This is What $3,500 in LEGO Bricks Looks Like

Croatian National Theater building made of lego blocks

This is What $3,500 in LEGO Bricks Looks Like

Key Points

  • YouTuber Brickcrafts is known for creating ingenious designs with LEGO bricks, including fully functional curved train tracks.
  • In his latest LEGO City update, Brickcrafts reveals a mind-blowing $3,500 LEGO brick order.
  • The video showcases the addition of a new kitchen, a picket fence, a garden with trees and pumpkins, a grassy hill, a bus station, and more to the LEGO village.
  • The aerial view of the entire city and landscape reveals the high cost of the setup, with the $3,500 order intended to help build the remaining parts of the village.

When you’re getting into the LEGO big leagues, those humble plastic bricks do not come cheap. Passionate builders often invest in some ridiculously expensive LEGO brick hauls. This is especially true when you’re constructing an ingenious design of outlandish proportions, which YouTuber Brickcrafts is renowned for. He’s even managed to make fully functional curved train tracks! We thought we’d seen some strange builds and fantastic LEGO cities, but we were wrong. In his latest LEGO City update, Brickcrafts takes us through the most recent additions to his quaint LEGO village and shocks us with a truly mind-blowing (and wallet-emptying) $3,500 LEGO brick order. Scroll down to get into the insanity.

A Huge LEGO City Means a Huge Price Tag

At 0:15, we’ve got renovations going on, including a new kitchen. This refurbished house is then placed in the LEGO village.

We must say, the picket fence at the 0:47 mark is too adorable. The circular garden fence idea using hinges is incredible, too.

Green fingers come out at 1:21, adding some leaves to the surroundings to spruce things up. After this, the garden fence is pushed into place, and some trees are added to inject some life. Oh, and a LEGO guy mowing the lawn as well. Good luck, little man. Better you than us.

Because of the elevation, a front staircase is added at the 2:19 mark so that the LEGO villagers can actually get inside their houses. And leave without breaking a leg.

We didn’t expect pumpkins to make an appearance in this video, but by 2:35, this is where we’re at. Admittedly, they are very cute, and probably not too expensive as far as LEGO bricks go. They do seem a little odd in combination with the rose flowers on the other side of the garden, though. Let us know what you think.

Fasten your seatbelts now, as we’ve got a time-lapse at 2:47, going on for thirty seconds. To cut a (not very) long story short, Brickcrafts has built a grassy hill in double time.

Up next, a bus station is added, to help the LEGO people get around easier. Shout out to the deer at 4:50, too. What would a village be without the local wildlife?

Finishing off the rest of the video, we have Brickcrafts explaining some more of the rationale behind this build, as well as a confession that the bus stop is in fact “illegal” because it’s not connected to the baseplate underneath. We won’t tell if you won’t.

An Aerial View, and the Receipts

After 6:15, we get a bird’s-eye view of the entire city and landscape, and it becomes easy to see how this setup can be so costly. In reality, the insane $3,500 order that Brickrafts has placed isn’t actually what this village is made out of. Instead, it’s merely intended to help build the remaining parts of the village, which will likely come out cheaper than what’s already there. To be honest, that just makes this build even crazier!

Keep your eyes peeled for a future update, where we’re sure Brickcrafts will fit some even more expensive LEGO bricks into his expansive LEGO City.

Summary Table

LEGO City UpdateDetails
RenovationsNew kitchen added to a house in the LEGO village
Picket FenceAdorable picket fence added at the 0:47 mark
GardenLeaves and trees added to spruce up the surroundings
Front StaircaseAdded for LEGO villagers to get inside their houses
PumpkinsUnexpected addition to the garden
Grassy HillConstructed in a time-lapse at 2:47
Bus StationAdded to help LEGO people get around easier
DeerLocal wildlife added to the village
Bus StopConfessed to be “illegal” as it’s not connected to the baseplate underneath
Aerial ViewReveals the entire city and landscape, showing the costliness of the setup
$3,500 OrderIntended to help build the remaining parts of the village

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a LEGO City?

The simplest way would be to buy a LEGO City-themed set, as these will have all the pieces you need as well as instructions. However, you can start from scratch with simple bricks, but this will require some more planning and experience. Either way, it’s sensible to plan the layout first and decide on a theme before you get too far into the building process. Once you have your layout and main buildings constructed, you can start connecting these together by building roads. After this, you can place some mini figures to create a storyline. Lastly, it’s a great idea to add extra details, such as foliage, street lamps, benches, and bus stations.

Who is Brickcrafts?

Brickcrafts is a YouTube creator who mostly uploads videos showcasing his enormous LEGO City and explaining the rationale and process behind his builds. He’s built quite a significant following over the past year, as it’s rare that a LEGO enthusiast constructs something of this size and with this much ingenuity.

How expensive are LEGO bricks?

This really depends on the pieces and the set in question. Smaller and simpler sets tend to be cheaper than larger and more complex sets. However, rarity and popularity also play a huge part in determining the price. It’s a good rule of thumb to go for a more versatile set, such as a brick box or a 3-in-1 set, that you can reuse time and time again to get the most value out of it.


How much LEGO can you get for $3,500?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to this, as it depends on the complexity and scarcity of the LEGO sets or pieces you’re looking for. Approximately, you can expect to get around 100,000 to 200,000 bricks for $3,500.

Where can I find good deals on LEGO bricks?

The official LEGO store often runs promotional deals or discounts, so be sure to check there regularly. It’s also a smart idea to check your favorite online retailers, local toy stores, garage sales, auction sites, and LEGO fan forums.

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