Top 10 Internet Providers in Colorado

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Top 10 Internet Providers in Colorado

Colorado is the transition point where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Known as the “Front Range,” this area along the Interstate 25 corridor holds 70 % of Colorado’s population. This region is home to some of the state’s largest cities, including Denver. This concentration of population, coupled with diverse natural environments, can create challenges for internet providers Colorado.

As with most U.S. states, the more densely populated areas will have the widest choices for internet service. So, if you’re in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo and their vicinities, you will have plenty of options. As for the rest of the state, service areas are spotty for some companies. The good news is that internet service available to 95% of Colorado’s residents. If you’re looking for ISP in “The Centennial State,” consider these top 10 internet providers in Colorado.

1.) Xfinity

Xfinity logo at a retail store exterior.
Xfinity internet-only plans start at $19.99 per month for 50Mbps.

As the largest internet provider in Colorado, Xfinity is known for fast connectivity and reliable internet packages. It’s available to 79% of Colorado’s residents. Their network covers the metro Denver area and all major cities on the front range from Trinidad in the south to Fort Collins. Xfinity coverage also extends to west of Denver through the Rockies and down the western slope almost to the Utah border.

A subsidiary of Comcast, Xfinity offers not only the internet but bundles, including home phones and TV. You can choose between fiber and cable services depending on your location.

Base Price$39.99/mo. (up to 100 Mbps)
Max Download Speed1000 Mbps
Max Upload Speed35 Mbps
Areas Served15 largest cities on the Front Range and the central Rockies.
Connection typeCable

CenturyLink covers a huge percentage of the land area of Colorado. Major cities on the Front Range, Vail, and Grand Junction are within their network range. They also serve other ski and recreation areas like Aspen, Breckenridge, Silverton, Dillon, and Estes Park.

Base Price$30.00/mo.
Max Download Speed940 Mbps
Max Upload Speed35 Mbps
Areas ServedAll major towns and cities, many rural areas
Connection TypeDSL and Fiber

3.) Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband provides fixed wireless internet service and may be a good option for those living in some of the more remote areas of Colorado. This ISP also offers many contract-free plans and fixed wireless with decent speeds. Rise Broadband comes in as the least expensive of the internet providers in Colorado, followed closely by CenturyLink and Quantum Fiber.

Base price$29.95/mo.
Max Download Speed100 Mbps
Max Upload Speed10 Mbps
Areas ServedFront Range, I-25/I-70 corridors, and the western slope
Connection TypeFixed Wireless

4.) T-Mobile Home Internet

T mobile logo illuminated with magenta lights
Over 1 million people actively use T-Mobile home internet service

, which

costs $50/month.

With 93% of Coloradans accessing T-Mobile Home Internet, they’re the most available ISP in the state. T-Mobile covers all the major population centers, as well as many other rural areas.

T-Mobile is the king of 5G. Couple that with 4G service in many other areas, and T-Mobile has probably got you covered with internet in Colorado. Whether you work from home, rely on email to communicate, stream videos, or just surf the web, T-Mobile 5G internet has a plan for you.

Base Price$50.00/mo.
Max Download Speed182 Mbps
Max Upload Speed23 Mbps
Areas ServedFront Range, Grand Junction, and the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation
Connection Type5G Home

5.) HughesNet

HughesNet has been in the internet game for a long time. With a forty-year track record of bringing high-speed and quality service to customers, they are the #1 choice for satellite internet. Unlike other satellite providers, HughesNet has no data limits. If you’re one of Colorado’s many residents living in rural areas, consider HughesNet as your ISP.

Base Price$59.99/mo. (for 6 months)
Max Download Speed25 Mbps
Max Upload SpeedUp to 23 Mbps
Areas ServedRockies and eastern plains
Connection TypeSatellite

6.) Starry Internet

Whether moving to “The Mile High City” or already a resident, chances are good you will have access to Starry Internet. This company serves Denver and only does internet. They boast of blazing fast speeds and excellent 24/7 customer service. Check out Starry Internet to see how they stack up with the other internet providers in Colorado’s largest city.

Base Price$50.00/mo.
Max Download Speed200 Mbps
Max Upload Speed100 Mbps
Areas ServedDenver metro area
Connection TypeFixed Wireless

7.) Spectrum

Spectrum website
Spectrum offers internet packages with download speeds range from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

If you’re living an adventurous life in Colorado, Spectrum can connect you to the rest of the world. The company offers high speeds, reliability, and competitive prices. Spectrum serves some of the state’s smaller, more rural cities, from Sterling in the northeast to Durango in the southwest corner. The town of Craig is another lonely location in the northwest part of Colorado within the Spectrum network range. With 6% of the state covered by their service, finding Spectrum in your area is hit or miss.

Base Price$49.99/mo.
Max Download Speed1000 Mbps
Max Upload Speed35 Mbps
Areas ServedDurango, Fort Morgan, Sterling, Craig, Grand Junction, and certain areas on the western slope.
Connection TypeCable

8.) Viasat

Viasat sign logo on the company's headquarters in San Jose, CA.
Besides high-speed home internet services, Viasat also provides secure business networking solutions.

The second satellite internet company on our list is Viasat. Like other satellite internet companies in Colorado, Viasat provides internet to rural customers that may not have other connection options. Their service is on the lower end of the price spectrum for the first three months, then increases to $20.00/month. If satellite internet is your only option, $69.00/month is not ridiculously expensive for a much-needed internet connection.

Base Price$49.99/mo. (first 3 months)
Max Download Speed100 Mbps
Max Upload Speed3 Mbps
Areas ServedGrand Junction, Greely, Fort Collins, Pueblo
Connection TypeSatellite

9.) Quantum Fiber

Quantum fiber has speeds that are hard to believe. Combine that with their low-price options, and it’s a hard service to beat. Quantum is only available in selected areas of Colorado, such as Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. You’ll have multiple choices if you live in a densely populated area.

Of all the internet providers in Colorado on this list, Quantum has the smallest coverage area available. Their base price of $30.00/mo with speeds up to 200 Mbps may not be available in all areas, but it’s worth checking out.

Base Price$30.00/mo.
Max Download Speeds940 Mbps
Max Upload Speed940 Mbps
Areas ServedColorado Springs, Boulder, and Denver
Connection TypeFiber

10.) Ultra Home Internet

Ultra Home Internet has a unique model when it comes to internet service. This ISP (internet service provider) uses the T-Mobile 5G network. Ultra is available to 25% of Colorado residents and provides internet services in hard-to-reach areas of the state. With solid download speeds and competitive pricing, this ISP is worth looking at.

Base price$59.99/mo.
Max Download Speed115 Mbps
Max Upload Speed25 Mbps
Areas ServedDenver metro and all other population centers, rural areas with T-Mobile access.
Connection Type5G Home

What to Consider Before Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Here’s a short checklist of things you should think about before you get into our list of internet providers in Colorado:

  • Availability – This is the obvious first step in the process. Which ISPs are available in your specific location? Talk with neighbors, real estate agents, and local internet companies to know your options.
  • Price – What is your monthly budget for internet, and how will that affect the speeds you can expect in that price range? Make sure you research all fees, equipment costs, and data caps.
  • Speeds You Require – Look at your internet use (gaming or streaming) and the number of family members and devices. This will determine internet speeds and, ultimately, the cost.
  • Latency – How long does it take for a data packet to travel to your device and vice versa? If you’re playing online games, this is critical. Cable and fiber have very low latency.
  • Contracts – Check the different ISPs to determine if a long-term contract is required. Expect to pay ETFs (early termination fees) for early cancellation.

Summary of Top 10 Internet Providers in Colorado

2.Century Link
3.Rise Broadband
4.T-mobile Home Internet
6.Starry Internet
9.Quantum Fiber
10.Ultra Home Internet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of internet in Colorado?

The average internet cost in Colorado is $53.88/mo. This is below the national average of $70.00/mo.

How many internet providers are available in Colorado?

As of this writing there are 112 internet providers in Colorado.

What is the average internet speed in Colorado?

The average internet speed in Colorado is 168.5 Mbps. This puts Colorado on the list of top 10 highest internet speeds in the U.S.

How does Colorado compare to other states when it comes to internet speeds?

Colorado comes in at number 9 of the top 10 U.S. states for the best internet speeds.

Who are the largest internet providers in Colorado?

Xfinity is the largest provider, with CenturyLink coming in a close second. T-Mobile Home Internet and HughesNet make the list based on land area covered in Colorado

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