5 Types of Computer Chairs You Should Never Use

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5 Types of Computer Chairs You Should Never Use

What are the types of computer chairs to avoid when constructing your home office? Not all computer chairs are created equal. Some can result in physical harm and an increased risk of injury when using them for an extended duration. With this handy guide, get the scoop on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your body mechanics in the home office.

Basic Office Chairs

Basic office chairs are okay for occasional use.

You see these sorts of computer chairs everywhere. Local retailers and office supply stores carry them. They serve a fundamental function, which they accomplish. If you’re looking for affordable seating, then they work just fine. Users looking for a solid chair that’ll last them years might want to look elsewhere.

Where They Fail

You’re lacking crucial support with these chairs.

These chairs are built with affordability in mind. As such, you’re getting basic features, and likely terrible support for the body. You could see increased back or neck strain when using one regularly. As such, you’ll want to steer clear of computer chairs that are an absolute bargain.


Comfortable Modern Recliner Sofa on Minimalist and Modern Home
Recliners are built for lounging around.

They’re comfy, but recliners make for terrible computer chairs. There is quite a bit of consideration that goes into constructing an ideal desk space for the average user. While a recliner can be great for taking it easy and watching the game after work, it’s a poor choice for a home office.

It’s a Bad Fit

There is a reason you don’t recliners in regular use around offices.

Sadly, recliners aren’t intended for office spaces. While you might have ideal support for your back and neck, you’re still risking injury due to unfavorable viewing angles when considering a computer desk.

Ergo Chairs With Solid Backs

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Ergonomic chairs are a great choice, but you’ll want a different material for the backing.

We’re getting closer to the good stuff, but still a bit off the mark. Ergonomic chairs are absolutely what you want to have in your office for daily use. However, their solid backs don’t allow the chair to breathe, which results in some problems.

Discomfort and Other Issues

You’ll want something with the ability to breathe so your time in the chair is a relaxing one.

Those solid material backs on ergonomic chairs can result in a fair amount of heat. If you’re parked in a chair for hours at a time, you’ll feel a difference. An ergonomic chair is a fantastic option for daily use, but you’ll want something that breathes.

Office Chairs with No Support

You’ll experience pain with most office chairs.

Office chairs come in at all sorts of price points. However, you’ll notice issues when purchasing one of these for use as computer chairs. While basic chairs are a poor choice due to the lack of support, more expensive office chairs can be glaring with some of the feature omissions.

What This Leads To

If you’d like to keep your strain to a minimum, get a chair that works for you.

We’ll keep harping on about this as long as we can, but no support can result in injury. Using a computer daily at a desk is an exercise in minimizing the potential for injury. As such, you’ll want to take care when shopping for a chair that provides all the features you need.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are built with leisurely activities in mind.

These are often seen in use by younger users. If you’re parked in front of a PlayStation all day, you’d think a gaming chair might be an ideal fit. As computer chairs, they don’t excel in the role. You’re paying a pretty penny for something that might be a poor fit for daily use.

Not Built for Work

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Get something built for office use rather than playing video games.

Gaming peripherals and components are sold on the promise of giving players a competitive edge. However, when it comes to use in an office environment, they aren’t built with body mechanics in mind. If you’re looking for solid computer chairs, the exorbitant cost of a quality gaming chair would be better served elsewhere.

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