The Largest Tech Companies in Colorado

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The Largest Tech Companies in Colorado

Key Points

  • Arrow Electronics, Inc. is the largest tech company in Colorado by revenue, at 36.1 billion dollars.
  • The largest tech company in Colorado by employee count is TTEC Holdings, Inc., with 62,000 employees.
  • The largest publicly traded tech company in Colorado is Arrow Electronics Inc.

With thriving urban cities and breathtaking scenery, Colorado is a popular destination not only to visit but to call home. Beautiful and diverse cities include Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. While manufacturing and tourism are two of Colorado’s biggest industries, it also has a growing technology industry. There are many tech startups and software developers, as well as mature tech companies located in Colorado. 

The Largest Tech Companies by Revenue

Arrow Electronics, Inc.Centennial $35.165 billion
Zayo GroupBoulder$2.6 billion
TTEC Holdings, Inc.Englewood$2.322 billion
United Launch AllianceCentennial$1.9 billion
Vectrus Colorado Springs$1.806 billion
Maxar TechnologiesWestminster$1.73 billion
CSG InternationalGreenwood Village$1.057 billion

The Largest Tech Companies by Employee Count

TTEC Holdings, Inc.Englewood62,000
Arrow Electronics, Inc.Centennial 20,700
VectrusColorado Springs8,100
CSG InternationalGreenwood Village5,000
Maxar TechnologiesWestminster4,400
United Launch AllianceCentennial4,320
Zayo GroupBoulder3,774

The Largest Publicly Traded Tech Companies (by Market Cap)

CompanyLocationMarket Cap
Arrow Electronics, Inc.Centennial$7.35 billion
TTEC Holdings, Inc.Englewood$3.15 billion
Maxar TechnologiesWestminster$1.97 billion
CSG InternationalGreenwood Village$ 1.92 billion
Vectrus Colorado Springs$376.68 million

Which Tech Companies were Founded in Colorado?

Welcome to Colorado

The largest publicly traded tech company in Colorado is Arrow Electronics Inc.

Most of the largest tech companies in Colorado were not founded there. There are, however, several smaller companies and tech startups that have their roots in Colorado. 

Webroot Inc.

Webroot is a private cybersecurity company that offers Internet security for both businesses and consumers. The company was originally founded in Boulder, Colorado, in July 1997. They now have their headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, and have operations in California and throughout the world. Its parent company is Carbonite, Inc.

History of Webroot Inc. 

Webroot Inc. began on July 5, 1997.  Webroot began exploring the enterprise market with the launch of its Webroot Spy Sweeper Enterprise in 2004. This helped IT professionals use antispyware protection through an entire network. Webroot offered antispyware protection, antivirus protection, and firewall protection by October 2007. Webroot Internet Security Essentials was launched in October 2008 for the United States, with the international release in early 2009.

Founding of Webroot Inc.

Webroot was founded on July 5, 1997. The founders were Steven Thomas, along with his girlfriend Kristen Tally. They launched a trace removal agent that was called Webroot Window Washer. In 2002, Webroot produced Webroot Spy Sweeper. This was a spyware blocking and removal device. They went on to introduce antivirus protection in 2006.


Madwire is a private company that was started in 2009. They have their headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. Madwire produces brands such as Websites 360®, Marketing 360®, and Top Rated Local®.  These enable SMBs to do things such as accept payments, build websites, and manage customer appointments. They also can assist with content marketing, business listings, online reviews, and social media.

History of Madwire

Madwire has won several awards in the short time they have been a company. They’ve won top CEO awards three times by Glassdoor – 2016 through 2018. They were chosen as the Best Place to Work in 2019. The company was also on the Top 100 Private United States Tech Company list, D.A. Davidson the Herd, in 2021.

Founding of Madwire

Madwire was founded in 2009. JB Kellogg was only 28 years old when he co-founded Madwire. In less than ten years, the company had over $100 million in revenue and more than 500 employees. Their goal was to help small businesses grow in local communities. Joe Kellogg and JB Kellogg are the co-founders and currently hold positions in the company. They both work together as co-CEOs.

What are the Biggest Tech Companies Located in Colorado?

The biggest tech companies in Colorado are determined by annual revenue and the number of employees.

Arrow Electronics

In 2022, Arrow was number 104 in the Fortune 500 list of the largest corporations by revenue in the United States.

Arrow Electronics is a company that provides value-added services and distribution that relates to electronic components and various computer products. Arrow Electronics is located in Centennial, Colorado. Michael J. Long is currently Executive Chairman and oversees 20,700 employees in this publicly held company.

History of Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics started in 1935 with a store in Manhattan called Arrow Radio. By the 1950s, Arrow started selling electronic parts to a variety of industrial customers. In 1961, the company made its IPO (initial public offering), and shares were listed on the US Stock Exchange. The total sales came to $4 million. In the 1960s, Arrow Electronics moved its headquarters to Farmingdale, New York. In 2011, they relocated the central office to Centennial, Colorado.

By the 1970s, Arrow had annual distribution sales of $9 million. At the end of the decade, their distribution sales in electronics had reached $177 million. This made Arrow the second-largest electronics distributor in the country. In 1982, Arrow began growing under the leadership of Stephen P. Kaufman, who became President of the Electronics Distribution Division. Kaufman became CEO in 1986 and eventually the chairman in 1994.

Kaufman led the consolidation of the company’s electronics distribution and expanded into the Asia and Europe regions. Under Kaufman, Arrow had more than 50 acquisitions of various electronics distributors. During this time, the company also saw expansion into the distribution of computer products. Several other leaders oversaw more expansion and acquisitions after Kaufman stepped away from the CEO position in 2000. Arrow acquired United Technical Publishing in 2015.

Founding of Arrow Electronics

The Arrow Electronics company was founded in 1935 when a store that was named Arrow Radio first opened in the heart of Manhattan on Cortlandt Street. This area was known as “Radio Row.” Maurice Goldberg sold radio parts and used radios to his customers. Arrow started selling new radios from GE, RCA, and others in the 1940s. The business was eventually incorporated into Arrow Electronics, Inc. in 1946. 


Vectrus provides supply chain and logistics, network and IT operations, digital and engineering integration, base operations support, security, and MRO services. 

Vectrus provides security services for major facilities, the United States military bases, border security, and other important resources. They offer a combination of intrusion detection, integrated monitoring, video management, and integrated security solutions. 

Their supply chain and logistics solutions include improving warehouse management and end-to-end solutions to help reduce costs and enhance supply chain operational performance and distribution.

The company provides networking and cybersecurity solutions and a variety of IT support for United States Government agencies, including the Department of Defense. Solutions Arrow offers specifically include network and cybersecurity services, software development, system-of-system engineering, and lifecycle management of different IT systems. 

They provide total facility base operations support for the United States Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Army, as well as national security agencies. Their integrated solutions lower costs, improve the overall quality of life, and ensure agencies meet operational readiness. 

Finally, they provide MRO services (maintenance, repair, and overhaul). The company maintains a wide range of aircraft types, with services for next-generation and legacy aircraft. 

History of Vectrus

Vectrus was started by the company ITT was later part of Exelis, Inc., and is now known as Vectrus. The company states that it can trace the earliest beginnings of what is now Vectrus from 1920.

Vectrus provides technological solutions to military and government customers. Vectrus provides base operations support, network and IT operations, and maintenance, overhaul, and repair of aviation and ground systems. They also offer engineering and digital integration and security services.

In 2019, the company received $1.38 billion to provide logistical services in the Middle East. This was from a United States Army contract.

Founding of Vectrus

Vectrus was founded in 2014. It was spun off from the company Exelis Inc. Exelis was originally part of ITT Corp. The current CEO is Charles L. Prow. Vectrus has its headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Vectrus states that over 40% of its employees are veterans. They employ over 8,000 individuals and have operations in at least 28 countries. 

CSG Systems International

CSG Systems International has its headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The company offers business support systems software and services. They work primarily with the telecommunications industry. The company specifically offers software and services for managing different types of customer data, analyzing the data, and customer service and billing.

Product areas include customer management, customer experience, and digital monetization.

History of CSG Systems International

CSG Systems International was started by Neal Hansen in 1982. It began under the name Cable Services Group. This was under the division of the company First Data Corporation, a payment processing company. First Data was, at that time, under the control of American Express. CSG eventually became part of the American Express Company.

Cable Services Group was given the name CSG Systems International in November 1994. During this time, CSG was considered the second biggest billing services provider in the United States for cable television. The company, however, was barely making a profit. Changes in the company caused over 300 employees to leave in just a couple of months.

The turnaround in the company, however, caused it to grow quickly with new and complex billing procedures. Combining the internet, phone, and on-demand movies contributed to the success of services provided by companies such as CSG.

By the end of 2019, CSG operated in over 120 companies across the globe.

Founding of CSG Systems International

Neal Hanson founded CSG Systems International in 1982 as a division of First Data. It was acquired in 1994 by CSG Holdings for $137 million. It was at this time they became an independent corporation.

The company’s contract with Tele-Communications Inc. provided extensive growth in the years between 1994 and 1997. 

Throughout the 2000s, CSG made over ten acquisitions. These were primarily companies that sold operations software, customer service, and billing. In 2020, their biggest clients included Charter and Comcast.

CSG Systems is a public company located in Greenwood Village. Brian Shepherd is the current CEO and oversees 5,000 employees.

What are the Largest Private Tech Companies in Colorado?

The criteria for the largest private companies are revenue and number of employees.

United Launch Alliance

ULA won a contract in 2020, to provide in-flight refueling and to launch the Dynetics lunar lander.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) is a private company located in Centennial. United Launch Alliance is a launch service provider for American spacecraft. They manufacture several types of rocket vehicles that can launch spacecraft into orbit around the earth as well as other planets and bodies in the solar system.

Customers of ULA include NASA and the Department of Defense. ULA is known for launching commercial satellites. In 2020, they began developing the Vulcan Centaur, which was a successor to the Atlas V that included their Delta IV technology.

History of United Launch Alliance

United Launch Alliance (ULA) merged the operation and production of two different companies’ space services into one factory in Decatur, Alabama. They merged the engineering part into another plant in Littleton, Colorado.

ULA joined the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in June 2010. But by early 2014, ULA’s membership in the Commercial Spaceflight Federation has lapsed.

Michael Gass was ULA’s CEO until August 2014. He was then replaced by Tory Bruno, the former vice president of Lockheed Martin Strategic and Missile Defense Systems.

In September 2014, ULA started a partnership with Blue Origin. They came together to develop the BE-4 LOX/methane engine to create a lower-cost booster rocket.

The company announced in February 2016 that they would begin development on the Vulcan rocket. The rocket was to be funded through private-public partnerships with the United States government.

ULA released the Cislunar 1000 Vision in 2016. The goal was to create an economy on the Moon and in the Earth’s orbit, with approximately 1,000 people working and living in space. Part of this project would include producing fuel in space that would lead to cheaper space travel.

The company received an award of $191 million in 2017 to launch the STP-3 mission aboard Atlas V551. By 2018, ULA had taken over the sales and marketing responsibilities for Atlas V launches. 

Founding of United Launch Alliance

United Launch Alliance was a joint venture between Boeing Defense, Space & Security, and Lockheed Martin Space. The company was started in December 2006.

Lockheed Martin and Boeing announced their plan to create a 50-50 venture in May 2005 to consolidate manufacturing and deployment of United States government expendable vehicles for launching and launch services. The name United Launch Alliance was announced during the same time.

Zayo Group 

Zayo was once a public company but has now been acquired by Digital Colony Partners and EQT Partners

Zayo Group has its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and is a privately owned company. They also have headquarters in London. The company specializes in infrastructure communication services. This includes cloud infrastructure, colocation, and fiber and bandwidth connectivity. Their customers include government agencies, wireless carriers, and national carriers. 

Zayo owns a fiber network of over 130,000 route miles in Europe and North America. They also operate a Tier 1 IP network. Zayo’s services include SONET, Ethernet, dark fiber, wavelengths, IP services, wireless backhaul, colocation, and small cells.

History of Zayo Group

Zayo has largely been built through the years by a variety of acquisitions. In 2014, the IPO brought in $600 million. A few of their acquisitions through the years include acquiring Columbia Fiber Solution in 2008 and FiberNet Telcom Group, Inc. in 2009. The company is currently owned by the parent company EQT Partners.

The company was primarily built through a variety of acquisitions. From 2007 through 2014, Zayo Group acquired more than thirty companies. A few of these include 360networks and AboveNet. 

Founding of Zayo Group

Zayo Group was founded by John Scarano and Dan Caruso in 2007. It started as a Delaware corporation. In the same year, Zayo acquired VoicePipe, Onvoy Inc., Indiana Fiber Works, PPL Telcom, and Networx. From 2008 through 2022, Zayo Group acquired over a dozen more companies and assets.

What are the Largest Publicly Traded Tech Companies in Colorado?

The largest publicly traded companies are determined by revenue and market cap.

Maxar Technologies

On October 5, 2017, MDA Holdings Company and DigitalGlobe merged to become Maxar Technologies.

Maxar Technologies is a space and technology company that has its headquarters in Westminster, Colorado. The company specializes in Earth observation, on-orbit servicing satellites, satellite products, manufacturing communication, and related services.

Maxar Technologies is the parent holding company for Space Systems Loral, which is located in Palo Alto, California. They also are a parent company for DigitalGlobe that has its headquarters in Westminster, Colorado.

History of Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies started in 2017, when MacDonald, DigitalGlobe, and Dettwiler and Associates were combined. The combined company was then established in Westminster, Colorado. In 2017, Maxar acquired DigitalGlobe. In 2018, the company acquired Neptec for a sum of $32 million. 

The company was chosen to be the provider of the propulsion and power element for the Lunar Gateway, which was developed by NASA in May 2019. Maxar published a variety of satellite images in 2022 showing the Russian military invading Ukraine.

Founding of Maxar Technologies

Maxar was founded in 2017. It was a company built by combining DigitalGlobe, Dettwiler and Associates, and MacDonald. The new company was named Maxar. The company was listed on both NYSE and TSX and was headquartered in Westminster, Colorado.



TeleTech Holdings Inc., the company. was founded in 1982


TTEC is a customer services and experience tech company with headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. It formerly had the name “TeleTech.” Kenneth D. Tuchman is the founder of TTEC and current CEO and Chairman.

History of TTEC

TTEC started in 1982 under the name TeleTech Holdings Inc. The company was moved to Sherman Oaks, California, in 1986. The company expanded to Canada, Scotland, Brazil, and Argentina in 1998.

By 2010, the company expanded into the Middle East. From 2011 through 2022, TTEC acquired several companies, including Technology Solutions Group, Inc., Sofica, Avtex, and Fanleuil.

Founding of TTEC

TTEC was founded in 1982 by Kenneth D. Tuchman. TTEC has a leadership and management team of 13 individuals as of 2022. The board currently has eight members.

What are the Forgotten Tech Companies in Colorado?


DigitalGlobe is a tech company that primarily produces satellite imagery. DigitalGlobe’s products include photos and images of Earth from space that are high-resolution. The company’s customers have ranged from conservation organizations to urban planners. United States federal agencies, such as NASA, have also done business with DigitalGlobe. The company’s primary competitor has been Airbus.

History of DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe started as a commercial vendor in the United States for geospatial content and space imagery. Through the years, the company has had several important milestones. They acquired GlobeXplorer in 2007. This was an online imagery provider. The company was inducted into the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2011.

Founding of DigitalGlobe

The company was originally founded in 1992 in Oakland, CA, as WorldView Imaging Corporation. The founder was Walter Scott. The company became EarthWatch Inc. in 1995. This was a merger of Ball Aerospace and WorldView. By September 2001, the company had changed from EarthWatch to DigitalGlobe. The company went public on May 14, 2009, on the New York Stock Exchange. They sold 14.7 million shares at $19.00 each. DigitalGlobe is now revamped as Maxmar Technologies. DigitalGlobe is considered a subsidiary of Maxmar. According to the Denver Post, Colorado lost a corporate headquarters when DigitalGlobe was acquired by a Canadian space company in October 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tech companies are coming to Colorado?

There are several companies that are planning on coming to Colorado or already have in recent years. These include the following:

  • BetterCloud – BetterCloud specializes in SaaS operations and is a New York-based company that has recently opened an office in Denver. They are planning on hiring more employees over the next few years.
  • Data Dog – This global security and monitoring software services company is making Denver its western headquarters.
  • Kin + Carta – A digital company based in Chicago and London recently opened a Denver office in 2021.

Where is the tech hub in Colorado?

While there are several cities in Colorado that have tech startups and mature tech companies, Boulder is considered the tech hub in Colorado.

What tech companies are headquartered in Denver?

Englewood and Centennial are both approximately 20 minutes from Denver and are considered the Denver metro area. A few of the tech companies located in this area include TTEC Holdings, Inc. and Arrow Electronics, Inc.

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