The 6 Most Impressive Custom Lego Builds of All Time

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The 6 Most Impressive Custom Lego Builds of All Time

Key Points

  • Lego enthusiasts can create their own custom builds known as MOCs (My Own Creations) that showcase their imagination and talent.
  • Impressive custom Lego builds include a replica of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park, a spaceport with a monorail track, a massive Jedi Temple, a gigantic castle with intricate details, a minifigure-scale Hogwarts Castle, and a stunning model of Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings.
  • Getting started with custom builds involves having an idea, planning the build, collecting the necessary Lego pieces, and starting to build. It is a creative and rewarding process that can be shared with other Lego fans.
  • Creating custom Lego builds is worth it because it allows for creativity and the opportunity to build something unique. However, it can be costly and space-consuming, so smaller builds are also popular among Lego enthusiasts.

Lego has made a lot of impressive sets lately, with many comprising thousands of pieces. We’ve covered quite a few awesome Lego sets in the past, so if you haven’t seen them, be sure to check those out later. But even more impressive than Lego’s popular sets based on popular franchises like Harry Potter and Spider-Man, are custom Lego builds.

While Lego sets are popular, the real benefit to Lego is that only the builder’s imagination limits their builds. We know these custom builds as MOCs, or My Own Creations. Thanks to the power of the internet (and good old Lego conventions), Lego builders can show off their talents. Below are just a handful of examples of some incredible builds made by Lego enthusiasts around the world.

Lego Walt Disney World Custom Lego Build

You’ve likely seen some of the impressive Lego Disney sets like the castle or even the Mini Haunted Mansion. But one Disney fan took things to the next level with an ongoing build of the entire Magic Kingdom Park. Starting from the front is the train station with a working train that runs on a Lego track. It actually uses the previous Disney train set that Lego has discontinued.

The train station itself is larger than the one included in the Lego set, and it recreates the real thing nicely. From the train station, you are looking down Main Street USA, where all the street’s iconic buildings come to life in Lego form. At the end of the street is Cinderella’s Castle, which is a modified version of the Lego set. You can even spot the line that Tinkerbell flies on coming off the castle. Check out the Disney Castle lego build on Amazon.

It's a Magical Place
The Disney Castle
  • Includes five minifigs including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tinker Bell
  • Disney-inspired features and elements
  • Launchable fireworks display

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/27/2023 06:01 am GMT

Kragle Kreations is the designer for this massive set, and they managed to not only build Main Street USA and the castle, but also expanded into other lands. With regular YouTube updates, Kragle Kreations documents continued expansions. Toward the front of the building, you will notice authentic attractions like the PeopleMover, but there are also some unique additions, like a Banshee and Buzz Lightyear’s ship.

Continuing further back is Big Thunder Mountain on the Left side, behind Liberty Square. Toward the front on the left is the Swiss Family Treehouse, along with what appears to be the Madrigal House. Far in the distance, you can even spot Beast’s Castle in the back of Fantasyland. There is so much to see in this epic creation, and new pieces are added all the time, including hotels around the Lagoon.

Space Custom Lego Build

Before Lego started focussing heavily on licensed IP, they had a wide range of their own themes. Today, Lego still has plenty of unique sets like Ninjago and City, but space sets, like the Galaxy Explorer set, were always a favorite. In recent years, Lego hasn’t put much emphasis on space sets, with the exception of the Galaxy Explorer set, and some realistic space sets like the Space Shuttle.

Space, the Final Frontier
LEGO Galaxy Explorer Space System
  • 1,254 pieces includes four astronauts and robot helper
  • Retractable ramp
  • Astronaut living quarters features two beds
  • Sliding door separates space between cargo area and living quarters
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But older generations will certainly remember the impressive Lego ships available when they were kids. Now grown up, many fans of the older space sets have recreated their childhood imaginations. One example is Adam Tucker, who made a stunning spaceport and showed it off at Brickworld Chicago back in 2015.

The inspiration came from a collaboration between Tucker and his friends to build an homage to the early Lego space sets from the 1980s. At first glance, you probably noticed the limited color choices. They did this to stay true to sets from the time, which commonly used gray, blue, and red. Taking a closer look, it becomes apparent that there is a lot going on in the simple color palette.

The build contains many old pieces, along with newer ones as well. There are also numerous ships and vehicles throughout. One of the coolest parts is the monorail track that goes around many buildings. What really stands out about this MOC space set is that it shows off the power of imagination that isn’t limited to a movie or place. Check out the Galaxy Explorer Lego set on Amazon.

Star Wars Jedi Temple Custom Build

Most Expensive LEGO Set Ever
The custom Jedi Temple build includes a battle scene set in and around the Jedi Temple from Star Wars.


Star Wars is a beloved franchise that already has an enormous number of Lego sets. However, fans often take these ideas to the next level with their own creations. There are so many different fan models that are amazing in their own right, but the most impressive has to be the Jedi Temple, built by Solid Brix Studios.

There are a few reasons that we chose this set over many others. The first is that it was built in nine days by only two people, Lee Roberts and David Hall. They documented the entire build, and you can catch their time-lapse below. The second reason this is one of the most impressive custom Lego builds is because it is massive.

While we couldn’t find an exact height, it is over five feet across and stands several feet high. Despite the massive size, it comprises around 50,000 pieces. That is clearly still a lot of Lego, but relatively few pieces considering smaller MOCs mentioned in this article use over 100,000 bricks. The reason for that is likely because the Jedi Temple has a lot of large flat bricks and doesn’t need intricate details.

But don’t let the flat exterior fool you; there is still a lot going on in this set. The outside does resemble the Jedi Temple very well, but it also splits apart to show some cool scenes. One brilliant touch is that they used bricks that could light up for all lightsabers, and you can even spot Emperor Palpatine. While not the most detailed set, the Jedi Temple is nonetheless impressive with its scale and battle scene.

Castle Custom Build

Just like space, castles were always an integral theme for Lego. While they don’t have a lot of castle sets these days, beyond the throwback Lion Knight’s Castle, it is awesome to see how fans are keeping the theme alive. One of the most impressive custom Lego castle builds is the one from Falcons Crest, which was on display at Brickvention 2023.

To start with, the set is absolutely gigantic and comprises over 300,000 individual Lego bricks of all different types, sizes, and colors. The largest part of the build is the castle, which is actually just a portion of the overall build. As you would expect, the castle is built upon a mountainous foundation with water surrounding it.

The details on the rockwork are amazing, but hidden in the rocks behind the castle is the dungeon, complete with prisoners and interrogators. Moving up, there is a moat surrounding a large portion of the castle, which also features a drawbridge. Around the lower portions are a few buildings, complete with residents.

The front of the castle leads out into a small village which is also teeming with life. But the castle really is the star of this set. Looking from the outside, there is even a dragon perched on the roof. The inside has even more details than the outside. There are even guards stationed in the tower. But those may be hard to see because the castle is so tall.

The height makes it easy to miss some inner portions of the build, like the castle courtyard. Additionally, some sides can open up to better show off the impressive work. With the variety of different building techniques, rooms, and colors, this is easily one of the most impressive custom Lego builds.

Hogwarts Castle Custom Lego Build

Another type of castle is one that happens to include a boy wizard. Lego has released over one hundred Harry Potter sets in the last two decades, but that certainly isn’t stopping people from creating their own like the Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons set. For many years, the Harry Potter sets only targeted younger audiences, but that has largely changed with large sets like Hogwarts Castle and Icons.

For Super Fans
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons – Collectors’ Edition 76391
  • Includes three minifigures (exclusive)
  • made for adults
  • Included in the set: Hogwarts scarf, Golden Snitch, Diary of Tom Riddle, potions, Harry's glasses and wand
  • Features Hedwig
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11/25/2023 05:00 pm GMT

The problem is that it isn’t possible to capture all the details of iconic locales like the castle with just a few thousand pieces. One of the best examples of people taking these builds to the next level is the massive Hogwarts castle built by Danel Konstanski and his kids. They showed the set off at the Philly Brick Fest in 2021, to the surprise of many attendees.

The problem with designing something after a set like Hogwarts is that everyone is familiar with it and will quickly spot any inaccuracies. But that problem is even worse in the Harry Potter universe because the castle changed dramatically between the movies. The model that the Konstankis built is loosely based on the version of Hogwarts from Universal Studios theme parks.

One of the impressive things is that they captured various elements and scenes from different movies. But the build is much more extensive than what you see on the outside because the inside is also full of details. Even more surprising is that they built it to minifigure scale, unlike the Lego Hogwarts Castle set. What is really satisfying to see is how an entire family handled one of the most impressive custom Lego builds ever. Check out the Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons set on Amazon.

Rivendell Custom Build

The Lord of the Rings is another popular franchise that fans instantly want to be transported to. There are many iconic scenes of Rivendell with beautiful landscapes, making it perfect for a Lego recreation. Lego fans designed hundreds of different models of Rivendell over the years with some pretty epic results. This year, Lego even decided to release its own version.

But one of the most iconic Rivendell builds has to be the model created by renowned Lego builder Alice Finch and David Frank. The two teamed up to build this stunning and enormous model. They first displayed the model at BrickCon 2013, but even after a decade, no other set can top it. It has been displayed numerous times over the years at different Lego conventions and won many awards.

To start, the model is a whopping ten feet wide by five feet deep. The duo claims that the set contains over 200,000 bricks, and it certainly looks like it. Rivendell does not have a flat landscape like you may find in a Lego city. Instead, it is very much a village on a mountain, and they were able to capture it perfectly. There is also a wide range of buildings with fully detailed interiors.

The first thing that captures your eye is how much color they used, from bright flowers to more subtle tones for the buildings. Even the roofs of the buildings have intricately designed patterns. Overall, Rivendell may be the best and most impressive custom Lego builds ever created, and it just goes to show that you can create incredible art with plastic bricks.

How Can You Get Started With Custom Builds

After seeing some of the impressive custom Lego builds above, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But it is important to remember that the people making those sets have used Lego for many years and honed their craft. They all started right where you are. So, whether you’ve built Lego sets for years or haven’t put bricks together in decades, it is easy to get started.

The first thing you need is an idea. It doesn’t have to be big, and you don’t even need to have all the details figured out. From there, you can jot down the idea and draw a small model. Some people also choose to use virtual design software, so they know exactly what pieces to get. For larger designs, it is best to break the build into smaller parts, tackling one at a time.

Once you have a plan, you can start collecting pieces. You can either get used bricks in bulk, purchase bricks individually, or even buy new Lego sets. Try to keep colors in mind. For example, Star Wars sets often include a lot of gray, while Harry Potter sets commonly use tan. Buying sets that have the pieces you need is an easy and affordable way to get started with a custom build.

Now that you have bricks ready, you can start building. As you go, it is normal to make changes or improvements. You may even decide to go bigger than expected. You can also include others in your build, as they may offer unique insight. Finally, don’t forget to take some pictures of your completed build to share it with other Lego fans.

Is It Worth It to Create a Custom Lego Build

If you’ve ever seen kids playing with Lego (or remember when you were younger), sets were often just a starting point. Many of the sets discussed above started the exact same way. Adults remembered putting together a set when they were younger or enjoyed one of the more recent creations. From there, the idea of going bigger blossomed.

Building your own custom Lego build is always worth it, even if it doesn’t come out as you plan. What makes Lego so great is that you don’t have to be an engineer to build something really cool. The worst thing that can happen is that the end result looks bad, and you get to start all over. That really is the beauty of having a reusable building material.

The one reason it may not be worth it is the cost. Building models like the ones above costs thousands of dollars and also takes up a ton of space. In reality, most Lego enthusiasts actually build much smaller sets, and you can even purchase some of these fan-made sets as part of the Ideas theme. To get started, you should try creating something from the Lego bricks you already have lying around.

Summary Table

Custom Lego BuildBuilder(s)
Lego Walt Disney WorldKragle Kreations
SpaceAdam Tucker
Star Wars Jedi TempleSolid Brix Studios
CastleFalcons Crest
Hogwarts CastleDanel Konstanski and his kids
RivendellAlice Finch and David Frank

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MOC?

An MOC build stands for “my own creation” which signifies that an individual designed the model rather than it being part of an official Lego set.

How do you get started with a custom Lego build?

Everyone gets started a little differently, but it is best to start with an idea and put that idea on paper. You don’t need to be an artist, but drawing a basic design will help you gauge scale as well as get an idea of the number of pieces needed. Be sure to start small on your first set and focus on achieving your goal rather than setting out to make something unattainable.

How do you get pieces for a custom Lego build?

Lego builders get their pieces from a myriad of places. But they will often come from new sets or sites like Brickseek. You probably wouldn’t think of buying a new set, but doing so will give you a lot of pieces, and you’ll know exactly what you are getting. Alternatively, some people buy used Lego in bulk to give them a nice variety of parts.

Where can you see other people's custom builds?

The best place to start looking is on YouTube because you get to see tons of new and old builds from across the world. But if you want to see a massive Lego build in person, then you will want to check out a local Lego convention.

How can you recreate a custom Lego build?

Some dedicated builders actually make their plans available freely, while others charge a small price for a set of instructions. However, many of the sets like the ones we covered are not meant to be recreated, but you could always use them as inspiration.

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