The Oculus Quest Pro vs. Sony PlayStation VR: How Do They Compare?

Quest Pro and PlayStation VR

The Oculus Quest Pro vs. Sony PlayStation VR: How Do They Compare?

The Quest Pro and the Sony PlayStation VR are two great VR headsets in two very different segments of the VR market. Still, you might find yourself wondering how the novel Quest Pro measures up to Sony’s older headset model.

You usually want a fun, immersive, comfortable, and comprehensive experience from virtual reality, especially given the price of a VR headset. It’s hard to get all of these features in one headset, though!

Visuals tend to be the most important for immersion, with comfort as a close second. The visual features of a VR headset are usually summarized in resolution, FOV (field of view), and refresh rate. These specs actually help with comfort, too, because they can minimize nausea.

Both the Meta Quest Pro and the Sony PlayStation VR are doing well enough in these categories for immersive and comfortable virtual reality. Even so, you should keep your eye on these specs when you’re analyzing the two headsets.

The higher they are, the better they’ll be for gaming, professional use, and anything else you could want from a VR headset. Of course, what you want is the most important factor when deciding which headset you want.

Since the Quest Pro and the PSVR are made for different people in different situations, there will be an obvious winner depending on what your situation is.

So, which is better for you?

Quest Pro vs. Sony PlayStation VR: Side-by-Side Comparison

Meta Quest ProSony PlayStation VR
Released onOctober 25, 2022October 13, 2016 (updated November 2017)
Resolution1800 × 1920p1920 x 1080p (960 x 1080 per eye)
ProcessorSnapdragon XR2+N/A
Memory12GB RAMN/A
Storage256GB SSDN/A
Refresh Rate75 Hz or 90 Hz90 Hz or 120 Hz
Field of View (degrees)106100
Standalone?YesNo (requires PlayStation)
Intended AudienceProfessionals or general VR consumersConsole gamers
Best for PS5 Gaming
Sony PlayStation VR
  • 100 degrees field of view
  • 90-120 Hz refresh rate
  • 1080 x 960 display resolution
  • Positional tracking, Standing VR, Seated VR
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02/27/2024 02:43 am GMT

Quest Pro vs. Sony PlayStation VR: What’s the Difference?

After looking at the two headsets side by side, it becomes clear that the Quest Pro is a higher-quality VR headset. It’s also standalone, which is a big deal for anyone who hates dealing with cords while using virtual reality.

But these specs don’t tell the whole story. Let’s take a look at the details of each release.

Meta/Oculus Quest Pro

Meta, formerly known as Oculus or Facebook, released the Quest Pro on October 25, 2022. Not only is it new, but it was a very hyped release because of Meta’s reputation. The infinitely popular Quest 2 was the predecessor to the Quest Pro. All things considered, it’s easy to see why the Quest Pro is so high up on people’s wishlists.

For better or for worse, though, this headset is far from budget. You’ll need to spend $1500 to purchase the Quest Pro– that’s a very hard sell for people who just want to play games on VR. The thing is, the Quest Pro isn’t only for gamers. It’s actually designed for professional usage, hence the “Pro” in its name.

It happens to have some great specs for gameplay and can run every game that the Quest 2 could, but that isn’t the main purpose. In the words of Meta, it’s supposed to be closer to a “laptop for your face”, hence the high specs and high cost.

That fact makes it simultaneously a good gaming device and also a slightly odd choice. According to some rumors, Meta will be releasing an actual successor to the Quest 2 in 2023. So, is it really worth it to purchase the Quest Pro for gaming instead of waiting for the actual gaming headset?

The Quest Pro isn’t different from its predecessor when it comes to resolution, at 1800 × 1920p. It’s not any better or worse than the PlayStation VR, either. This is the case for most visuals when you compare the two headsets- they’re both very typical.

Regardless, the Quest Pro is an amazing all-rounder choice for gamers and professionals alike.

Sony PlayStation VR

The Sony PlayStation VR headset that we currently have access to was first released in 2016. Around a year later, it was upgraded slightly, but it definitely feels ‘old’ compared to the Quest Pro. Eight years is a long time in such a fast-paced tech space, after all.

There’s one reason why the PSVR hasn’t been as wildly popular as the Quest lineup: it’s PlayStation exclusive. Not only is it a wired headset, unlike the standalone Quest Pro, but you need a PlayStation for it to be worthwhile.

Technically, the PSVR has a ‘cinema’ mode where it can project non-PlayStation games or movies onto a surface. But it’s not really worthwhile to purchase the headset unless you’re planning on mainly using it for PS games. Cinema mode is okay for movies, but the PSVR’s 1080p resolution falls flat if you try to use it for non-PS games.

Although it’s not standalone, it does include a built-in microphone and integrated 3D audio. Aside from plugging the headset into your PS4 or PS5 and grabbing your controllers, there aren’t any extra pieces you need to set up the PSVR.

Speaking of controllers, the ones that come with the PlayStation VR headset are going to be the most comfortable for console users. They’re a little closer to something like the Wii controllers, and they’re not intended to feel as natural as the Meta controllers are.

The PSVR’s controllers work well for what they are. But they’re never going to reach the same levels of immersion as the well-renowned Meta controllers can. 

Essentially, the Sony PlayStation VR headset makes a lot of sense to purchase if you’re a steady console gamer. You’ll have a unique experience with the PSVR that you can’t get with the Quest Pro. 

Budget Pick
Meta Quest Pro
  • Mixed reality feature lets you interact with the physical world.
  • Meta Avatars feature translates your actual facial expressions to VR in real time.
  • World class ergonomics guarantee the best fit
  • Access to the Oculus Store
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02/27/2024 04:43 am GMT

Quest Pro vs Sony PlayStation VR: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • The Quest Pro has significantly better specs than the Sony PlayStation VR headset.
  • The Sony PSVR only costs $350, compared to the Quest Pro’s premium price of $1500.
  • You need to own a PS4 or PS5 to make use of PlayStation VR, and the headset will be plugged directly into the console.
  • The Quest Pro is a standalone headset: it doesn’t require any cables, cords, or attachments to a console or computer.
  • Unlike the PlayStation VR, the Quest Pro isn’t designed with gamers in mind.

Quest Pro vs. Sony PlayStation VR: Which is Better?

At surface level, the Quest Pro and the Sony PlayStation VR are so different that it’s hard to say which is superior. But their stark differences are exactly why one of them will probably work better for you.

If you care the most about performance and getting the absolute best VR experience, the Quest Pro is a clear winner. All of its features trump the PlayStation’s headset, sans the resolution.

But if you just want to be able to try good VR, then there’s no need to pay for an entire Quest Pro. The PSVR can give you amazing, immersive experiences on the PlaySation without breaking the bank.

Where you like to play games the most will also factor into your decision. For example, there’s no point in getting the Quest Pro if you really only play games on the PlayStation anyway. 

Unless you want VR for professional purposes or non-PlayStation gaming– in which case the PSVR doesn’t compete even slightly– you should not waste your money on a premium, professional VR headset.

There’s one more factor that could impact your choice of which to purchase: future VR releases. Just like the Meta’s allegedly upcoming Quest 3, we know that Sony is already working on a sequel to the PSVR. The PlayStation VR 2 headset is supposed to release in early 2023, according to Sony.

You’ll have to consider whether or not you want to buy the PSVR as it is, or if waiting for the upgrade will be worthwhile. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about PSVR 2 right now, but it’s safe to assume that its specs will measure up to other new VR headset releases.

Ultimately, the best way to pick between the Quest Pro and the PlayStation VR headset is to consider what your usage will be like. Better features mean nothing if you won’t use them, but they could completely change your experience if you will!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PlayStation VR better than Oculus quest 2?

PlayStation VR is more comfortable because of its better ergonomic design, but it has worse specs overall. If you want to play PS games on VR, then there’s nothing better than PSVR. Otherwise, the Oculus Quest is the clear winner.

Is PSVR 2 better than Quest 2?

The upcoming PSVR 2 will have better specs and features than the Quest 2, for a somewhat higher price. But it isn’t a standalone headset, and will mostly be useful for playing PlayStation games, which limits what you can do with it. The Quest 2 is standalone and is better for general use.

Is PSVR worth buying?

It is worth it to buy PSVR if you’re in the right situation for it. It will absolutely give you an incredible and immersive VR experience while tethered to your PS4 or PS5. Aside from PlayStation gaming, though, it’s not worth the purchase.

Basically, it’s worth it depending on how much you enjoy playing on the PlayStation!

What is the best Oculus to get?

The best Oculus/Meta VR headset mostly depends on your budget. The Quest Pro has better specs, features, and a more comfortable design, but the price is triple that of the Quest 2. If you don’t have as much money to spend and just want to play games, then you should buy the Quest 2.

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