


Popular Anker Model
Anker Portable Charger, 325 Power Bank
  • Boasts a massive 20,000mAh capacity, providing over 5 full charges for most smartphones
  • Features Anker's PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology for optimized device charging
  • Twin USB ports enable simultaneous charging of two devices
  • Offers versatile recharging options with both USB-C and Micro USB input ports
  • Package includes the PowerCore 20K, a Micro USB cable, a travel pouch, and an 18-month warranty
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Anker’s commitment to quality isn’t just a brand mantra. It’s an ethos embedded in every product they produce. This commitment is evident when examining their charging solutions. Anker’s cables are known to have a reinforced design, often with a double-braided nylon exterior, ensuring they can withstand repeated bends. The cores of these cables are made from high-quality copper, ensuring efficient charging and data transmission.

Beyond the exterior, the internals of Anker’s charging solutions are equally impressive. Their power banks and wall chargers are equipped with advanced chips. These chips help facilitate faster charging and ensure the connected devices’ safety. This attention to detail extends to their wireless chargers, which are designed to provide consistent charging speeds even with prolonged use.

Furthermore, Anker places significant emphasis on rigorous testing. Because Anker products are put through extreme conditions, consumers invest in reliability and long-term performance when they buy an Anker product.

User Experience


In a world where tech touches every facet of our lives, the true metric of a product’s success isn’t just its functionality. It also involves its overall user experience, which UGREEN understands well.

While UGREEN might lean heavily towards functionality, they do so with the end-user in mind. Though perhaps not the sleekest on the market, their products are straightforward and reliable. For example, UGREEN’s hubs and docking stations are built to be universally compatible, ensuring users don’t need to grapple with device incompatibility issues.

Additionally, UGREEN pays attention to the smaller details. The user interfaces, where applicable, are intuitive, making it easy for users to set up and use the devices. They recognize that not every customer is a tech guru, and their product designs reflect a conscious effort to cater to all.


Anker, on the other hand, marries functionality with finesse. Beyond just working efficiently, their products offer an aesthetic and user experience that’s hard to rival. Take their charging devices, for example. Not only do they efficiently charge your devices, but indicators and interfaces, if present, are clear, intuitive, and visually pleasing.

Similarly, their power banks are ergonomically designed. This helps them feel comfortable in hand and often features LED indicators showing remaining power. Software that accompanies some of Anker’s products is equally user-centric. It’s typically easy to navigate, with straightforward settings and features that enhance device usability without overcomplicating the process.

Innovation and Technology


In the relentless race of technological advancement, UGREEN has carved out its niche by focusing on practicality. Their innovation strategy often revolves around enhancing existing technology to make it more user-centric.

For instance, as USB-C technology began to gain traction, UGREEN was swift in designing and launching a range of USB-C products that catered to the emerging needs of consumers. Their adaptors and hubs offer multi-functionality, from video output to multiple charging ports, ensuring that a user’s evolving tech ecosystem is always catered for.

In essence, UGREEN’s strength lies in its ability to anticipate everyday tech challenges and innovate to address them. This is what has helped UGREEN capture global recognition in the market.


Leading Smart Home Technology
Anker PowerConf C300 AI-Powered Webcam
  • Delivers a sharp 1080p/60FPS video quality, ensuring true-to-life colors for a professional appearance
  • Features ultra-sensitive dual microphones for crystal clear voice pick-up, ideal for work-from-home settings
  • Uses AI-powered auto low-light correction to enhance video clarity in dim settings, ensuring you're always visible
  • Revolutionary AI technology adjusts the field of view based on the number of participants, fitting everyone into the frame
  • Quick 0.35-second auto-focus, perfect for showcasing detailed items without lag
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Anker, conversely, seems to be on a perpetual quest for innovation. They don’t just adapt to the market; they often set the pace. Their robust research and development team are at the heart of their continual evolution.

Beyond just their exceptional wireless charging solutions, Anker has introduced technologies that simplify users’ lives. PowerIQ and VoltageBoost are prime examples. These technologies are designed to detect and deliver the fastest possible charge to devices. Overall, this helps in ensuring optimal charging speeds without compromising safety.

Furthermore, Anker’s expansion into the realm of smart home technology reflects its broader vision. They’re not just about creating gadgets but enriching lifestyles through technology. Their smart home devices, equipped with the latest AI tech, offer enhanced security and convenience to modern households.



UGREEN’s pricing strategy is a testament to its mission of democratizing tech access. Recognizing the varied needs of the global consumer, UGREEN has carved a niche in delivering dependable tech solutions that are light on the wallet.

Whether you’re a student looking for an affordable charging cable or a professional needing a high-end docking station, UGREEN ensures that quality doesn’t have to come with a lofty price tag. Their ability to maintain such competitive prices without compromising on functionality is indeed commendable, and it’s one of the reasons why many users remain loyal to the brand.


Positioning itself at the intersection of luxury and innovation, Anker’s pricing reflects its commitment to offering advanced and robust products. Some might perceive their prices to be steeper than brands like UGREEN.

However, the product’s cost also includes using superior materials, cutting-edge technology, and thorough testing. Anker often rolls out products featuring the newest innovations. Though premium, Anker ensures that users get the latest and best tech. Anker presents a compelling case for consumers who view their tech purchases as long-term investments and prioritize quality over initial cost.

UGREEN vs. Anker: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. Both companies originated in Asia and quickly dominated the global market.
  2. Anker is particularly renowned for its power banks and charging technology.
  3. UGREEN’s product line is impressively diverse, often catering to niche tech needs.
  4. Anker’s SoundCore division offers some of the best audio devices in its price range.
  5. UGREEN’s adaptability to market needs is one of its defining strengths.

UGREEN vs. Anker: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to consumer-grade technology accessories, UGREEN vs. Anker remain two of the world’s leading competitors. Both have carved out significant market shares, showcasing their strengths in their respective domains. Ultimately, determining which brand is better is not so black and white. It depends largely on what you, as a consumer, value most in your tech products.

If you’re looking for reliable tech solutions without stretching your wallet too thin, UGREEN might be the more appealing choice. Their emphasis on providing cost-effective yet durable products ensures you get solid value for your money.

Anker is a brand that never shies away from pushing technological boundaries, remaining consistently at the forefront of the latest tech trends. So, if you want the latest tech, Anker’s product lineup might resonate more with you. Each has its unique strengths and caters to different segments of the market. Your choice should be informed by your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company offers better customer support, UGREEN or Anker?

Both brands provide exceptional customer service. Anker tends to have a slight edge, given its extensive global footprint and reputation for swift, efficient responses. UGREEN, however, is also praised for its comprehensive user manuals and precision in addressing queries.

Are Anker products generally more expensive than UGREEN?

Generally speaking, Anker’s product lineup has a higher price tag, reflecting its commitment to premium quality, innovative design, and longevity. UGREEN, on the other hand, excels in offering reliable tech solutions that are economically accessible.

Does UGREEN have products that Anker doesn’t offer?

Indeed, UGREEN provides several specialized products tailored to address specific tech challenges, which might not be covered by Anker’s more general product portfolio.

How do the charging speeds of UGREEN and Anker compare?

Both UGREEN and Anker prioritize rapid charging in their power devices. While Anker often leverages the latest fast-charging technology, UGREEN ensures consistent and efficient charging capabilities across its range. Their choice often comes down to specific product models and user preferences.

Between UGREEN vs. Anker, which is more globally available?

Both brands enjoy a significant international presence. However, Anker’s broader product array, coupled with its extensive marketing campaigns, might render it more accessible in certain global markets compared to UGREEN.

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