What Channel Is truTV on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

TruTV logo and Spectrum logo.

What Channel Is truTV on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

TruTV has one of the strangest histories in cable and satellite TV history. From its launch in the early ’90s to the current state of the network today, this channel remains well worth checking out. You’ll find funny comedies, engaging reality shows, and even the occasional sporting event. The only problem? It’s hard for Spectrum subscribers to know where to look for TruTV on their channel guide. From coast to coast, TruTV‘s channel number rarely stays the same for Spectrum customers. Consult our channel guide below to find TruTV on your Spectrum guide.

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TruTV Channel Guide

City and StateSpectrum Channel Number
Albany, NY71
Anaheim, CA45
Austin, TX46
Bakersfield, CA87
Birmingham, AL54
Buffalo, NY74
Charlotte, NC75
Cincinnati, OH29
Cleveland, OH74
Columbus, OH70
Corpus Christi, TX50
Dallas, TX76
Durham, NC44
El Paso, TX74
Indianapolis, IN54
Kansas City, MO74
Lexington, KY48
Long Beach, CA75
Los Angeles, CA68
Louisville, KY52
Milwaukee, WI74
Montgomery, AL38
New York, NY35
Raleigh, NC44
Reno, NV73
San Antonio, TX46
San Diego, CA39
St. Louis, MO63

The History of TruTV

largest media companies
TruTV is one of several former Scripps networks now under Warner Bros. Discovery ownership.

When TruTV first hit the airwaves, it wasn’t actually as TruTV. It was as Court TV. Oddly enough, the channel was home to live courtroom proceedings and true crime investigations for the first 17 years of its history. This isn’t about Court TV, however. The network officially rebranded to TruTV in 2008. For more than 15 years now, this is how it has remained. It has now all but dropped the true crime angle. Instead, TruTV now prides itself on action-packed reality programs, hilarious prank shows, and other documentary series.

TruTV’s new angle didn’t explicitly have anything to do with crime or law enforcement, but these Court TV elements did still permeate throughout the new network’s branding. Several Court TV shows were renewed as TruTV originals, including investigative docudramas like Masterminds, Inside American Jail, and others. These shows lingered around for a couple of years or less before eventually getting canned by network higher-ups. As the 2010s rolled around, these executives had another big idea they wanted to try out.

Once the transition from Court TV to TruTV had officially been completed — both in branding and in programming — a new move was in the works. This shift would transition the network away from drama and more toward comedy. It was a risk, to be sure, but it paid off in a major way. This is very much the vibe of the station today. From Impractical Jokers to Tacoma FD, the channel delivers scripted and unscripted laughs alike. (Plus the occasional live sporting event, like we mentioned above.)

TruTV Sister Stations

American Heroes Channel
Animal Planet
Cartoon Network
Cooking Channel
The CW
Destination America
Discovery Channel
Discovery Family
Discovery Life
Food Network
Investigation Discovery
Magnolia Network
Oprah Winfrey Network
Science Channel
Travel Channel

TruTV Programming

Still from Impractical Jokers on TruTV.
TruTV shifted to comedy programming with the success of Impractical Jokers.

Programming on TruTV has changed far more times — and far more drastically — than your average cable and satellite channel. For this reason, it’s worth rounding up all the different kinds of programming on the station today. From its scripted originals to its unscripted docuseries to its live sports offerings, these are the types of shows you’ll encounter on TruTV today. Let’s explain each of the three below.

Scripted Originals

As of this writing, TruTV has just a handful of scripted originals to offer its viewers. The biggest and most popular of the bunch is Tacoma FD. A new sitcom from the folks behind such Broken Lizard projects as Super Troopers, the comedy is a satirical look at the lives of a bunch of firefighters. TruTV also airs new episodes of American Dad! from TBS and reruns of Family Matters.

Unscripted Originals

On the unscripted side of things, there’s a lot more for viewers to choose from. Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect are the longest-running, but they’re not alone. TruTV also airs new unscripted shows such as Fast Foodies and 101 Places to Party Before You Die. You may also see new episodes of Crimes Gone Viral on loan from Investigation Discovery.

Live Sports

TruTV is not a sports network at heart, but its relationship with other Warner Bros. Discovery networks makes it a place for games to overflow when they enter into overtime or otherwise go past their scheduled end. The network will play overflow NHL games from TNT and simulcast MLB games from TBS during playoff season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TruTV?

TruTV is a cable and satellite television network that offers reality shows and other comedic programming. It’s known best for being home to Impractical Jokers, but it also has scripted sitcoms and live sports.

What channel is TruTV on Spectrum?

TruTV’s channel number varies from city to city and state to state for Spectrum subscribers. This is simply the nature of cable, which uses different channel numbers for different regions by design.

Is TruTV the same as Court TV?

Court TV and TruTV are not the same. While Court TV transitioned to TruTV in the late 2000s, the networks are not identical. TruTV is not about true crime anymore, and Court TV has been reborn as a streaming television network.

Does Spectrum play TruTV content in HD?

Yes, Spectrum airs TruTV in HD. Most TruTV shows air in either 720p or 1080p. Older programs — such as Family Matters reruns or older episodes of American Dad! — may air in 480p instead.

What are some popular shows on TruTV?

The hidden-camera reality series Impractical Jokers is the most popular show on TruTV. Some other popular shows are the magical prank show The Carbonaro Effect and the fire department sitcom Tacoma FD.

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