Toyota bZ4X vs. Tesla Model Y: Which One Wins?

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Toyota bZ4X vs. Tesla Model Y: Which One Wins?

In today’s in-depth comparison of the Toyota Bz4X vs. Tesla Model Y, we’ll explore the specifications, features, price, benefits, and more of these two electric vehicle powerhouses. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, these two models are some of the biggest contenders.

But how do they compare? And which one is worth your money? Our comprehensive analysis will provide you with valuable insights to make an informed decision when choosing between the innovative Toyota Bz4X and the reputable Tesla Model Y. Stay tuned as we dissect the details and determine which electric car truly comes out on top.

Toyota bZ4X vs. Tesla Model Y: Side-by-Side Comparison

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FeatureToyota Bz4XTesla Model Y
0-606.4 seconds to reach sixty miles an hour3.5 seconds, astounding compared to other similar vehicles
Time to chargeIt can charge about 80% in an hour or even a bit lessWith a “supercharger” that Tesla sells, it would take about half an hour to charge from 0-100%
RangeAround 250 miles would be the cap for driving between charging stationsThe Model Y has a massive 330-mile range
Price$43,335$52,000 or so
Safety FeaturesSide and rear sensors to alert you of drifting or poor drivers cutting it a bit close. It also features an automatic braking system which improves safety greatly.Apparently, the steering wheels occasionally come off mid-drive, so that’s not exactly great. Otherwise, its array of lane and collision sensors camera arrays, the whole nine yards
AmenitiesHeated seats, an excellent sound system, USB charging ports built into the consoleTouchscreen user interface, integrated navigation system, heated seats, charging ports

Toyota bZ4X Vs. Tesla Model Y: Overview

It’s easy to look at Tesla as the original EV maker. After all, the company has been producing electric cars since 2008. They were the first to pioneer sporty and stylish EVs and bring them to the masses. Many don’t realize that Toyota has been producing EVs since before Tesla existed, with the early Rav4 EV in 2002. Of course, there is also the Toyota Prius, one of the earliest Hybrid vehicles to combine gas motors with electric power for increased efficiency.

All of that is ancient history now. Today, the EV market has grown to encompass almost every major car brand. Consumers have far more options today than they did just a decade ago. Two of those options are the Toyota Bz4X and the Tesla Model Y. Both are classified as “crossover SUVs.” These EVs sit right in the middle of each manufacturer’s lineup.

We’ll compare these two vehicles with a nine-point examination. Whether the Toyota Bz4X or the Tesla Model Y, one will emerge as the superior machine in one of many match-ups in the emerging electric vehicle industry.

Kia EV9 vs. Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y is available with a six to fifteen-week manufacturing lead time.

Acceleration: Zero to Sixty

This category clearly goes to the Tesla Model Y, with its astoundingly small acceleration speed of only 3.5 seconds in the Performance Model. The Toyota has a respectable 6.4, but that’s nearly half as quick, so the first point goes to the Model Y.  This is the result of the Model Y’s dual motor setup, giving it about twice the kick as single motor models.

Dual motor cars also typically have a longer range and a larger battery, as they are typically larger vehicles. While neither of these cars is particularly large, the Model Y is marketed as a mid-sized SUV, so maybe that’s why it needs that much kick.

Battery Charging Speed Comparison 

We want to award this one to Tesla. However, they decided to make their chargers incompatible with other EVs, so you can’t go by their supercharger specs of half an hour. A regular 240-volt plug should charge it in a few hours, though. The Toyota Bz4X charges up to 80% in under 50 minutes. You can always use a Tesla charger if you buy yourself a Magic Dock, but it might not give you the same charging times.

So, with the understanding you can grossly overpay for the supercharger and save twenty minutes, we’d have to go with Toyota this round.

The vehicle’s max driving range on one full charge

Here, Tesla excels again, just blowing Toyota out of the water. Toyota barely broke 200 miles before the battery died. Meanwhile, the Model Y has a range of 330 miles. That’s a roughly 125-mile difference in electric driving range, and from a larger, bulkier vehicle at that. Now, this isn’t to say that a vehicle with a 200+ mile range is respectable and perfectly fine for regular, day-to-day driving. No reason to count out the Bz4X unless you have specific needs that rely on long-distance travel.

VinFast VF7 vs Tesla Model Y
The Tesla Model Y has a range of up to 330 miles.


Both EVs are competitive at roughly $42,000 for the Toyota Bz4X and around $52,000 for a Model Y Tesla. Of course, you’ll need to factor in tax incentives, but we’ll cross that bridge when it gets here. So, it’s easy as pie to award one point to the Bz4X for being $10,000 cheaper and still being environmentally conscious in a pretty great vehicle.

Safety Features

Well, there’s some mixed news about the Tesla Model Y when it comes to safety. They did get a five-star safety rating recently. Still, it has been determined that from time to time, the steering wheel of the vehicle would simultaneously come off the chassis as the vehicle continues to speed along. Not exactly something you want happening, so that might be one reason to avoid a Model Y.

Toyota’s Bz4X has an array of great features, like automatic braking lane maintenance alerts and sensors to tell if someone is following too closely. More standard but definitely tried and true. I’m going to call a tie here because there’s a risk of losing the steering wheel at any moment. I don’t care how many stars you got; I’ve got to have my steering wheel in place. No to Tesla in this regard, thank you.

Pairing devices with the console tablet and/or dashboard

Pairing electronics to both cars is simple and quick. The Model Y and Bz4X are both syncable vehicles, but because of the horror stories of Tesla-fueled overstimulation, we’re going team Toyota this time. It just seems like there is an appropriate number of screens, and Tesla has clearly passed that off-ramp a while ago.

Included amenities in the base model

Both come with heated seats, camera-assisted backup, and plenty of charging ports. If you can handle the number of screens in a Model Y and that level of digitization, maybe there are some benefits to be gained, but I’ve yet to see any. I think overall that the mounted touchscreen and digital and sensible head’s up display offer plenty for entertainment as even the stock speakers are of high quality.

Tax Incentives of the Two Electric Vehicles in Real Terms 

Yes, both are eligible for tax incentives for purchasing one, but the amounts vary. The Toyota Bz4X is compensated with three thousand dollars in federal tax rebates. With a Tesla Model Y, you get either $3750-$7500 depending on where certain parts were manufactured, either domestically or abroad. The generous tax credit definitely helps weigh in favor of Tesla’s Model Y, which, even on the low end, gets more than the other car is “worth” for tax purposes. So, I guess this round goes to Tesla for meeting regulatory standards to get those higher tax breaks.

A Tesla vehicle charging at a Tesla charger
Tesla’s Supercharger network will be open to all electric vehicles in the near future.

Universal or Proprietary Charging Capabilities

While Tesla originally used a proprietary charger, the introduction of the Magic Dock now allows non-Tesla electric vehicles to access Tesla Superchargers. Furthermore, Tesla’s charging network is open to all EVs, increasing its versatility and convenience for electric vehicle owners.

The Toyota Bz4X, on the other hand, charges efficiently through a standard 240v plug, similar to those used for large appliances. These plugs are relatively easy to install and affordable in terms of parts. However, the charging units require installation within a specific distance from both the breaker box and the car.

Toyota bZ4X Vs. Tesla Model Y: 6 Must-know Facts

  • Toyota’s model is about $42,000, with a $3,000 tax rebate, while the Tesla Model Y is about ten thousand dollars more than the Toyota Bz4X. 
  • Both have touchscreens and integrated computer systems that can pair with mobile devices, though some have claimed that the Model Y made them feel ill and overstimulated.
  • If you already have a 240v plug in your garage non-Tesla’s can charge perfectly fine so long as you get the right cord.
  • Both provide tax breaks, but the Tesla Model Y is markedly higher than the Bz4X.
  • Tesla has a 5-Star safety rating on the Model Y.
  • Toyota Bz4X has sensors on all sides to alert you if there are lane issues and engage automatic brakes should they be necessary

Toyota bZ4X Vs. Tesla Model Y: Which is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

After thoroughly comparing the Toyota Bz4X and Tesla Model Y, it’s evident that both vehicles have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right one for you ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities.

If acceleration and range are critical factors for you, then the Tesla Model Y is a clear winner. With its impressive acceleration of 3.5 seconds from zero to sixty and its massive 330-mile range, it is suitable for those who prioritize speed and long-distance travel. However, this comes with a higher price tag, around $52,000, and potential safety concerns regarding the steering wheel.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with a focus on practicality and ease of use, the Toyota Bz4X may be a better fit. With a price tag of approximately $43,335, the Bz4X offers a decent range of around 250 miles, a respectable acceleration of 6.4 seconds, and a user-friendly interface that won’t overwhelm you with excessive digitization. Additionally, the Bz4X charges through a standard 240v plug, making it a more convenient option for home charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bZ4X out yet?

Toyota launched the bZ4X in early 2022, but it might be hard to find one due to limited supplies and shortages.

Is the Toyota bZ4X fully electric?

Yes. The bZ4X is a fully electric SUV.

Is bZ4X eligible for tax credit?

Yes, the Toyota bZ4X is eligible for up to $3,000 in tax credits.

How many trims does the bZ4X come in?

The Toyota bZ4X is offered in two trims: the  XLE or the Limited.

Is it a good time to buy a used Tesla?

Yes! As of this writing, prices for Teslas have been decreasing rapidly.

Is Model Y comfortable?

While it is not the most comfortable ride, or even the softest seats, the Tesla Model Y includes some cutting-edge tech that makes your drive a little more entertaining. This way, you won’t even remember how uncomfortable you are.

What is the range of a Tesla Model Y?

You can expect between 279 and 330 miles of range out of the Tesla Model Y.

Is Tesla Model Y eligible for tax credit?

Yes. The Tesla Model Y is one of the few EVs eligible for a $7,500 tax credit.

Is Tesla Model Y considered an SUV?

The Tesla Model Y is touted as a crossover SUV. It’s easy to see why: with up seating for five to seven passengers, the Model Y has more carrying capacity than smaller EVs.

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