How to Turn Off Discord Notification Sounds in Easy Steps

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How to Turn Off Discord Notification Sounds in Easy Steps

Key Points

  • Discord notifications can be useful but sometimes the sound can be a nuisance.
  • You can turn off specific notification sounds and user notifications on the computer application, but not on the mobile app.
  • Turning off channel, server, or user notifications will disable the alerts themselves as well.

Notifications can be useful in helping to keep us updated on whatever demands our attention. Whether it’s a message from your friends, a workplace alert, or a reminder about that errand you almost forgot, seeing and hearing that notification pop up is usually very welcome. However, sometimes the sound can be less novel and more of a nuisance. If you’re wondering how to turn off Discord notification sounds, we’re going to show you exactly how to do this on whichever platform you’re using. Let’s dive in!

How to Turn Off Discord Notification Sounds on a Computer 

If you’re using Discord on a Mac or PC, the process for turning off the notification sound is the same. All you have to do is follow the quick steps outlined next.

Step 1: Open Discord and Log in

First, you need to open the Discord application in a web browser or on your computer and enter your login details.

Logging into Discord.
Start by logging in to Discord.


Step 2: Go to Settings

Next, you’ll want to click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner to open the settings menu.

Discord settings on computer.
Click the gear icon to access the settings menu.


Step 3: Turn Off Notification Sounds

Lastly, if you click “Notifications” under the “App Settings” menu on the left, you’ll see a toggle switch for disabling notification sounds. You can either hit this or scroll down and turn off specific notification sounds individually, whichever you prefer. The process couldn’t be easier!

Discord PC notification settings.

Notification settings can be found under the “App Settings” tab.


How to Turn Off Discord Notification Sounds on the Mobile App

There’s a good chance you’re using Discord on your mobile device and not a computer, since this is an extremely popular way to use the app. If so, you can use the steps below to turn off notification sounds. For illustrative purposes, we’re using Android, but the process is essentially the same for an iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Discord App and Log in

As before, open the Discord app and log in with your details.

Discord mobile login page.
Enter your login details to get started.


Step 2: Go to Settings

To go to the settings menu on mobile, tap the smiley face icon in the bottom right.

Discord mobile settings.
Tap the smiley face icon to open the settings menu.


Step 3: Open Notification Settings

Next, tap the “Notifications” tab, and then tap “Get notifications outside of Discord”. This will open up a further settings menu, where you can switch alerts to silent instead.

Discord mobile notification settings.
The “Notifications” tab can be found within the settings menu.


Discord mobile notification sound settings.
Mobile notifications can be changed to silent.


Alternatively, you can locate the Discord app within your “Apps” folder in your Settings app on the home screen. This will bring you to the same page. Unfortunately, though, you can’t disable individual sounds on the mobile app.

How to Turn Off Discord Notification Sounds From Users, Channels, or Servers

If you don’t want to disable all notification sounds but only those from specific channels, servers, or users, you can do this as well. However, note that you can’t mute individual users’ sounds on the mobile app. This will also turn off all pop-ups and unread message alerts, as well as the sounds. Take a look at these next steps to learn how to do this.

How to Turn Off Alerts From a User 

This is fairly easy to do on a computer. Simply follow the step below.

Step 1: Right-Click a User’s Name

To disable sounds from particular users, right-click their name and then select the desired period for the mute to last.

Muting Discord user notifications on a computer.
Muting a user will turn off notifications and their associated sounds.


How to Disable Notification Sounds From a Channel or Server 

To turn off notification sounds from specific channels or servers, use these steps.

Step 1: Right-Click or Long-Press the Server or Channel Name

Simply right-click or long-press the server or channel name (depending on the platform you’re using) and select the desired option. You can turn off mention alerts (when someone tags your name) altogether, by role, “@everyone” and “@here” tag notifications, or all message alerts.

Turning off Discord notifications for a channel or server on a computer.
You can right-click a channel or server name to access notification settings.


Accessing channel or server notifications on Discord mobile app.
Long-press a channel or server name to see the “Notifications” option.


Full notification settings for channels and servers on the Discord mobile app.
The options for turning off notification settings on the mobile app are similar to a PC.


Wrapping Up

If you’re getting annoyed by the sound of your Discord notifications, you can easily turn this off on both desktop and mobile devices by following these steps:

  • On a desktop, open and log in to Discord.
  • Then, click the gear icon in the bottom left to go to the settings menu, open the “Notifications” tab under “App Settings”, and then either turn off all notification sounds or specific alerts as you desire. 
  • You can also mute an individual user by right-clicking their name, or turn notifications off for a server or channel in a similar fashion.
  • For mobile, you can log in to Discord and tap the smiley face icon in the bottom right. Then, open the “Notifications” tab and tap “Get notifications outside of Discord”. 
  • Here, you can switch notifications to silent.
  • Instead of this, you can find the Discord app in your Settings app, but the page is identical. You can’t mute specific users or disable specific sounds on a mobile device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off Discord notification sounds on a computer?

You’ll need to log in to Discord, and open the “Notifications” tab from the settings menu. Then toggle the Notification sounds off.

How do I turn off Discord notification sounds on a mobile device?

You can either open Discord settings from your “Apps” folder within the Settings app, or you can open notification settings from within the Discord app itself. The only difference here is that the Discord app’s settings are located at the bottom right and indicated with a smiley face icon.

Can I turn off specific notification sounds?

Yes, but only on a desktop. The options are located within the same settings menu, and you just need to scroll down a little to find them.

Can I turn off notification sounds for specific channels and servers?

Yes, by either right-clicking (on a computer) or long-pressing (on a mobile device) the server or channel name, you can then hit “Notifications” and select from several options. These include only allowing notifications when someone mentions your name, suppressing notifications from the @everyone and @here tags, or turning them off completely.

What are mentions?

Mentions are an alert you receive when somebody “mentions” you, i.e., includes an “@” followed by your username or nickname in a message that they send.

What are Discord roles?

These are categories that server owners can assign to individual members, which determine the privileges they have in this server, as well as the appearance of their name.

Can I turn off notification sounds for individual users?

This can be done, but not on a mobile device. To do this, right-click on the user’s name and then select the “Mute” option. You can mute notifications from them for a variety of time periods.

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