The 4 Top-Rated ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

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The 4 Top-Rated ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners become more popular by the year and are no longer viewed as gimmicky or entertainment for your pets. They can still be expensive, however, unless you opt for a lesser-known brand. While ILIFE is far from new to this space, some of the top rated ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaners tend to fly under the radar.

The company has put together an impressive lineup since its inception, which means there are dozens of new and older models to choose from. After careful consideration, we narrowed that selection down to the four choices you see below.

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ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers have sprung out of the woodwork over the past few years, but you might be surprised to know that ILIFE launched its first robot vacuum in 2010. The company has been busy since that time while introducing several innovations into the Chinese marketplace.

While the company is based in China, its robotic vacuum cleaners have become popular across the globe. They took home their first Amazon award for “Best Seller” in 2016 and unleashed the first robot floor washer a few years later.

At this time, ILIFE’s product line consists of handheld, stick, and robotic vacuums along with floor-washing robots and accessories. There are more than a dozen models on the market from ILIFE at any given time — all of which have reasonable price tags.

Best Overall: ILIFE A10 Robot Vacuum  

ILIFE is one of the more prolific robotic vacuum manufacturers when it comes to quantity. You can find dozens of older models mixed in with their latest products at varying price points. Most fall into a few collections like the A or V series, but features can vary wildly from one model to the next.

Best Overall: ILIFE A10 Robot Vacuum  

ILIFE A10 Robot Vacuum, Smart Laser Navigation and Multiple-Floor Mapping, 2000Pa Strong Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Medium Pile Carpet.
  • 【Smart Laser Navigation, App & Voice Control】: Custom Area, Carpet Area, To-Go Zone, No-Go Zone, Cleaning Schedule. Designate areas you need to clean and areas to avoid on the ILIFEHOME App and...
  • 【Self-Recharges and Resumes Cleaning】: If the robot has not finished the layout before the battery runs lower than 10%, the robot will self-recharge to 100% and then continue cleaning from the...
  • 【2-in-1 Floating Roller Brush】: Stays in close contact with the floor and automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces, picking up more debris.
  • 【Powerful 2000Pa Suction】: Up to 2000Pa suction efficiently captures debris and large particles, either on hard floors or low-medium pile carpets.
  • 【What You Get】: 1 A10 Robot Vacuum (Vacuum only), 1 Dustbin,1 Charging Stand,1 Charging Mat,1 Remote Control,2 AAA Batteries,1 Power Adapter (length 1.5 meters), 1 Cleaning Tool,1 Roller Brush,4...
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ILIFE has a number of robotic vacuum cleaners in the premium class, but the ILIFE A10 Robot Vacuum is currently at the top of the food chain. While it can’t do double duty as a mop like the A11, we feel it’s the best ILIFE robotic vacuum for most consumers.

The company pulled out all the stops for its newest robot vacuum. It has a laser navigation system that maps your home paired with an Advanced Custom cleaning system. You can set a room as “off limits” from within the app by setting up an invisible wall or customizing a cleaning schedule. The ILIFE A10 can clean your entire home with multi-floor mapping or you can send it off to spot-clean a room as needed.

As for power, this vacuum is a step under the V9E and A11, but more than sufficient for low-pile carpet and hard flooring. It can run for up to 100 minutes per charge with a 450ml waste bin. It also has recharge and resume, so it will head to the base at 10% battery, top off the battery and return to cleaning.

This sleek vacuum is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a robotic vacuum with laser mapping and voice control. Mapping is top-notch and the app is simple to use. While it doesn’t have some of the features you’ll find from Shark or Roomba, it’s more affordable and has more suction than comparable systems.


  • Multi-floor mapping
  • Recharge and Resume
  • Voice control
  • LiDAR


  • Mediocre pet hair performance

Check out the  ILIFE A10 Robot Vacuum on Amazon.

Most Powerful: ILIFE V9E Robotic Vacuum

ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 4000Pa Max Suction, Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, 700ml Large Dustbin, Self-Charging, Customized Schedule, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet.
  • 4000Pa Super Powerful Suction: ILIFE V9e robotic vacuum provides up to 4000Pa powerful suction in spot mode, easily picks up everything from fine debris to large particles.
  • Advanced Efficient Cyclone System: Advanced 3-stage filtration isolates particles of different sizes, captures and traps small trash and debris, removes at least 99.95% of tiny particles in 0.3 µm...
  • Convenient App & Voice Control: Use ILIFEHOME app to set up cleaning schedule, adjust suction, change cleaning modes, etc. ILIFE V9e works with alexa, conveniently start and stop cleaning with your...
  • 700ML Large Cyclone Dustbin: Captures a large amount of trash, reducing the frequency of emptying the bin. Simply press the release button to dispose of trash.
  • What You Get: 1 ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum, 1 Dustbin, 1 Remote Control, 2 AAA battery, 1 High Efficiency Filter, 1 Power Adapter, 1 Charging Dock, 1 Cleaning Brush, 4 Side brushes, 1 User Manual, 1 Quick...
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While most robot vacuums have less than robust power and bin size, you won’t have either of those issues with the ILIFE V9E Robotic Vacuum, a smart vacuum with plenty of suction and absolutely massive dust bin.

The 750ml dust bin on the ILIFE V9E is almost twice the size of the one on the A11. It has twice the power as well with a rating of 4,000Pa. This vacuum can pull smaller particles towards it and scoop up larger debris with ease. Have pets or allergies? If so, you’ll appreciate the advanced cyclone system which captures 99.95% of fine particles from the air.

This vacuum isn’t as intelligent as our top choice, but you can schedule cleanings and set no-go zones in the app. The ILIFE V9E has self-charging capabilities and a range of sensors to keep it on track. There’s no LiDAR, however, and it doesn’t have an auto-resume feature. Runtime is excellent at 110 minutes and there are four cleaning modes to choose from with Auto, Max, Edge, and Spot.

People with have large rooms to clean or pets will get a lot of value from the ILIFE V9E. Consumers were pleased with its power and the bin can handle quite a bit of debris before you need to dump it. Obstacle avoidance and battery life are solid as well, although the sensor array limits things with this robotic vacuum cleaner.


  • Massive dust bin
  • 4,000Pa
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Alexa control


  • No auto-resume

Check out the ILIFE V9E Robotic Vacuum on Amazon.

Best Budget: ILIFE S5 NOISZ

NOISZ by ILIFE S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, ElectroWall, Tangle-Free Suction Port, Quiet, Automatic Self-Charging Ideal for Pet Care, Hard Floor and Low Pile Carpet, Black
  • Pet Hair Specialist: S5 robot vacuum is designed to tackle pet hair on hard floors with the tangle-free suction; saves the hassle to clean hair-tangled rollers like in other robot vacuums
  • ElectroWall: Creates an invisible barrier to stop the robot to go unwanted side area
  • Effortless Cleaning: Automatically cleans on scheduled time or starts with one button click
  • Slim and Smart: Low profile design to clean under beds and furniture where dirt likes to hide; Smart sensors for anti-bump and anti-fall to protect the robot as well as your furniture
  • Durable and Quiet: 90-100 minutes runtime; working noise less than 68 dbs. A 12-month warranty and U.S. customer service team provides you with peace of mind service
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If you’re searching for a quiet robotic vacuum, look no further than the ILIFE S5 NOISZ, which is also the most affordable option from the company.

At around 3 inches high, the ILIFE S5 is one of the slimmer models on our list. It can slide under couches with ease, and only produces 68db of noise. That’s the level of a normal conversation, and much quieter than a regular vacuum. There are a few top-mounted controls on this model, but no app or voice assistant integration.

The included remote provides more control over the ILIFE S5 NOISZ and you can set virtual boundaries with the ElectroWall module. There are four cleaning modes on the S5 with Max, Spot, Edge, and Free cleaning mode with a random pattern. The bin is a bit small at 300ml, but that’s due in part to the design and size.

With an attractive price point and stylish design, the ILIFE S5 NOISZ would be a great choice for people interested in a budget-friendly robotic vacuum. It’s also noticeably quieter than comparable robot vacuums. If you want something just as quiet but with different features, consider the S5 Pro or NOISZ S8 Pro.


  • It’s quiet
  • Low-profile
  • The price tag
  • Attractive design


  • Basic controls

Check out the ILIFE S5 NOISZ  on Amazon.

Best Mop Combo: ILIFE A11 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

ILIFE A11 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, Real 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Lidar Navigation, 4000Pa Strong Suction,150mins Runtime,Wi-Fi Connected,Multi-Floor Mapping, for Pet Hair,Hard Floor,Carpet
  • 【Advanced Laser Navigation】: Advanced LiDAR Technology 2.0 with precise Slam algorithm allows A11 to scan for 360°, build a precise map, and calculate the best cleaning route.
  • 【Maximum 4000Pa Suction with 4 Modes】: Choose from QUIET, SPOT, EDGE, MAX modes to deal with different kinds of debris on different types of surfaces including carpets, woodfloor, marble floor and...
  • 【The Real 2-IN-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop】:Unlike other robots that ask you to plug in the water tank to mop, A11 has a real 2-IN-1 tank that consists of a 300ml dustbin and a 200ml water tank to...
  • 【Up to 150mins Runtime】: A11 can keep cleaning for up to 150mins thanks to its large capacity battery. With one full charge, A11 can clean an area of 2,690sqft, which is about 4 bedrooms.
  • 【New Exclusive APP ILIFEVAC】: Our new APP ILIFEVAC can provide better service when a newer version is available. App remote control allows you adjust suction power, customize cleaning areas, set...
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When you’re ready to put the wet mop away, the  ILIFE A11 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo should be high on your shopping list with its ability to vacuum or mop floors in your home.

Next to the ILIFE A10, this vacuum cleaner is the only other model with LiDAR from the company. That means you’re getting their latest tech, which includes highly accurate mapping throughout your home. It can map up to three floors as well but has more suction power than the A10 at 4,000Pa. ILIFE also increased the battery life substantially to 150 minutes per charge.

When it’s time to switch from vacuum to mop mode, this robotic vacuum simulates hand mopping with a Y-shaped cleaning path. It’s one of the more adjustable vacuums from the company as well. You can adjust the water flow or choose from four cleaning modes. The app and tech allow you to set schedules for an individual room and help keep the bot off the carpet.

From recharge and resume to Quiet Mode, there are a lot of flagship features on this smart vacuum cleaner. It’s just as capable as the A10 but has twice the power, better battery life, and a mopping feature. The only reason it’s not the top rated ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaner is the price tag given how finicky robotic mop bots can be compared to a wet mop.


  • Can vacuum and mop
  • 150-minute runtime
  • Alexa and app controls
  • Multiple cleaning modes


  • It’s pricey

Check out the ILIFE A11 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo on Amazon.

Other Robotic Vacuums from ILIFE

We feel the four vacuums we highlighted provide the best value to consumers across multiple areas, but they aren’t the only options from the company. While their product selection is sparse on their official website, that isn’t the case through other online retailers.

A popular, but older vacuum is the ILIFE A4s Pro. It can produce up to 2,000Pa suction in Spot Cleaning Mode and comes with an ElectroWall for virtual boundaries. This self-charging vacuum is controlled via remote whereas the ILIFE A4s Max introduces Wi-Fi support and a mobile app. It’s slightly smarter and more expensive than the Pro, but with a low-profile similar to the NOISZ S5.

The ILIFE V8s has a large 750ml dust bin and can mop, although it resembles a digital scale with its onboard display. It has excellent battery life, but the A80 Max Mop has better navigation, app control, and a 2-in-1 floating roller brush.

How to Find the Best ILIFE Robotic Vacuum

ILIFE has a wide array of robotic vacuum cleaners, despite what their lineup may look like through the company’s official site. We found a larger range of features across their collection when compared to other brands as well. While all their models are affordable, you’ll want to focus on these areas to find the best ILIFE robotic vacuum for your home.

  • Navigation
  • Controls
  • Features


Navigation systems are a crucial component in robotic vacuum cleaners. They help the robot find its way around your home, and some have mapping features to ensure even coverage. With ILIFE, that comes down to a handful of technologies including LiDAR and something called PanoView.

LiDAR is the best navigation system while PanoView is older but still effective. Instead of lasers, it relies on a 360° camera and SLAM tech to keep it on track. On budget models, you’ll find bump sensors and random vacuuming patterns.

When you want a robotic vacuum cleaner that provides full coverage of an area without skipping around, look for one with a laser or camera. The premium bots from ILIFE have back-and-forth patterns, which can clean well, but tend to miss areas.


Most of the best robotic vacuum cleaners allow you to control them in more than one way. Older models simply used buttons and physical remotes, but now there are dozens of voice-enabled vacuums. If you want to use Alexa with an ILIFE robot vacuum, that’s an option in the premium class and on a few mid-range models.

Most of the company’s older models have onboard controls, and there are a few with remotes like the ILIFE S5 NOISZ. We were also able to find a number of vacuums that use an app for the controls. This area is tied directly to pricing, like navigation. That means you need to consider how you plan to use the robot and how often before settling on a pick.

If you have a large home or an unusual floor plan with lots of rooms, a remote isn’t a good choice. They are limited by range compared to Wi-Fi which runs throughout your home. With that in mind, connectivity can still be an issue in older homes or residences with multiple floors.


As a budget-friendly brand, you won’t find some of the same bells and whistles on ILIFE vacuums as you would from larger companies. That means there aren’t any robots with automatic dumping mechanisms or UV filtration. They do have several that can recharge and resume their cleaning routine when their batteries run dry, however.

Battery life ranges from around 100 to 150 minutes with ILIFE vacuums. While some models charge themselves, none do it quickly. On average, we found recharge times between 300 to 350 minutes depending on the model and battery capacity. You’ll also want to pay close attention to “cleaning modes” on any robotic vacuum from ILIFE.

Budget and mid-range systems have limited options, and some have different modes. Spot and Edge cleaning modes are common, while others vary. The A80 Plus has Path and Classic modes, so you’ll want to see how the modes vary from one model to the next. Unless you like having to track down your robot to empty the bin, consider the bin size compared to the size of your home.

What to Know Before Buying a Robotic Vacuum from ILIFE

The first thing to know about buying an ILIFE robotic vacuum is that the company is based out of China. That can cause issues with customer support, although this is an area where we didn’t see many complaints from consumers.

Their products are sold through the company’s official site and from major retailers like Amazon. While you may get a nice bundle deal through the company, we found prices are often cheaper through other retailers. It’s also the only place you can purchase older models from the company.

Accessories and items included with an ILIFE robot vacuum vary, but most include spare filters and extra brushes when applicable. The company’s warranty policy remains the same across the board, so you can expect a 1-year guarantee from the date of purchase. Given the price on some models, it’s not a bad idea to consider an extended warranty.

The Wrap-Up

ILIFE may not have the name recognition as Roomba, but the company has managed to carve out a nice niche for themselves with robotic vacuum cleaners. They are a good brand to consider if your budget is tight or you’re curious about the tech, which has improved with each generation of vacuums ILIFE releases. If you’re just in need of something to scrub, not vacuum your floors, consider the company’s Shinebot lineup and systems like the ILIFE W400s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave a robotic vacuum charging?

That shouldn’t be an issue as most models produced within the past several years have trickle charging built-in.

How often do you have to empty the bin on a robotic vacuum cleaner?

That depends on the size of the bin, the runtime of your robot, and the square footage of your home.

Are robot vacuum cleaners easy to repair?

No. Unless it’s something minor like replacing the brush roll or a minor part, they typically need to be serviced by a professional.

Does ILIFE have any robot vacuums that use a bag instead of a bin?

Yes, the ILIFE B5 Max uses bags instead of a bin to collect debris from around your home.

Why does my robotic vacuum only circle in one direction?

That’s usually because of a blockage around the wheels. If the problem persists after the wheels are cleaned, you’ll want to contact customer support.

Will a robotic vacuum cleaner work on black flooring?

Most robotic vacuums have trouble with dark surfaces because of infrared sensors, although some companies have found ways to work around that.

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