The Powerball Jackpot Winner Could Literally Buy These Computer Companies

powerball jackpot winner

The Powerball Jackpot Winner Could Literally Buy These Computer Companies

The Powerball Jackpot winner was announced last night and the $1.73 billion pot has finally been claimed. Now, such a large sum of money could be used for many things. Today’s list takes a look at some of the hypothetical scenarios where the winner could outright just purchase a computer company. Now, these are big names like the FAANG companies, but still fairly respectable.

If you fancy a little daydreaming, take a look at what their lucky draw nets them.

How Much Money Did the Powerball Jackpot Winner Actually Take Home?

The $1.73 billion jackpot actually amounts to around $774.1 million as a lump sum payment. Most lottery winners will take a hard lump sum payment upfront rather than going about an annual payment plan dispersed over the coming decades. As such, that leads to a fair bit of math that needs to be done to actually arrive at their current bundle of cash.

Taxes and Other Processing Fees

The $774.1 million cash prize immediately has 24% of its total value removed, as the winnings are counted as income according to the federal tax code. That leaves a grand total of $588.4 million. However, this isn’t the final cut taken, as a further 13% is deducted since the winner has moved up a tax bracket. This leaves around $511.91 million, which is still a huge payment.

The winner lucked out in some regard as they are in California. Other states will tax winnings, but California is one of the rare exceptions to this rule. As such, they’ll still be expected to pay federal income taxes on their winnings, but the $511.91 million should be the final standing number.

Applying Their Winnings Toward a Computer Company

Purchasing a company isn’t quite like buying a car or a house. You’re looking at hard data certainly, but most importantly, you’re looking at the valuation of their current market cap. Now, it isn’t unheard of for a company to be purchased outright. Our readers have certainly been aware of companies like Activision-Blizzard being bought whole cloth from the likes of Microsoft.

The safer and better bet is to purchase a controlling stake in the company, say around 50% of its total market valuation. This gives the winner a say in the operation and running of the company, but also leaves some leftover funds to be invested elsewhere.

The Powerball Jackpot Winner Could Buy These Computer Companies

Stratasys: Market Cap of $807.52 Million

powerball jackpot winner
Industrial applications for 3D printing are Stratasys’s primary focus.

Stratasys is a joint American-Israeli venture specializing in 3D printers and additional accessories. The company doesn’t make 3D printers for consumers but rather specializes in additive printers for industrial applications. The Powerball Jackpot winner could get into a controlling stake in the company quite easily for $403.76 million.

Stratasys has a steady outlook, and 3D printing has quite the hold in industrial spaces currently. If the Powerball Jackpot winner is going to purchase a computer tech company, this might be the one to buy.

Nano Dimension: Market Cap of $681.03 Million

Nano Dimension is another computer company specializing in industrial 3D printers and accompanying applications. Like Stratasys, it has strong market performance and has experienced steady growth since its 2012 foundation.

Now, the Powerball Jackpot winners could easily get themselves into the industrial 3D printing niche with this purchase. A controlling stake could readily be bought in the company for around $340.52 million, leaving plenty for other investments if they truly want.

3D Systems Corporation: Market Cap of $539.62 Million

This is yet another 3D printer company, still focusing on the industrial space. The Powerball Jackpot winner could easily buy this company outright. However, a more conservative investment of $269.81 million gives them plenty of say in the day-to-day operations of the company.

A smaller overall investment leaves plenty for other investment avenues. This is heavily suggested despite the newfound windfall for the winner. 3D Systems has been around for a number of years, originally starting in 1985. The Rock Hill, SC company could prove to be an interesting asset down the line.

Desktop Metal: Market Cap of $407.07 Million

You guessed it, it’s another 3D printing company. Desktop Metal specializes in metal and carbon fiber 3D printing applications for manufacturers and other professionals in the business space. Metal 3D printing has been in high demand since its introduction, and Desktop Metal provides this service in spades.

Desktop Metal could be purchased outright. However, that isn’t the best overall move. Instead, a controlling stake in the company could be readily bought for the sum of $203.54 million. That leaves plenty of room for the Powerball Jackpot winner to invest elsewhere.

Canaan: Market Cap of $304.35 Million

powerball jackpot winner
China-based Canaan makes crypto-mining hardware.

In the first departure of this list, Canaan is a computer hardware manufacturer. Centered out of Beijing, China, the company specializes in ASICs and other specialty hardware intended for the mining of cryptocurrency. Now, crypto has certainly received a few downward turns in recent years.

However, the Powerball Jackpot winner could buy this computer company outright. That would actually leave quite a considerable sum to invest elsewhere but gives the winner a crypto asset in their portfolio with less variability than the actual currency.

Velo3D: Market Cap of $295.12 Million

Velo3D specializes in metal 3D printing services, hardware, and other technology. It is one of the best companies on the market for additive 3D metal printing, which has caught on in industrial applications. With its current market cap, the Powerball Jackpot winner could easily purchase this company outright.

The California-based company’s current market valuation is strong, and the company’s product is niche enough to remain a solid asset. The winner could readily get themselves into the 3D printing space with a relatively low investment, at least in comparison to their winnings.

Markforged Holding Corporation: Market Cap of $269.34 Million

There sure are a lot of industrial additive platforms that the Powerball Jackpot winner can purchase. Markforged is no exception and specializes in 3D printers, materials, software, and other services that are distributed worldwide.

Markforged is an exception in that it targets consumers as well as industrial applications. The company specializes in materials like metal, composites, and continuous fiber printing. The winner could buy this company outright, making it an interesting asset if they’d rather own a company compared to a new boat.

Rigetti Computing: Market Cap of $205.47 Million

powerball jackpot winner
Quantum computing still has a variety of applications, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Rigetti Computing specializes in quantum computing. Now, the world as a whole was set abuzz with the news of quantum computing when it was initially released. The intervening years have seen public interest die down, but there is still a strong need for it in math-heavy operations.

Rigetti Computing specializes in the manufacture of quantum computers, providing stable and reliable platforms for the likes of AI and machine learning development. Given the recent trend and turn towards AI in the computing space, Rigetti would be a smart investment for the Powerball Jackpot winner.

Tingo Group: Market Cap of $189.58 Million

Tingo Group is a fintech company, one of the rare entries on this list of potential purchases for the Powerball Jackpot winner. It specializes in fintech and agri-fintech solutions for a wide range of clients, with its reach extending from the United States to places like Africa, Southeast, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Powerball winner could readily purchase the company outright and have a nice little nest egg with a steady portfolio in their pocket. Fintech is one of those evergreen fields of computing that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Identiv: Market Cap of $176.36 Million

Identiv specializes in cybersecurity solutions for IoT devices. Now, cybersecurity-managed service firms are nothing new. You can frequently find these employed by the likes of IBM, Apple, and other major players in the industry. Most cybersecurity professionals understand the inherent risk posed by IoT devices, especially on an enterprise network.

Identiv has a core product intended to solve most of the woes surrounding IoT’s security risks. The Powerball Jackpot winner would have a surefire winner just by purchasing this company outright. That would still leave plenty of funds to invest in other ventures and leave plenty set aside for retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should the Powerball winner invest in a tech company?

Sure, it’s a great way to provide a stable future income source without having to do any work on their own.

Is industrial 3D printing a viable venture?

Absolutely, it helps keep costs down and doesn’t require as much specialty training and implementation as a CNC machine.

Is cybersecurity needed for IoT devices?

It is needed for all devices, but IoT devices are rarely designed with safe practices in mind.

Does the lottery winner receive the whole jackpot?

No, they’ll receive a little under half of the actual valuation of the jackpot, once accounting for taxes and other fees that vary depending on their home state.

Are lottery winnings counted as taxable income?

Yes, so the first order of business should be getting a good financial manager to help allocate funds and pay taxes as needed while still allowing the funds to grow.

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