The Symbols and Icons on Snapchat: What Are They?

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The Symbols and Icons on Snapchat: What Are They?

Key Points

  • Snapchat has many icons and symbols that can be confusing for new users.
  • The icons and symbols in Snapchat’s messaging, emoji, and maps sections can be overwhelming.
  • Friend emojis are used to keep track of your friends and family on Snapchat.
  • The Map feature in Snapchat allows you to see your location and access cool features.
  • There are various other icons and symbols on Snapchat, including profile icons and customizable emojis.

Snapchat has become a part of our culture, although the platform can confuse new users. Finding a fun clip to watch is easy, but you may wonder what the symbols and icons on Snapchat mean. If you’re savvy with social media, there are plenty of familiar icons, but it’s a lot to digest. In this guide, we will explain what the icons and symbols in Snapchat mean so you’ll know what to expect when you press one.

Snapchat Symbols and Icons

Whenever you’re browsing Snapchat, you’ll encounter a lot of icons and symbols along with the videos. That’s part of the draw of the social video site, although figuring out what some of the icons mean can be challenging. When you first fire up Snapchat, five symbols at the bottom of the screen help you navigate the app.

The Camera icon in the middle is where you take photos, and you can access your Friends list through the People icon to the right. Next to it is a Play symbol, which represents the Snapchat Spotlight section. The Message and Map icons to the left of the Camera icon will also be familiar to most smartphone users.

While those icons help you access certain areas of Snapchat, some of these spaces rely on symbols, icons, and emojis. The Snap options are easy to figure out as you scroll through the section, while Stories has familiar social media icons. When you get into Snapchat’s messaging, emoji, and maps sections, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

These icons help you navigate the Snapchat app.

Snapchat Chat Icons

The icons and symbols in this section of Snapchat are largely colored-coded arrows or squares. They allow you to quickly gauge the status of conversations you’ve had on the platform.

  • Red Arrow – You have sent a Snap to someone without audio.
  • Red Arrow (outlined) – Your Snap without audio has been opened.
  • Red Square (solid) – You have an unopened Snap without audio.
  • Red Square (outlined) – Your Snap without audio has been viewed.
  • Red Double Arrow – Someone has taken a screenshot of your Snap without audio.
  • Red Replay – Someone has replayed your Snap without audio.
  • Purple Arrow (solid) – You sent a Snap to someone with audio.
  • Purple Arrow (outlined) – Your Snap with audio has been opened.
  • Purple Square (solid) – You have an unopened Snap with audio.
  • Purple Square (outlined) – Your Snap with audio has been viewed.
  • Purple Double Arrow – Someone has taken a screenshot of your Snap with audio.
  • Purple Replay – Someone has replayed your Snap with audio.
  • Blue Arrow (solid) – This shows you’ve sent a chat to someone.
  • Blue Arrow (outlined) – One of your friends has opened a chat.
  • Blue Square (solid) – You have an unread chat message.
  • Blue Square (outlined) – Someone has viewed your chat.
  • Blue Double Arrow –  Someone has taken a screenshot of your chat.
  • Gray Arrow – This could mean someone hasn’t accepted your friend request, depending on your privacy settings.
  • Gray Square – A pending chat or text may have expired.

Friend Emojis on Snapchat

Another type of Snapchat symbol you’ll want to acquaint yourself with involves friend emojis. This is how you can keep track of your friends and family on the platform, and there are currently nine in use.

  • Double Heart – Is Super BFF, which means you’ve been best friends with someone for two months.  
  • Heart – A single red heart shows you’ve been BFF’s for two weeks.
  • Gold Heart – The last heart is the best heart. A gold heart means you are besties, and you’ve swapped more snaps with your friend than anyone else.
  • Smiley Face – This familiar emoji shows appreciation for friends you Snapchat frequently with but ranks behind besties.
Snapchat has a variety of emojis you can assign to friends.
  • Grimacing Face – When your best friend is someone else’s, you’ll see this Snapchat emoji for Mutual besties – awkward!
  • Sunglasses – One of your best friends is also this person’s best friend.
  • Fire – If you see fire, you’re on Snapstreak with one of your friends.
  • Hourglass – The Hourglass icon means you have a Snapstreak coming to an end.
  • Birthday – When you see the Birthday Cake emoji, it lets you know it’s your Snapchat friend’s special day.


When you tap on the Map icon, your location is pinpointed on the map. This opens the doors to several cool features. You can also see the icons and symbols you’ll encounter in maps on the right and bottom of the screen.

  • Cog – This Snapchat symbol brings up the settings menu in Maps.
  • Hotspot – Click this icon, found below the Cog, which helps you find cool things to do and hot spots in an area.
  • Satellite – When you tap the satellite, Snapchat will zoom in and pinpoint your location.
  • Memories – The Memories icon will mark the location of any Snaps you’ve taken in the vicinity.

A few more icons are hidden in the drop-down menu that opens up under the Memories icon with Ticketmaster and Infatuation. Both are tied to entertainment, but the Places section at the bottom of the Maps is better suited for the latter.

The Maps section of Snapchat has a unique set of icons.

Other Snapchat Symbols and Icons

While those are some of the icons and symbols you’ll use the most on Snapchat, a handful of others fall into that category. The main one is your profile icon, which you can find on any screen by clicking your profile picture at the top left side of the screen.

Tapping your profile icon opens Snapchat settings. From here, you can add content to a Snapchat story, edit and add friends, or adjust Map settings. It’s also where the Snapchat Token shop comes into play if you plan to pick any up to use on the platform.

You can access a number of settings from your Profile icon on Snapchat.

Sharing, favoriting, and commenting clips on Snapchat use familiar icons and symbols. The three-dot menu opens additional options for people on your friends list, but you can also change their icons. You can access this from the messaging menu by selecting Customize Best Friend Emojis. From here, you can change the Super BFF, Mutual, Besties, and other icons to any emoji within Snapchat’s arsenal.  

Do you see a baby icon? That doesn’t mean someone is poking fun at you. It simply tells you that the person is one of your new Snapchat friends. If you see a lock on something in Snapchat Stories, it means those stories are private. You can’t post or view these stories without access from the owner.

The Wrap-Up

From your profile icon to symbols telling you how long you’ve been friends with people on Snapchat, there is a lot to take in. We hope our guide will help you navigate the platform so you can spend less time searching and more time creating Snaps to share with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change Snapchat icons and symbols?

Yes, you can change some of the icons and symbols to personalize your experience on the platform, but options are limited to certain areas and icons on Snapchat.

What’s the best Snapchat symbol for friendship?

Snapchat has a number of icons and symbols available that represent friendship. Which is better depends on your relationship with that person on the platform.

Does Snapchat have birthday symbols?

Yes, astrological signs are tied to Snapchat user’s birthdays on the platform.

What’s the icon or symbol for Snapchat Verified accounts?

A Yellow or Gold star will appear next to the name on verified accounts.

Is there a symbol to report someone on Snapchat?

To report an issue with a snap or user on Snapchat, you’ll want to press and hold on the message or user to bring up an option to flag them.

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a subscription-based feature that gives users on the platform extra flair and allows access to new features before the public.

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