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Key Points:
  • The LifeProof FRĒ SERIES is the best overall waterproof case for iPhone 13 Pro Max. It can withstand submersion of up to six feet for two hours, as well as a fall from 6.6 feet.
  • The Lanhiem waterproof case is made of TPU material, supporting a tougher frame. It’s also IP68-certified. You can easily submerge the phone in up to 2m of water for an hour.
  • The Dewfoam case is shockproof and can save your phone from fall damage up to 2m. Moreover, it’s waterproof, dustproof, and snowproof.

Water resistance is a feature that many of the best waterproof cases for iPhone 13 pro-Max offer. Some waterproof cases are simply water resistant, while others can withstand submersion to a depth of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet). Most waterproof cases come in designs that resist damage, even with full submersion, but you can find some that are only water resistant.

And so, it’s important to note that waterproof cases come with different levels of protection. The best ones have a rating of IP67 or IP68. They will protect your phone from minor splashes and rain, but not fully submersible conditions like swimming or diving with it. We’ve rounded up the best waterproof cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max below:

Let’s take a look at each one.

LifeProof FRE SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 (ONLY) - ONWARD BLUE
  • Display size: 6.1 inches.Compatible with iPhone 13 (ONLY)
  • WaterProofand submersible to 2 meters for 1 hour
  • Made with 60% recycled plastic
  • Slim, sleek design follows your phone’s precision lines
  • Proper installation of a LifeProof product is important to successful use so please review the installation video and check the user manual to ensure correct installation Includes LifeProof 1-year...
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The LifeProof FRĒ SERIES is the best overall waterproof case for iPhone 13 Pro Max because it offers the ultimate protection for your iPhone. It has the overall best attributes. In addition, it can withstand submersion of up to six feet for two hours, as well as a fall from 6.6 feet.

It comprises a built-in screen protector while leaving the touchscreen responsive. Besides being waterproof, the case offers excellent protection against dust and cold temperatures.

Check out LifeProof FRĒ SERIES on Amazon.

The Lanhiem waterproof case is made of TPU material, supporting a tougher frame. It’s also IP68-certified. You can easily submerge the phone in up to 2m of water for an hour. It’s also a great waterproof case because of its full sealing functionality, as well as its shock and dust protection. What’s more, using it won’t impede your browsing or FaceTime experience. And, just like all the other cases mentioned, it supports wireless charging.

Check out Lanhiem on Amazon.

Worried about protecting your iPhone 13 Pro Max from extreme weather elements while you’re on the go? Panic no more; Eonfine is here for you! Remember that not all waterproof cases for iPhones can handle extremely cold and hot temperatures.

Eonfine is IP68-certified and requires a built-in screen protector. There is no added weight as it fits the phone’s contours. In addition, it offers sound protection and incredible build quality. This is why it is the best iPhone 13 case for travel. In short, it’s shockproof, dustproof, and supports wireless charging.

Check out Eonfine on Amazon.

Saupsitnz Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max Waterproof Case, Built-in Screen Protector 360° Full Body Protective Dust-Proof Shockproof Waterproof Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 inch 2021(Black)
  • 🌊【Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max】Precise cutouts provide you with easy access to all ports, speakers, camera, buttons and other features. Snug-fit wrap perfectly around your iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • 🌊【Full Body Protection】Built-in screen protector&scratch resistant back panel, shock absorb, anti-scratch protection. Soft flexible TPU bumper edges offer extra protection and comfortable...
  • 🌊【IP68 Certified Waterproof Case】Reject any liquid and dust from entering. Waterproof up to 6.6ft/2m underwater for one hour. Perfect for any underwater activities, outdoor sports and daily...
  • 🌊【Support All Functions& High Clarity】: Easy accessible buttons and precise cutouts for all ports. Special built-in screen protector remains high sensitivity and supports fingerprint unlock....
  • 🌊【Wireless Charging Support】Clear back will not block wireless charging without removing the case. Phone remains good sound quality with case on when calling, listening music etc.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
01/26/2023 12:21 am GMT

If you’re looking for a waterproof case for your iPhone that will provide complete protection, you have the Saupsitnz, designed specifically for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It provides wireless charging support and can protect your iPhone underwater for an hour because it’s 1P68-certified. In addition, its ergonomic design comes with precise cutouts for speakers, sensors, and cameras.

Check out Saupsitnz on Amazon.

This Dewfoam case is one of the best waterproof cases for the ultimate screen protection. In addition, the case is shockproof and can save your phone from fall damage up to 2m. Moreover, it’s waterproof, dustproof, and snowproof. You can drench your phone in up to 2m of water for an hour without incurring destruction. This is because it has been given the IP68 Ingress Protection Rating.

Check out Dewfoam on Amazon.

How To Pick The Best Waterproof Case For iPhone 13 Pro Max: Step By Step

There are a few things to consider when buying a waterproof iPhone case. Namely, size and materials. When selecting the best waterproof case for iPhone 13 Pro Max, most buyers consider the following main factors:

  • Portability
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Size
  • Material.

Let’s review each one in more detail.


The size of the case matters because it determines how much protection it offers against water damage. If you want more protection than just an ordinary case, then you should look at thicker plastic cases or ruggedized cases with rubber bumpers on their sides.


The best waterproof cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max are made from plastic or rubber with an adhesive back so that they stick securely onto the back of your phone without leaving any sticky residue behind when you remove them. The other type of case uses a hard plastic shell around the entire device and then locks it with an airtight seal around all three sides.

The material used in an iPhone case is essential because it will determine how well it protects your phone from water and other harmful elements. Most cases are made from rubber or plastic, which provide good protection but also make them bulky and slow your phone down with added weight.

Polycarbonate plastic/ TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

Most waterproof cases are made from polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate has been used in many industries for years because of its durability and strength. This makes it a good choice for protecting your smartphone against moisture and water damage.

However, it also comes with some disadvantages. Polycarbonate is not as flexible as materials like TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) or silicone rubber, so it may not offer as much protection against drops and dings as other materials, such as silicone rubber or silicone TPU cases.

The best waterproof case should have a grip texture, so it doesn’t slip out of your hand during use. A rubber case offers more protection than a plastic one, but still not as much as a metal one.


Nylon is often used for cases because it has high resistance to tears, abrasion, and heat. It’s also lightweight and affordable, making it a popular choice for those who want maximum protection without paying too much money for their case.


Silicone cases are also popular because they offer excellent protection against minor bumps and scratches while being less bulky than larger models made from plastic or rubber (which can interfere with volume buttons).


Before you select your waterproof case, check out how portable it is. This is especially important when you are on the go. You don’t want to struggle to pick up your phone to answer calls because of excessive weight.


Does the case fit your phone properly? Check its ability to protect your phone.


All the cases are not of the same price, which will vary depending on the material, design, and size. Some manufacturers also provide cheaper versions of waterproof cases without any bells and whistles, such as additional color options. Some include screen protectors, styluses, etc. Go for the one you can afford.


A waterproof case should be able to keep your phone dry in everyday situations. Waterproof cases are designed with a special coating that protects your phone from moisture, dirt, dust, and other debris. They also have ports for charging and syncing cables so you can keep using your device while it’s protected in the water.

Some cases also have an additional feature that allows you to use the phone while wet. This will enable you to take a video or take pictures without worrying about damaging your camera or screen. If you have a smartphone that is IP68-certified, it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

What To Know Before Buying Top Waterproof Cases For iPhone 13 PRO MAX

A waterproof case is a must-have accessory for any iPhone owner. However, not all waterproof cases are equally effective at protecting your phone from water damage. You must choose a reliable brand and model so that it will last long and withstand any amount of shock or pressure applied during falls or accidental spills.

Before buying any of the waterproof cases for your iPhone, make sure you buy a well-built case that is durable. Although iPhone 13 series’ IP68 comes with a water resistance feature, you still need a protective case to safeguard your phone against bumps and falls.

Using Waterproof Cases For iPhone 13: What It’s Like?

You will surely love these waterproof cases if you love water and other extreme conditions, as they protect your phone from water, dust, and other harsh conditions. Your best option for a waterproof case depends on your peculiar needs. However, the best overall choice for us is the LifeProof Fre Series due to its extensive protection (built-in screen protector, dust- and cold-temperature protection).

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The Top Rated Waterproof Cases For iPhone 13 Pro Max FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you sprinkle 6 pixels over Google?

Avoid immersing your phone. Never bring your phone into a shower, bath, sauna, or sink. Avoid getting your phone close to a water body or an indoor pool.

Are there Gorilla Glass panels on the Google Pixel 6 Pro?

The Corning Gorilla Glass VictusTM used in the 6.7-inch Smooth Display of the Pixel 6 Pro is the most robust Gorilla Glass yet and has up to two times greater scratch resistance than earlier Pixel phones.

What causes the Pixel 6 Pro to be so slick?

The Pixel 6 Pro’s rear has a glossy (and biometric-gathering) glass structure compared to matte glass. Additionally, this phone easily slides off most sloping surfaces, with the strange exception of a glass surface.

Is Google Pro 6 Pixel water resistant?

The phone is made to comply with the IEC standard 60529’s IPX8 waterproofing classification, although it is not waterproof.

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