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One drawback to Twitter is that your followers see every tweet. Unless you want to send a DM, there’s no way to keep things private. Twitter Circles have arrived to change that, and we’ll show you how to use this handy new feature.

What are Twitter Circles?

Twitter is useful for promoting your brand or yourself to an audience. Depending on your chosen hashtags, these are your followers, and the rest of Twitter. After a round of testing on the platform, Twitter has rolled out Twitter Circles.

Twitter Circles allows you to tweet to a smaller crowd of people within your followers without sending tweets out to everyone. It’s a semi-private way to tweet, as only a select group of your choosing can see these unique posts.  

Anyone with a Twitter account can use Circles to single out groups of followers to connect with. That’s useful for people with a large audience on the platform and a way to keep your thoughts a bit more private.

How to use Twitter Circles on Phones and Tablets

Using Twitter Circles is simple, regardless of the device. Let’s look at how to use Circles from a smartphone or tablet with the Twitter app.

1. Open the Twitter App

On your smartphone or tablet, find and tap on the Twitter app to open it. Log in with your account if needed.

2. Compose Tweet

With the app open, choose the compose icon at the bottom of your screen to start a Tweet.  

3. Select the Audience

From the Tweet screen, tap on All Followers to bring up a submenu and select Twitter Circle. If you haven’t already set people up in your circle you can do so now.

4. Send the Tweet

Once you are satisfied with your Tweet, choose any option from the bottom of the screen and tap on Tweet.

How to use Twitter Circles from the Web

Twitter Circles from a web browser gives you the same options but can be easier to deal with thanks to the larger display. Whether you have 50 or 5,000 followers, here’s how to use Twitter Circles from the web.

1. Sign in on Twitter

Go to the official Twitter website and log into your account using your credentials.

Log In button is at the bottom of the screen.

Sign in with your username or use your Google account.

2. Select Tweet

When the website loads, there are two ways to tweet. You can go to the “What’s happening?” section at the top of the page or click on the Tweet button located on the left side beneath more.

You have two options to tweet.

3. Set Audience

No matter how you tweet, you’ll see a section at the top that says “Everyone” with Circles enabled. Select that and change it to Twitter Circles.

Decide who’ll see your tweet.

4. Send your Tweet

When you’re circle is set, and your tweet is ready, there’s only one more step. Unless you want to add flair like photos or GIFs, choose Tweet to send your thoughts to your circle.

Send out your tweet to your followers.

The Wrap-Up

Twitter Circles is a feature that has had people excited since it was first announced. While it’s only been available to the public for a short time, it’s already proved popular with the masses. If you’re interested in diving deeper into the platform’s settings to increase your privacy or streamline the experience, check out our Twitter settings guide.

Twitter Circles Have Arrived, and Here’s How To Use Them FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you leave a Twitter Circle?

Blocking the Circle’s creator is the only way to remove yourself permanently. You can unfollow them, but they could still add you to the circle.

How many Twitter Circles can a user have?

You can only use one Twitter Circle per account, but that limit could change in the future.

Does your Twitter Circle know if someone has been removed from the group?

No, when you make changes nobody within the circle will be notified.

Are you able to edit Tweets sent in your Twitter Circle?

While Twitter is testing an edit feature, it’s not live and can’t be used in the testing group.

Can everyone see who is in your Twitter Circle?

No, only you can see or edit the list of people in your Twitter Circle.

How many people can be in a Twitter Circle?

You can have up to 150 people in a Twitter Circle at this time.

Can people share or repost tweets sent in your Twitter Circle?

No, the tweets and any replies remain private and cannot be shared using Twitter’s built-in features.

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