The 5 Strangest LEGO Minifigures Ever Made

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The 5 Strangest LEGO Minifigures Ever Made

Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 strangest LEGO Minifigure is the Nestle Rabbit.
  • LEGO minifigures start at surprisingly low prices, sometimes even below $10.
  • The strangest minifigures will continue to appreciate in value while looking great on a shelf.
  • When looking at the strangest minifigures, it is important to consider how much they cost, the theme they go with, how rare they are, and what sets they came in.  

Minifigures are a staple of the LEGO brand, bringing their building sets to life. Over the years, LEGO made thousands of different minifigures based on various licensed characters and original ideas. However, things don’t always go to plan, leading to some of the strangest minifigures.

At some point, you would think the designers at LEGO would run out of ideas. But that doesn’t appear to be the case since they continuously produce original sets. A lot of this comes down to trial and error, which leads to some failures.

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of strange LEGO minifigures.

History-Computer’s Top Picks for Strangest LEGO Minifigures

#1 Strangest Overall: Nestle Rabbit

The absolute strangest LEGO minifigure has to be the Nestle Rabbit — it’s one of the most sought-after minifigures of all time, and it is easy to see why.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, LEGO had a number of tie-ins with other brands. One of the most notable is Toys “R” Us, which received exclusive LEGO sets like Geoffrey the Giraffe.

But there were a number of weird licensing deals as well, like with Shell and Exxon gas stations. Today, LEGO is much more protective of its image when it comes to product tie-ins. However, they did make an odd choice to partner with Nestle in 2001 to create the company’s mascot in LEGO form. Quicky, the Nesquik Bunny became a well-known mascot who encouraged children to drink Nesquik milk.

Unfortunately, something just feels off with the end result. The minifigures use standard brown colored legs, and his body is yellow with the Nestle “N” on it. The problem is the head, which is a molded piece just like a hat is. This piece has the entire face and ears with two holes for the eyes. Because this is essentially a hat, there must be a head underneath.

The included head is one of the creepiest things ever released by LEGO, as it looks like an alien. It is a white headpiece with two eyes and a smiling mouth. Keep in mind that LEGO was only using yellow headpieces at this time. The minifigure came in two polybags, with either just the bunny or as a Studios film set. Unfortunately, the set never came out in North America, which is why it is extremely rare.

LEGO no longer makes sets with NestleThe minifigure’s head is awkward
Although it is rare, it is still pretty cheapCan be difficult to find
Nostalgia Alert!
Lego 40077 Toys "R" Us Geoffrey
  • Based on the Toys "R" Us mascot
  • Features Geoffrey's head only
  • Number of pieces: 90
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11/27/2023 05:28 am GMT

Strangest Headless Minifigure: Spongebob Squarepants

Strangest Headless Minifigure
LEGO SpongeBob Squarepants Minifigure
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • I'm Ready classic version
  • Minifigure
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11/27/2023 11:36 am GMT

Minifigures often look pretty similar, but Spongebob Squarepants is one of the few not to come with a head.

Nearly all LEGO minifigures use the same basic components. There is a lower portion that consists of two posable LEGOs, an upper torso with two posable arms and hands, and finally, a head. Some minifigures also come with hair or a hat to go on top of their head.

But the Spongebob Squarepants minifigure has neither a separate head nor a hairpiece. Instead, he has short legs, a blank upper body, and a square piece that covers the body portion. The body portion is entirely yellow, and the arms are still posable. However, the covering that goes over it is printed with Spongebob‘s face and body.

Surprisingly, the rectangular body covering is fairly rectangular, so it doesn’t fully cover the somewhat triangular minifigure’s upper body. The backside doesn’t have any printing on it, but there is still a stud on the top for placing a hat or other accessory. Over the years, LEGO made a number of different Spongebob minifigures, but the original is Bob001, and it features Spongebob‘s classic smiling face.

The original minifigure actually came in three different sets, which came out in 2006. Since then, LEGO has also released a number of other Spongebob minifigures in different designs. All of the different designs feature similar parts but with different prints. If you are a Spongebob fan, be sure to check out some of the other strange minifigures, like Mrs. Puff and Squidward.

ProsCan still see the triangular body
Very close to the TV showCan still see triangular body
Uses a unique “square” body piecePlenty of availability, so not very valuable

Strangest Fashion Choice: Yuppie

So 80's
LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 17 71018 Yuppie
  • Full-on 80s nostalgia
  • Loose LEGO original goods in a polybag without original packaging and instructions
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11/27/2023 11:46 am GMT

The LEGO minifigure with the strangest fashion choice is definitely the Yuppie.

Not every strange LEGO minifigure is based on an iconic TV show or mascot. LEGO makes a number of minifigures based on original ideas. These are often released in waves as blind bags. There are usually around 15 to 20 different minifigures to collect, with each bag having a random figure inside.

The Yuppie came out in May 2017 as part of the Series 17 minifigures release. There were a number of other strange minifigures in this set, like the Corn Cob Man. All of the LEGO Minifigure Series sets feature entirely made-up characters. There are also a number of other blind-bag minifigure series that feature characters from popular games and movies.

But the Yuppie definitely has one of the most interesting fashion choices since he really does look right out of the 1980s. He even has printed-on sunglasses and slick black hair. His ensemble consists of a white jacket with matching white pants. You can also see his pink shirt showing in between his unbuttoned jacket.

Like many other blind bag minifigures, the Yuppie comes with an accessory, and it may be the best thing ever. He comes with a literal brick phone right out of the 1980s. This phone is actually larger than his head and uses a walkie-talkie combined with a printed slope and 1×1 tile. Surprisingly, the Yuppie is very affordable compared to other strange LEGO minifigures.

Unique printed piecesDoesn’t feature any unique pieces
Comes with a brick phoneOnly sold in blind bag

Strangest Costume: Banana Guy Suit

Strangest Costume
LEGO Series 16 Collectible Minifigures - Banana Guy Suit (71013)
  • LEGO Series 16 Banana Suit Guy
  • Package opened to verify character's identity, then resealed in clear poly-bag.
  • Comes with ALL original accessories and paper inserts.
  • Lego items are 2" tall
  • Authentic product
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11/27/2023 12:01 pm GMT

The Banana Suit Guy is by far the strangest costumed LEGO minifigure.

Like the Yuppie, the Banana Suit Guy also appeared in the Collectible Minifigure Series. Some of the minifigures appearing in these lines are simply printed pieces; others feature custom-molded costumes. What makes him unique is that the banana goes way above his head and covers most of his lower body.

Banana suits have been a popular Halloween costume for many years. There isn’t anything remarkable about the suits besides that they are funny. LEGO has made a number of other food-themed suits for its minifigures, including a Hot Dog Man. But strangely enough, this isn’t the only use of the LEGO banana suit.

The original Banana Suit Guy has on a green shirt and blue pants. He also has sunglasses that you can see through the square cut out of the banana. Unlike other minifigures, he doesn’t come with any accessories. A later version of the banana suit came two years later in 2018 as part of a collectible set called the Party Banana Juice Bar.

The minifigure in this set is a little different, not bearing the banana across the front. The minifigure is also different, wearing green shorts and a blue shirt with a completely different face. Finally, he also comes with a boombox. But LEGO still wasn’t finished with the banana suit as they released a keychain version of the original Banana Suit Guy, but this one also has a flashlight.

Also available as a keychainThe suit is on top of a plain minifigure
Can put the banana suit on any minifigureOnly sold in a blind bag

Silliest Minifigure: Homer Simpson

Silliest Minifigure
LEGO 71005 The Simpson Series Homer Simpson Character Minifigures
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts!
  • Homer Simpson with TV remote and donut
  • From The Simpsons TV show
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There are a handful of LEGO minifigures that really shouldn’t exist, and Homer Simpson is one of them. 

When LEGO first partnered with The Simpsons back in 2014, it shocked a lot of consumers. This was at a time before LEGO marketed a lot of sets to adults. While they had the Creator Expert theme, LEGO was still largely looked at as a toy for children.

Creating a LEGO Homer Simpson was a major turning point that signaled that not only was Lego for everyone, but more mature sets were very profitable. The Simpsons theme was so successful that it led LEGO to make sets based on a number of other TV shows like Seinfeld and Friends. Homer Simpson was very popular, and LEGO released a number of different versions.

The original version came out in February 2014 alongside The Simpsons House. The set also came with other members of The Simpsons family and Ned Flanders. This one sees Homer with his eyelids half shut and wearing work attire. His lower portion is light blue, while his upper body has a white shirt, striped tie, and his nuclear plant name badge.

The top of Homer’s head is a rounded dome, so you can’t put a hat on him. The second Homer Simpson minifigure is the most common as it was included in LEGO Dimensions, the Kwik-E-Mart, and released as part of The Simpsons Collectible Minifigures. There was also a second wave of minifigures which had a variation of Homer Simpson wearing a blue suit.

Based on the hit show The SimpsonsLego is no longer making The Simpsons sets
Came with a number of different setsHomer’s face doesn’t look true to the show
famous people in Lego
LEGO offers tons of different minifigures, but some of them are downright strange!


How to Pick the Strangest Minifigure: Step-by-Step

Before buying a strange minifigure, you should consider these four important factors, which we’ll go into detail about below. 


The first thing you should always look at when considering any LEGO set or minifigure is the theme. There is no sense in buying something that you aren’t interested in. Of course, some collectors look strictly for minifigures. In the case of strange minifigures, you may wish to collect all of the strangest or ones that are part of the same theme.


The next thing you will want to look at is the availability of the minifigures. Many of the minifigures listed above were sold many years ago. Therefore, it may be hard to track them down, and you will likely have to purchase them from an online site like eBay or Bricklink. Making matters worse, some minifigures are exclusive to various regions.


The most important factor in any purchase is the price. LEGO minifigures are a great thing to collect because they are usually very affordable. However, the price is relative to the availability of a minifigure. For instance, once a minifigure has been retired, it will likely go up in price. When it comes to buying a minifigure, be sure to check the value to ensure you get a good deal.

Included Sets

Finally, you should look at the sets that the minifigure came with. This may seem unnecessary, but depending on how you collect LEGOs, it may be a better value to purchase the entire set that the minifigure came with. This will greatly help if you plan to purchase multiple minifigures that come in a given set.

What to Know Before Buying a Strange LEGO Minifigure

Buying LEGO minifigures can be really fun, but it is a good idea to have some sort of strategy or reason for purchasing. Most LEGO minifigure collectors go for entire sets. This is a fun and affordable option, but it can be overwhelming. Where things can get really overwhelming is the number of different variations of the same character.

For instance, some sets have the same character but with a different print. Additionally, minifigures are available both individually and as a part of a set. In the case of strange minifigures, many are available on their own, but some also came with larger sets. Fortunately for minifigure collectors, you can purchase just the minifgure on sites like eBay.

Using Strange LEGO Minifigures: What It’s Like

You probably won’t want to play with most of the strange LEGO minifigures mentioned above. Many are considered collector’s items rather than toys. However, they are still LEGO, so it is understandable to play with them. On the other hand, some strange minifigures like Spongebob are clearly designed to be played with.

Just keep in mind that the rarest minifigures will likely go up in value, so you may want to be careful with them. If you have a bunch of minifigures to display, you should consider shelving or cases to show them properly. Collectors of blind-bag minifigures even use cases designed to hold the exact number of minifigures from that series to help separate various series.


RankLEGO Minifigure
Strangest OverallNestle Rabbit
Strangest HeadlessSpongebob Squarepants
Strangest Fashion ChoiceYuppie
Strangest CostumeBanana Guy Suit
Silliest MinifigureHomer Simpson

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a minifigure strange?

There isn’t one thing that makes a minifigure strange. Instead, there is usually a combination of factors that just make it stand out from what most people consider normal.

Where is the best place to buy minifigures?

The best place to buy minifigures is from a retailer while they are still in production. Otherwise, you can try finding some locally if you are concerned about the condition. However, you can find the biggest variety on eBay or Bricklink.

Is it better to purchase minifigures individually or in bulk?

This depends entirely on what you are collecting. If you just want one minifigure, then it is better to buy it individually. But if you are collecting a lot of minifigures or a complete collection, then it is usually cheaper to buy lots.

How can you display minifigures?

Because minifigures are so small and easily get knocked over, it is best to build or buy wall shelves that have 1×2 tiles attached. This won’t take up much wall space, and the minifigures stay neat and organized.

What is the easiest way to identify a minifigure?

Identifying a random minifigure is actually very difficult. You can try to search for some of its attributes, like the clothes it is wearing. Additionally, themed minifigures can be easily found by looking at pictures from the theme. But keep in mind that some minifigures may actually be piece together and not originally sold in the configuration you found.

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